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The Esoteric Doctrine

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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 03:38 AM
This is an attempt to describe aspects of the esoteric doctrine, as I understand it, in a somewhat mythological fashion. I will use words or existing spiritual terms freely as seems best to me. Now, in reality there is some variation in some different presentations of the basic esoteric framework. In words, these variations totally change everything. And while they are significant, the magnitude of the differences and their importance is greatly over-exaggerated when stuck comparing and contrasting the different wordings. Thus I have chosen to present things in a particular framework, although wide potential for variation is there.

'First,' although certainly there is no ordering for there to be a 'first' yet at this stage, but 'first' there was nothing. Absolute nothingness. Anything which you could think of as existing, did not exist. Then a boundless expanse was realized. Absolutely boundless, no limitations whatsoever. And then, although even yet time has not begun to exist, the Tao was. In the Tao all possible forms and conditions of existence, all dualities, exist within itself. It is smaller than the smallest thing which exists, yet it contains everything, and everything is contained within it. It is even beyond being and non-being. A things existence or non-existence is equal in the Tao.

Then, 'after' Tao, yet still before time, God is. God is absolute existence. God is everything. God is essentially transcendental, but not to the same degree as Tao. God is the essence of all manifested existence. All existence is a manifestation of God. Now God comes to be divided into masculine and feminine. God becomes the Father and the Mother. The Father expresses himself totally and endlessly, knowing and expressing nothing other than Himself. The Mother becomes a mirror for him to express onto, a way to interact with himself by her taking on the form of his impulses. The Father expresses absolutely, whereas the Mother does nothing but take in and reflect what the Father gives and expresses.

From this union, a Son is born. The Son is the crystallized, objectified Will of the Father. The Son is the essence of the Father, the essence of all of His expressions made singular. Out of the mind of the Son, many Gods arise. These exemplify the various intangible forces at work in the subjective and objective worlds. And it is these Gods, these intangible forces, which create and put into motion our whole physical and mental reality. Our physical and mental realities are vehicle for the Gods, who were born out of the Son. And it is this physical reality, this receiver and displayer of these impulses, which is the Daughter, and the Bride of the Son. When these two unite, by the actualization of the Son within and its relationship with the World realized, the Son returns to, and becomes, the Father, as does the Daughter with the Mother.

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posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 04:30 AM
a reply to: TheJourney
I would say that: in the beginning there was nothing, there is still nothing but that nothing appears as the image of light - there then appears to be something knowing the light (noah/knower). As soon as there appears to be some thing knowing some thing - there appears to be two. Presently (right now) there seems (seams) to be 'that which is observed (the light image that is here)' and 'that which is observing'. However, the two are one. God (the all knowing presence, awareness) and the son (the glory of God, the manifestation) are one. There is only ever what is present - the present (gift) is all there is.

As soon as there appears to be some 'thing' separate from 'what is' (existence) - the assumed individual seeks for that which will complete itself. It seeks outside itself when really there is nothing other than what is here always.

Words and stories form ideas which make believe that there is something other than the present arising.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 04:49 AM
As soon as there appears to be some 'thing' separate from 'what is' (existence) - the assumed individual seeks for that which will complete itself. Also 'that' which appears to be separate from existence fears not being (it fears non existence). God is non existence - not being. Christ is apparent existence - being.
In deep sleep there does not seem to be anything existing and when the light comes on there appears to be existence.

To be or not to be? That is the question.
Are you existence or are you non existence? Are they really two?

The observer of what is being presented never appears but is interwoven into the fabric of the apparent image.
Lift a rock and I am there.

The observer/witness gets overlooked because it is transfixed with the things it believes are true. It has been said that one should look within, Francis Assisi said 'We are looking for what is looking'. Instead of being concerned with things one must find the nothing which all things seem to appear on/in.

The screen of awareness (that you are) plays a light show just like the screen at the movies. The screen is never moved or affected by any movie which plays.

It is just a movie!!

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