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When spirit is broken, call a mechanic

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posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 10:23 AM
Hi NB,I will send you a short u2u later,just to explain some background,so you have a point of reference as to my reply.I will address some of the points you made in your reply to my last post too,because last night I was physically tired+feeling down so I basically only exuded negativity,while later,being rested but a bit short of time,only wrote the bare bones of the positive that I am Willing-when I am by the pc later tonight,and have more time,I shall write more on this-sorry for the dribs and drabs-i really have'nt had first the energy,and today the time,to make myself clearer-no wonder it's difficult to make much heads or tails of what I was on about:-)

I tend to nip onto this site sporadically throughout the day as I find the time-but this is a great thread and deserves my full attention-my apologies for my "drive-by" posts:-)! And I really want to thank you for this thread,I can see some great food for thought here already.I would like to say,though,that finding your soul-purpose,for after this present incarnation is a great contentment,though as you can certainly see from my post last night,if one is not careful,negativity can still slip in.But we'll talk a few hours from now,when I have some me-time:-)

a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 01:49 PM

originally posted by: Raxoxane
no wonder it's difficult to make much heads or tails of what I was on about:-)

Mostly my fault for trying to psychoanalyze you! My apologies. I just sensed there was an obstacle in your way that makes you believe there is no hope in overcoming it.

posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 11:12 AM
Hi NB,no it does'nt sound simplistic and patronising,it'svery sensible advice,friend.Yes fear is definitely a mind-killer,like resentment,bitterness,unforgiveness etc,as i myself have found for myself,along my life's path.

As i mentioned in my u2u,i do have some happiness,some small pleasures.Here is a point i would also to raise,a general point,to add content to this great thread.

I have found,as i progressed through life,that i "needed" less and less to be happy,or at the very least content.I came to see,that most people seem to be raised from childhood with certain expectations-not inborn but taught to them,by their parents/caregivers,by the advertising media and by society at large.These expectations will of course vary between countries,societies and cultures,but in general there is the expectation that the more you have,the better the your chance at a happy life.And unfortunately the emphasis is usually on the more you have materially.It seems to be getting ever worse.But then,that's the way the system was rigged-Billions of little worker bees wanting much is a guarantee of prosperity for those few at the top that owns all the industries that employ the lil worker bees,and produce the products the lil workerbees think they need to purchase to have happy fulfilled lives.Look at how we are inundated from early childhood,by advertising and societal conditioning,to believe we are basically losers if we cannot afford,this or that-because of the "But Mooooom!! ALL my friends have one!" mindset-which of course applies to all age groups.

I am thankful,in a way, that i grew up poor and has always been fairly poor,in the material sense.Maybe this made it easier for me to realise with how little one can get by,and taught me the difference between what one Can all live without and still be happy,or at least content.Also what one absolutely Cannot live without,to be happy or at least content.As you can imagine-the first list could fill libraries-the second one would be very short indeed.Well for myself personally,i cannot speak for everyone else.

To get back to a point you made,the "small things":
Again, what's stopping you from enjoying yourself? What's stopping you from taking a hike in the rain, or reading a good book, or telling a funny joke to some strangers? Be intuitive and feel your way around this process. Things will fall into line, trust me!

How absolutely correct you are.

Then you said:
You're not here to service the planet or sacrifice yourself for any omniverse. Your only job is to enjoy yourself as much as possible, and to spread that joy to others. What if that is the only service we're being asked to do in this 'incarnation?'

Thing is,in my own personal case,down to Soul/spirit level-to me service is what i a"am about".There are few things that make me so happy,as when i can be of service to others.Not for the egotistical reason of "Ohh me,i am so Good" but because with every person i help,i feel i am pushing back the tide of darkness in this world,even if by drops at a time.If i can help someone it saves them from being dependant on ones that would take advantage of their circumstances-and there are multitudes of those.It brings relief from stress,it brings hope,it comforts.It helps them to stop worrying for a few days,and in that time they can have more chance to enjoy their lives.And that knowledge makes me happy in turn.I have,since i was the smallest kiddie,wanted to be a doctor-a doctor not in private practice,or a specialist-but at a big city ER,where seconds count,where i do battle with death itself-and have the opportunity to wrestle people from it's grip,to save them for their loved ones a bit longer.Sadly that's not to be-i was'nt ever much good with maths and science.And we were way too poor,in fact i had to leave school in 10th grade to find work to basically support myself,after my adoptive father died and left us destitute.Being a veterinary surgeon would have been my second choice,had it not been a moot point.

Then i see how most doctors these days are just in the healing profession for the money,and it makes me sad-so often the ones who would've been best suited for that profession,whose heart and soul,there very Core is about healing,about easing of pain,about doing battle with death to save people,about RESCUE-are not able to be in that profession due a large variety of circumstances.My sadness then is not even for myself,it is for the Whole that suffers as a result.Like a woman we knew,who died recently due to a neglectful specialist who botched her operation and neglected her care afterwards.By the time a young intern who did give a toss,tried his level best to save her,it was too late.Her son is only 12,and he had already lost his father at an early age,when the guy commited suicide.We learned afterwards that her older children had hired a lawyer,and she found that this same "doctor" had been sued in the past for the same type of thing.This is just one example,but you get my drift.

Service takes many forms,and that's just here on this planet,incarnated into form.In spirit,it takes other forms,and maybe so many more ways.

I honestly cannot recall a time since first memory,when i have not felt an overwhelming,almost painful Yearning to be a helper,a healer,a rescuer.Soul is that which soul is.It's no sacrifice at all.

Will reply to your u2u later,friend,i want to add something.Wish you a goodly day:-)!

a reply to: NarcolepticBuddha

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