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Dwayne Ferguson in Buffalo New York

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posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 02:25 AM

I did a search and did not find a topic on this new development, and do not feel like necroing a thread several months old.

To give you a backdrop, Dwayne Ferguson, of Buffalo New York, a vocal activist and supporter of the NY SAFE ACT, which among other things, made it a felony to unlawfully carry a weapon onto school grounds was guilty of the very same law he fought to have passed. He was at an event at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (OMG NEWTOWN GUNS! CHILDREN! MASSACRE) when Police recieved an anonymous tip that someone had entered the school with a weapon, and the Police promptly locked down the school for several hours and combed the area for the assailant. When Mr. Ferguson asked an Officer what was going on, they told him they were looking for a person with a gun. He then suddenly remembered he still had his concealed pistol on his person, on school grounds, and he was arrested and charged with a Class C criminal possession of any loaded firearm and a Class E Felony of carrying a weapon on school grounds.

The Class C felony carries a minimum sentence of 1 year, and the Class E Felony also carries a minimum sentence of 1 year.

You'd think with all the anti-gun rhetoric, and examples such as the Pennsylvania woman who is facing more than a decade in prison in NJ, they would throw the book at this terrorist psychopath for even considering bringing an assault pistol of mass destruction into a school full of innocent little children. But no, he managed to get off with a whopping 100 hours of community service, and no indication that his ability to endanger schools full of sweet children will be taken away!

/sarcasm off

I guess Liberals only apply gun laws to White Conservatives. I this was a White man who was a member of the NRA, he'd have been beaten, thrown in a jail cell w/out bail and be serving the max right now.

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY AT ITS FINEST, an anti-gunner carries a concealed weapon (which itself is a freaking miracle in NY apparently . . . . . do I smell a hook up in the local government?) into a school full of innocent children, and gets off with COMMUNITY SERVICE?! Where is the calls for justice. Why aren't people rioting in the streets for justice for these terrified children? No, local leaders are on his side (I'm sure he forgot. . . . .)


posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 02:38 AM
a reply to: chuck258

I LdMAO at this comment from your source:

That is one odd lookin dude. Anybody tell him the bowtie and earring is not a good fit for his big azz tater head?!?

Is it safe to assume that because he was sentenced, he's now a convicted felon ... and no longer allowed to own a gun? -chuckle
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posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 06:17 AM
The (UN)SAFE Act in NYS is just a complete abortion of a law, crammed through during the night and has done nothing to make NY safer. Just wait until the revision of this law goes into effect and all the elmer fudd gun owners who think it didn't impact them get a rude awakening. It's already to late, some people put up a fight in the beginning but it wasn't strong enough now they are waiting on the same corrupt system that passed it to trial it to see if it is legal?!!!


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