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The Reassertion of Whiteness in Canada:: Bill C24 Passes

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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 10:48 PM
Bill C-24 is now law: Canadian citizenship is harder to get, easier to lose.
Bill C-24 is wrong: There is only one kind of Canadian citizen
Be aware of the New Citizenship Law
C24 Discriminatory and Weakens Citizenship

I have some highlights here that get down to the crux of the issue from the sources above:

But the law has a flip side that is much darker. It gives the government the discretion to strip the citizenship of any dual citizen convicted of terrorism, treason or spying abroad. The consequences are disturbing and unfair for Canada’s 863,000 dual nationals. They run the risk of being treated as somehow less Canadian. There is an ugly, xenophobic side to this law, which may play well with some voters, but has no place in a modern, multicultural Canada. Of course Canadians found guilty of crimes in credible courts of law should be punished according to the law, and they are. But Bill C-24 gives the government the power to revoke citizenship as some kind of additional penalty. It is redundant in cases where a citizen is in fact guilty of a crime. It is downright dangerous for those who are not. Under the new law, for example, Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy could be stripped of his Canadian citizenship because he was convicted of terrorism by an Egyptian court. Ottawa has said it would not apply the law in Mr. Fahmy’s case, but the mere fact that it has had to answer the question should give us all pause.

Ending birthright citizenship The final change to Canada's citizenship regime will be the most controversial, and has yet to be introduced. Ministers Kenney and Alexander have both proclaimed their dissatisfaction with the law that anyone born in Canada is a Canadian citizen (unless they are the children of diplomats). Both have stated an intention to modify this principle, although specifics have not been provided. In my opinion, if the current government remains in office, the abolition of birthright citizenship in Canada is a question of "when" not "if."

Limitation on first generation abroad In 2009, Jason Kenney, then Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, introduced the "first generation limitation" on Canadian citizenship. After April 2009, Canadian citizenship could only be conferred to those who were born abroad if they had a Canadian parent who was either born in Canada, or who was a naturalized citizen. But it would no longer be possible for those first generation Canadian citizens to pass on their citizenship to their children and then theoretically endless generations born outside Canada.

Canada has just shot itself in the ass. I know that Canada has had some off the wall immigration issues (at least with US citizens) going all the way back to the policy against the immigrant former and descendent slaves back in the 1920s. However, this new bill not only terrorizes the 862K naturalized citizens it has, but also those that choose to marry or seek work and education abroad.

Canada has to get over this idea that citizenship is a privilege; while the "system" eradicates it as a tool to be used in the politicians hands, we are all people of a planet and migration has been going on FOR EVER. I find it horrid that Canada all of a sudden wants to play God over someone's right to migrate. This will negatively affect their economy and in 100 years make their country prime for a hostile takeover by a foreign entity, since by this mandate there won't be too many Canadians left to hold down the fort.

I find this law to be a bit more in favor of White Canadians. It seems Canada is getting a bit spooked by the sudden influx of immigrants that they selectively con into coming for "jobs" and relegate to bottom tier work (another thread here discusses that in its entirety about educated immigrants being conned into being slave tier workers) and this is a way to save their beloved white Eurocentric culture from becoming "multicultural". I'm sorry folks, it isn't the 1920s anymore and the digital highway has connected the planet together in more ways than one. While it is no surprise that jobs are normally given to white Canadian men as a first priority, then white Canadian women, and then scrambles for everyone else up there and then the immigrants, this policy simply says the country wants to use people and then kick them out whenever they get a chance to.

This privilege they want to hold over people's heads....well, one of the articles discusses Deepan Budlakoti:

While Deepan was serving three years in prison for drug and firearms charges, a racial-profiling prison guard brought him to the attention of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA then determined he should be deported to India, a country he has never been to. The Harper government is hoping to make banishment a more regular activity now that their Bill C-24"Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act" has become law. The bill raises the bar for acquiring citizenship and allows it to be revoked by a parliamentary minister, with no possible appeal in court.

Ok, yes the guy committed a crime, I got that. But to banish him and deport him to a country he has never been to strictly off of nationality is nuts. Ok, he committed a crime up there, a bad one. You threw him in your legal system, convicted him and possibly gave him time. So say he served his time. Why should he not be allowed to continue his citizenship up there if that is his home? And then to be deported to a country he has never been to makes no sense. Keep in mind Deepan was BORN IN CANADA. So being born there doesn't given him full rights either.

Granted I sometime wish the United States would cut me completely off like that just because I wish to divorce myself completely from them.

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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 10:56 PM
I posted this because I had been looking at possibly moving there from Europe for work (as I am now a dual EU citizen with ratchet America) but after seeing this, if I do indeed get a great position I can't see my quest of citizenship going well or in a timely fashion:

Today, applicants wait 4-6 years to become citizens due to government delay and inefficiency. With the new law, you will have to wait 8 to 10 years in total to become a citizen from the date you become a permanent resident. 4. More difficult residency requirements: The new law will require people to live in Canada as permanent residents for at least four years before they can apply for citizenship. The current rule is three years. Under the new law, any time spent in Canada before becoming a permanent resident (as a student, a worker or a refugee) will no longer count toward the four years residency requirement. Even if you are born in Canada, you are at risk of losing citizenship if you have dual citizenship or the possibility of dual citizenship. You may not even know that you possess another citizenship. If you have a spouse, parent, or grandparent who is a citizen of another country, you may have a right to citizenship without ever having applied for it. The proposed law would put you at risk of losing your Canadian citizenship if the Minister asserts that you possess or could obtain another citizenship. The burden would be on you to prove otherwise to the Minister’s satisfaction The new law will make it easier for the government to take away your citizenship in the following ways: 1.For all naturalized citizens, a federal government official can revoke your citizenship if he believes you never intended to live in Canada.

Should I want to take the position offered, my time working would not be counted toward citizenship anymore, so should I stay there say ten years, or even five working, I had no commitment from the country that they want me nor care about the work I produce within their nation, so now I'm of the mind, why should I bother. I would still have to be a permanent resident for four years even before the eight to ten year clock started ticking for citizenship. I could just as easily go back to Europe without all the hassle (and it was more than a notion acquiring citizenship over there). It's bad enough that the employer has to sponsor the non-Canadian born workers to begin with (as they should) but jobs are given only if they can't find any Canadian to do them (as they should) but this bill is just too messy to me....I feel sorry for my cousins who are dual citizens but go to school in the states - they have been gone since age 18 and are in their mid 20s still in school but this can be held against them as well.

At this point in the game I think I will pass on Canada until they get it together.

*Tin Foil Hat On Time*
I wonder if Canada did this to keep Americans from running across the border when the shyt hits the fan, similar to guys who ran up there seeking asylum from going to Vietnam. Makes you wonder....
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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 10:56 PM
Since I have an extra box since it double posted here is another article highlights that disturb me:

“This act reminds us where we come from and why citizenship has value,” said the minister. “When we take on the obligations of citizens we’re following in the footsteps of millions of people who came here and made outstanding contributions over centuries. And we are celebrating that diversity, solidifying the order and rule of law we have here; we’re committing ourselves to participate as citizens in the life of a very vibrant democracy.”

Where did they come from? Europe. Why does their citizenship have value? They killed a lot of aboriginals for it? What the hell is "take on the obligations of citizens" means? Most citizens didn't WANT THIS. Most Canadians want a multicultural society that promotes more business and a stronger economy. Well, except the Quebecois. They want a completely all French society. What are the "contributions" Canadian ancestors made over centuries? They have only been up there since what, the late 1700s? Okay, they let black folk run up there like Harriet Tubman. Hooray! They also massacred and turn a blind eye to this day about issues with abuse over their native population. And if it is such a democracy that is vibrant, why so many articles on how BAD this is?

When Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander announced the reforms earlier this year at a news conference at Toronto’s Fort York, he said the new act was designed to “protect and strengthen the great value of Canadian citizenship, and remind individuals that citizenship is not a right, it’s a privilege.”

I really am going to need to know what “protect and strengthen the great value of Canadian citizenship, and remind individuals that citizenship is not a right, it’s a privilege.” is and means. So far, it sounds like a rally cry of prejudice. Should this statement prove to have merit, the aboriginals need to get together and kick the European descent Canadians out. Deport them back to their ancestrial country of origin they have never been to.

Immigration & Citizenship in Canada

Again, I get it. No country wants to be overrun with immigrants that bring the economy down with cheap labor and destroy its own citizens chances at opportunities. Lawd knows America is suffering through that chestnut right now. However, unless Canada wants to annex itself away from the entire world like Iceland, this is going to have major repercussions down the road at how attractive they are at luring businesses to operate up there. The climate is not going to sell it. Don't forget earlier this year the infamous "Why Does Montreal Suck" article came out Montreal Sucks & You Know It... and presented a bit of a trending roar at its hard expose of migration trends of Quebecois out of there.

This is definitely not the Canada my father proudly talked about retiring to that captured his heart in the early 1970s.
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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:01 PM
Restrictions for citizenship are quite stiff in Canada; I was there quite recently and I was surprised that some students at the University of British Columbia, who are paying big bucks, were denied RESIDENCY, much less citizenship.

So it's pretty bureaucratic up there.

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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:18 PM
Please tell me the important things that I'm missing. Besides the talk of the lawyers opposed to it, since they work for a refugee group, what I see is that if you have a Canadian citizenship and a citizenship in another country, a conviction for terrorism, treason, or spying will cause you to lose your Canadian citizenship while you keep the other.

Given that any law can be misused, what exactly is the problem again? Isn't it Canada's prerogative to determine who it's citizens are?

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:27 PM
I do not see how the arguments being used against this bill are justified. I think it is perfectly acceptable for someone who was not a natural-born citizen to lose their citizenship if CONVICTED of terrorism or espionage. Crimes against the government should cause them to lose their citizenship. The only bad thing about laws like this in any country is when they are misused. But if used properly, and only terrorists or spies are truly targeted, then I see it as perfectly acceptable.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:32 PM

originally posted by: charles1952
Please tell me the important things that I'm missing. Besides the talk of the lawyers opposed to it, since they work for a refugee group, what I see is that if you have a Canadian citizenship and a citizenship in another country, a conviction for terrorism, treason, or spying will cause you to lose your Canadian citizenship while you keep the other.

Given that any law can be misused, what exactly is the problem again? Isn't it Canada's prerogative to determine who it's citizens are?

In a nutshell your missing that it is easier for existing dual citizens to lose their citizenship just by something simple as leaving the country for any period of time regardless of circumstance (this could be funeral, school, work, whatever), being convicted of a crime in another country (see the example of the journalist fraduently convicted in Egypt in the original post), or for whatever bloated reason they come up with. As Marie pointed out, people are paying big bucks to go to school up there and can't even get residency; residency no longer goes toward the time it takes for you to get citizenship, which is now 8-10 years. And yes, for anything criminal they are also in jeopardy; the problem comes into play with naturalized citizens (like kids) that grow up and maybe get in trouble (major or minor violation) can now be deported to countries they may have never even seen.

The law has the potential to be misused because it already de facto prohibits citizenship from being transferred by birthright (see original OP) if your mother is there, but you are born elsewhere, you are not guaranteed citizenship, even if she brings you back home and you grow up there. This also cheats people who come up there to work (see original post for the tier system of employment) and then after a long tenure working there can be dismissed because they may not 1. get residency, 2. if they do get residency the time while working is not counted toward citizenship, and 3. they can be denied citizenship even after working 10 plus years there.

The government officials have also now said when you apply for citizenship you can't appeal in front of a judge or see a judge to defend current citizenship. Now it is a process decided for you without recourse. For those that have been up there for quite some time and/or grew up there, anytime Canada decides to "invent" a reason to kick them out, they can.

The fee increases are also troublesome and definitely a bull run by the government.

The biggest issue my cousins face is that their father is Canadian, their mother from the US. Their citizenship from what I understand can be revoked because they go to school in the states and have not lived there the duration of their collegiate schooling though they plan to return. They are also not "full citizens" since they were born in the states and their father being Canadian doesn't technically classify them as Canadian citizens regardless of the fact they grew up there and were raised there from six months onward.

And finally, the nepotistic mentality that the citizenship is a privilege and not a right. Well, Canada is no Switzerland and throwing people out who would have inherited citizenship by birthright is just BS.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:38 PM

At least Canada is actually doing something.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 11:50 PM

originally posted by: JiggyPotamus
I do not see how the arguments being used against this bill are justified. I think it is perfectly acceptable for someone who was not a natural-born citizen to lose their citizenship if CONVICTED of terrorism or espionage. Crimes against the government should cause them to lose their citizenship. The only bad thing about laws like this in any country is when they are misused. But if used properly, and only terrorists or spies are truly targeted, then I see it as perfectly acceptable.

What about Deepan? He was born there and they are revoking his citizenship. Not arguing his crimes, but arguing the irresponsibility of a country dumping people into "country of origin" when his origin is there. This is more than crimes against Canada. This is more of an cleansing of sorts. Just from this example, they are already being misused.

The Journalist that was convicted in absentia that has dual Egypt/Canadian citizenship that was given a felony for reporting the news got no help from Canada during his crisis. In fact, it is only of late that the Canadian government said they at this time had not planned to deport him to Egypt and revoke his citizenship.

Fact it, Canada doesn't care if the laws of the other country are unjust or not, its just an excuse to rid "their undesirables". And that should scare the bejeezuz out of the Canadians. Especially the protesting ones.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 01:52 AM
Let me tell you about Canada.

For the last 15 years. Ever since 9/11, 2001.

Canada has become just an obedient sick little puppy of United States. Everything sick and negative is being copied from good ol USA

Canada does WHAT IT IS TOLD



Canadian government has Obama and Co on speed dial, and Canadian CSIS should change its name to "we serve CIA and Federal Reserve"

Canadian Harper and his rabid little dog Baird, are more loud on American foreign policy THAN AMERICA IS

I don't think there is need to say/write anything more.
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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 02:15 AM
You obviously have not spent any time in the lower mainland B.C...white privilege..lmao 2nd thread you have used that term.
Its late now, maybee get into it tommorow.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 02:37 AM
It's late and maybe I don't get how whiteness comes into this but me being white, this is a bit of a rant... things are truly amiss with Canada's citizenship laws.

I have dual citizenship uk/Canada. Came to Canada in 75 and became a citizen sometime in the early 80's. I say sometime because like many immigrant kids my parents did the paperwork. My citizenship card was a tattered thing that only ever got taken out when I needed to renew my passport. I misplaced the card and thought nothing of it until 911 happened and suddenly I couldn't even renew my driver's license without that damn card.

Despite the enormous growth of computing power and subsequent constant information gathering, Canada's government needs me to prove every four years that I am Canadian or no license. WTF... when it was never required before nor have I had any run in with the law.

A "real" Canadian, such as my kids, can simply go into a government agent office and get a cheap reprint of their birth certificate but I have to wait ten month to get a document before I can drive. And a valid passport doesn't count as primary id! But a driver's license does unless expired. Catch 22.

So my point is... Canada has now got a two tier system of citizenship. Something that was a given right when I was a child is just a sham now. It now makes me think twice about travelling because I question whether I really am Canadian.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 03:40 AM
I wish a nigga would try taking my dual American/Canadian citizenship

The amount of unguarded spots along vermont, new hampshire, maine, north dakota, minnesota are too numerous to count.

So not I only would I be beyond pissed off that my country took away my citizenship, I'll would be going back pretty easily to raise a little hell in Ottawa.

It's not my country anymore, why should I give a damn?

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 07:12 AM
I am not sure that this won't be misused, ie, they don't like someone criticizing them for example. But that person, if they have some backbone, won't let the government or courts bully them, if they have integrity and will take up advocacy courses and pursue the quest for a good country all their lives.

As for the immigration going on. We have our own country here, with our own values and constitution. And I have noticed quite a change in the people in it, as if its a race displacement. We need to protect our borders.

If I was going to be taking ANY form of high risk group in, they'd have to be fixed. Because to tell you the truth, if I was fleeing from a very harsh situation myself with my kids, I would totally understand the country with good equality rules not wishing to have their own kindness do them in and while their own people often have their population growth dip in negative numbers (as Canada has done in the some of the years), not expect high risk, SHARIA, or violent mercenary groups, to take over our countries. I'd get it. I'd say no problem, thank you for letting us escape. PERIOD.

And aside from being fixed, they would be monitored, the women in counseling, no burquas or hijabs allowed. No abuse of women and children or subordination of them, ALLOWED. Ever period.

We have to toughen up our laws. I don't want High Risk groups in my country to begin with. I would rather see the UN negotiate and set apart other land for sanctuary.
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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: antoinemarionette

So you mean the huge inflood of foreigners in BC, and taking over most of our service jobs, store jobs, is just an illusion???? Or temporary????

What most of us are seeing is some kind of race replacement going on, and we aint liking it.

Our governments do not have the right to destroy the equality of our country and flood in high risk groups of any kind. That is treason. Straight up treason.
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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 12:05 PM
Anyone who actually lives here knows what has been happening for years,(particularly B.C.) multiculturalism has been a failure, there are instead quite seperate cultures with alot of abuse..there is a problem with denying people with criminal background??? wtf, im tired of ethnic gangsterism here..5 fawkin murders this week, none of them priviledged whites.
Companies were bringing in foriegn workers to save $$, while shutting some Cnadians out..a recent public sh$tstorm ended that. There is no blending of cultures here, they tend to do business amongst themselves sans taxes, live amongst themselves, some of the cultures let their boys(little princes) run wild and be very directly involved in the gangsterism I noted earlier, they stack 8 families into a single dwelling house and then cheat on the property taxes..all kinds of taxes in general and have cornered some markets and are causing kaos..look at some of the B.C. trucker strikes. Its first thing am for me so Im not my best but its my first thoughts.
Tired of this sh&t but its not going to change..interesting its only been this Conservative govt I despise has cracked down due to some pressure.
Pierre Trudeau pretty much said before he passed away that the multicultuaral program that he started was a failure..or not the rainbow he envisioned.
I will say that immigration has brought many great things to this country but its being abused way too much and something had to happen.
Sorry for the slanted rant.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: vonclod

I absolutely agree (and agree with Unity's comments) - I am open minded, believe in equality, etc, etc but I live in the most ethnic neighbourhoods of my city. I am treated like a lower class citizen by immigrants who have come to my country. They don't know how to speak English, they somehow get their driver's licences although they drive on the wrong side of the road and don't know how to read the street signs and don't know basic driving rules. This sounds so racist but it is what it is. I live in a burned out ghetto type neighbourhood due to them cooking with barbecues in their garages. I have thirteen people living in one house next to me and eighteen across from me. And so they aren't paying their fair share of school or city taxes. Street parking is a nightmare, they have garbage that the garbage man won't pick up as there is too much every week. This is the little annoying stuff. The big stuff is I can't even understand the walk in clinic doctor, or the coffee joint service people. I can't tell you how many times a pharmacist has given me the wrong dosage on some of my prescriptions. And so I don't go to these places anymore.

Now let's talk the gangs - it's the immigrants coming to our company that are shooting each other and who are harming innocent people in the way.

I want my country to be a safe haven for people who really want to live here and take part not just arrive and continue to isolate themselves and set up their own mini countries.

My own mother was an immigrant and so were my grandparents on both sides so I don't need anyone to tell me I"m anti-immigrant. The thing is if you want to go to another country then you learn the language, customs and laws. You don't come over and ramrod the system that is here already.

We do live in an ever increasing smaller world but we can still maintain our country's safety and laws and protect the people that are here. I highly doubt anyone who is living a regular life has anything to worry about in terms of being deported, their citizenship revoked, etc.

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: ArchPlayer
Making it harder? Damn, mom has been jumping hoops for something like 6 years now trying to get residency. And she has been married to a canadian for 32 years.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 03:02 PM
Good. I live in a city where white people are now a minority and like others, I too have been treated differently by immigrants. I think they enjoy treating you differently. I'm tired of trying to communicate with people that can't speak English. Tired of the dirty looks. Tired of them being jealous if you work harder and are more productive and professional then they are.

Multiculturalism is a failure. It creates friction. Only the most brainwashed white liberals want a multicultural Canada. People from different countries don't mix. They live in their own little enclaves and stick together.

White people fought hard and created Canada and should remain the majority. They shouldn't be ethnically cleansed. Need more Canadians? Encourage them to have more babies. I'm not against immigration, I'm against massive amounts of immigration.

posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: JustACoincidence
Now you know how the natives felt

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