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Changing The Acceptance Paradigm.......Continued

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 12:21 PM

I would like to thank onequestion for starting that thread. This thread was going to be a response to his/hers, but because of the length and the specifics of the answer, I thought it would be best to start another conversation in a different forum. Feel free to add any responses not only to to this thread, but to his also. Remember that this one is in Social Issues while his is in Metaphysics. Whatever the gist of your response is, try to make sure it is in the appropriate forum please.

"I think we need to change the acceptance paradigm when it comes to stupid and immature behavior.
What say you?

I say the more intellectual among us need to make sure our own house is in order first, before we can hope to influence others into making a change. Since I live in America, I'll use America as an example.

The majority of Americans are looking for different leadership. Leaders who actually want to help the common man and woman. The majority of Americans don't like this rat race they're running. You can see it in their actions and you can see it in their eyes. They're running blind and they know it, and they know it's because of the current leadership they have.

The intellectuals among us need to be successful as success is determined by our society. They need to be this way though by not bending to the political and religious ideologies that are considered acceptable by society. They need to be their own people. They need to be an island of success in the midst of the successful who are drowning, who are that way because their ships are sinking. Because they, as leaders, are failing those they lead. These are the people, the one's who are being led, whom we see as intellectually challenged because, even though we are all smart in our own way, following leaders who really don't care if you succeed or not is a pretty stupid thing to do.

Also, these people........don't call them stupid. Nothing good can come of that. Instead, be someone that when they look at you, they see success that was acquired outside of the mainstream methods. This is the kind of influence that people need, and are looking for, these days, but it needs to come in a way that blends well with the mainstream. Here's the main obstacle though, as I see it, in getting people to change their level of acceptance as it pertains to whom they let be influential in the society in which they live:


What is the biggest difference between those who have a lot of money and those who don't? The timeline in which they live. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. They may have a savings that will get them by for 3 months should something happen, but for the most part, they think of, and plan their lives around, getting through the week and then the month. Then next month, they start it all over again. That's their timeline in which they live, think and plan their lives. It's a very restrictive way to live, and the more money you start to acquire, the farther ahead you can plan things. You don't have the luxury of time, you literally can't afford it, that would help you think of, plan out and actually physically do things in order to change the system. This is why we say "A man has got to have his dreams". A dream is a plan that cannot be implemented.

The upper crust though.......they have this luxury. They live on a different timeline that affords them the opportunities to plan things out not only for the future success of their coming generations, but to make sure that the current system stays in place to make it easier to retain their wealth. While you're concerned about making next months car payment, they just bought 5 outright. They're making sure that the private schools that will educate their children and grandchildren continue to be funded and continue to have curriculum that is vastly different from the public schools. Curriculum that will ensure their families will stay educated in a way that regular peoples' children are not. Educated to stay ahead of the curve. Educated to stay on top. Educated to think in the long term, not week to week or month to month.

Earlier I mentioned that this ship is sinking, and even those at the helm, the upper crust, know this to be true. It's a house of cards. They know you can't have an empire without a base to hold it up. Their base is shrinking because people are wising up to their methods. This is one reason out of many that so many corporations moved their operations overseas. They moved them to parts of the world where the working man and woman is less educated than here in America. They have workers to keep their professional empires afloat who don't care about such things. They just want to feed their families. They pose no threat. What the upper crust failed to realize though is that without those jobs, the workers here in America that they abandoned can no longer afford to buy as much of what they make as they did when they were working for good wages. The upper crust may not have thought that mattered, but it does. In time. You would think they would have known that, but they obviously didn't. Must not be in the curriculum.

I mention the economics of it because that is how Americans equate people with success and influence. If you have a lot of money, you're successful and can buy influence. Intelligence has nothing to do with any of it. This is why I said that if anyone wants to instigate a change in the way our society in America works and thinks, they have to be successful outside of the box. They have to be able to bring that out of the box thinking into the mainstream, and the only way to currently do that is to act like you're enjoying the whole process. Play along. Bring people into your corner. While doing that, push education. Push it hard and push it away from the conventional types. Learn what the best of the private schools teach, HOW they teach it, and home-school yours in the same manner. In the back of your mind, remember that time trumps money because time is what determines who has it and who doesn't.

Long term thinking. This is what's needed. Between the 30 minute sitcoms, 45 minute classes for 12 years, tweets, instagrams and paycheck to paycheck living people are programmed to have a short attention span. This may or may not make people stupid, but it sure as hell will keep people on the lower economic rungs. After a generation or two of radically different education for everyone all across the board, you WILL start to see a paradigm shift of what is acceptable and what is not. You may also start to see a shift towards making the financial, political and religious aspects of life and society less important, which would be a very good thing.

Until then, the rich will stay healthy and the sick will stay poor. So how do we stand a fighting chance?

Time. Patience. Education. Self-sacrifice for the sake of future generations until things are more level. When you don't have this gaping and yawning difference between the haves and the have not's. Between the influential and the influenced. Between the smiled-upon and the frowned-upon. The remembered and the forgotten.

Things didn't get this way in one generation. It will take more than one to turn it back around.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 12:55 PM
a reply to: DeepImpactX

I like the way You laid this out. Some here that with a complicated post, would not get Your message. It comes across very clear, and that's a good thing, to Me as I have been trying to do the nearly same thing as You have put forth here to Other's for years.

Well Said!!!

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 03:06 PM
All your points resonate deeply with me. I veered way off the path dictated by my upper middle class upbringing and am widely considered a huge failure. I get wasted potential comments all the time from friends and family most of whom are in finance or are corporate toadies.

I've seen great success in the last 2 years through hard work in education both for a very enlightened tutoring company and through self employment as a private tutor.

I don't know what to do with myself on a long term scale though. Should I just be a run of the mill teacher at a public school? Should I try to start some new education company? Should I try and get into politics? Should I start a New Age religion based on the Judeo Christian values that aren't full of #?

My biggest fear is that the little kids I work with on a daily basis will have a bleak future based on current events and that I'll just do what everyone else does and grab my piece of the pie and just let others do the work.

What should I do? I ask myself that every day. I have yet to find an answer. It all seems so futile.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 06:59 PM
Hello Tavi14;
Where it is supposed to be, the reply to section is not showing up when I clicked on the email I was sent saying You had replied to me? I am assuming it is so, that You did do a reply to me so here goes. If You did not reply to me, I apologize for this, but I want to write to You some thoughts I have on the post above this, that was written by You. What got me is when You said it all seems so futile. That hit me hard as I am stuck at the bottom of the Pit created by our higher up's in This World!

I was raised in what I guess would be the middle, of a middle class Family. My Step Dad, whom I call Dad was an electrician, and a mechanically inclined kind of Guy. So I was raised accordingly. I started Wrenching on small engines, lawn mower engines, at around 5 yrs old. Automobile engines at around 9 yrs old were a very interesting project for me. I started looking at them not as one object, but as a large puzzle with the hundreds of parts that if not put together properly, it would not work. I ended up a Welder. I still work on cars a little every now and then, but cannot do a lot as I have blown disks in my lower back, and have had two vertebra fused as a result of the blowouts......

I went into all that as it made me see the world in a different way, at a very young age, than it was presented to Us!
I had to go to church and did so, unwillingly I might add, until I was about 15. I finally told My Parents, I had enough. Enough of the herd mentality of it all......

Since You mentioned You have had Great Success in the Tutoring Field, I would take that path to stroll down and maybe get a businness of it going. You could possibly have your Teaching Staff mention the real way of this world to the prospective students while doing the teaching Gigs You receive as contracts of employment from wherever they may come. Do Not lay it on Too Heavy, about the real world learning, as that may slow down the contracts You were receiving...... But it will instill an attitude of having the Students Want to learn of the ways of the World on Their own! It will instill Critical Thinking that will help Them in their growing and adult lives! The schools nowaday don't really allow much of that. Sad indeed......
So if You are in a position to start a small business, go for it! If not,
keep on truckin with what jobs you can get until You can start that business!!!
That is my two cents Tavi14! Have a Great Day!!!

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posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Thank you. I was wondering how it would come across to people.

I'm very busy so I don't really have time to be at the computer for too long at a stretch.

I'm glad that at least a few people "get it" though.

posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: tavi45

Thank you for responding.

It sounds like you might want to try expanding on your current client base and grow in the private tutoring field. Advertising locally and word of mouth can go a long way. There is nothing more important, in my opinion, than the education of children. And there is nothing more fulfilling to yourself, in my opinion, than doing what you like on your own terms.

The gist of the thread really was about making a social difference through education. The type that might seem alternative to the lower and middle classes, yet mainstream for the "upper crust". You're in the education field, I am not, so you should know more about how to integrate the curriculums that most people get with the curriculums that the privileged few get. And with social media being what it is, the sky's the limit as to how many people you can reach.

The main difference I can see between the two is teaching how to think as opposed to what to think about. For example, many private prep schools have an equal balance between the core classes and the arts. They do this because they see the importance of learning how to think in abstracts in regards to applying that in order to help solve the problems they get in the core classes. Thinking in abstracts somehow gets kids used to thinking about the long term ramifications of the problems they're faced with. When you're dealing with economics, social issues and law, I think you know where that leads people. It leads those who were taught in this specific the top. They get there because they can see the big picture more clearly than those who are taught "1 +1 = 2, now move on" And as I emphasized in my post, long term thinking is what is needed more of in society to make it more productive and, eventually, even out the differences in the classes of people in society.

Education in America wasn't always as it is now. It was more on the level of what I am laying out here, and the end result of that was an America that was productive and that looked at the differences of others in a kinder light.

Trust me when I tell you this kavi, people want this kind of change. People like you are in a position where you can slowly make it happen.

posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: DeepImpactX

You are Welcome DI! Thanx for the Friend add. I did the same. We'll be in touch I'm sure! Later, Syx.

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