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You have all been duped.

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 09:26 PM
Two members with opposite views (well, perhaps not on all things, I'm sure we could agree on a few things on exchanging views

See how we start out with paying respect to each other, like this:

Thank you NeonKnight for sharing your thoughts, I'll try and respond to your questions

Well, the issue is really not either 911 or who killed jfk or UFO right now, it's really the media piece in the puzzle. It's about how the cover-up works. Ofcause at first all intelligent people will dismiss the very idea that this could happen.

The hardest thing for decent people like you and I NeonKnight is imagining how not so decent people's minds work. Something must be said in this aspect about comming to terms with the fact that evil men are not only born in Afgahn, and those that are born amongst us, climb the powerstructure every bit as keen as those with moral to consider. To consider our surrounding world, cleansed of evil motivs, is something we can all agree on would be unrealistic, and be the mindset of a child.

Everything is not rotten in society, quite the opposite actually, most is good. The problem arises when we do not want to acknowledge that 1% poison, and decides to breathe it in because dealing with the poison is too distrubing. Really this 1% poison could be dealt with by us the people, but only if we are ready to live up to our duties as a citizen: keep government in check, and take evidence of misconduct seriously, it is not the system, but those who has taken control OF the system. The system is fine, really. The system could be fine again if we hadn't forgotten our responsibility as the people. A society of sheep, will in time breed a government of lies.

I fear that things are going to get bad in our future, really bad. I write music, I had plans for my life. Now I have realized that none of those plans are going to matter unless we wake up and see what's going on. The more I see people dismiss this hard evidence even before having looked at it, the more I'm concerned, because I know that this will be the time in history when we will feel the consequenses from playing the role of the ignorant public for too long.

"How fortunate for leaders that man does not think"
-- Adolf Hitler

I'm concerned, truely.

It's not that someone might have an alternative explanation for the evidence suggesting a coverup on 911, it's the fact that too many are so confident in their trust in the system, that they will not look to see. This way it does not matter how many clues they leave behind, and how many investigators dig up the truth, because when the people starts to love the system, their government, the authorities more than they are concerned about the future of their country, they will simply ignore it.

I have shown the documentaries to people who feels like this, and they have walked away in shock. They didn't want to see the film because they thought they knew what the film was going to be like. Just another conspiracy nut with a camera and no life.

The diffenrence with 911 is that we have retired defence ministers from Germany and Canada, we have UN politicians writing open letters to the public encouraging them to put pressure on their countrys politicians to open up another investigation. etc. This time the conspiracy nuts are not your usual suspects...

To answer your questions directly:

Yes I do believe that some people simply needs to believe we have been visited, just like others need to believe it could never happen. Both have their reasons for this need, and both are the least likely to ever find the truth in anything. Investigation comes before dismissal, not the other way around. In thinking about this I have found that some people put comfort over truth, and others put truth over comfort. This group feels more comfortable believing whatever and only looks for evidence to support their comfortable belief and ignores everything else. The definition of a fanatic is one who refuses to listen to anything else then that which he already believes is true.

Once a man has realized that conspiracies are indeed not only realistic and real, but the very context of any history book, AND the evening news (Except in the evening news the conspiracies are never about the establishment, but about those who they want to invade or conquor, WMD in Iraq is a great example of a situation where we are asked to believe in the very concept we are otherwise thought to ignore and ridicule....conspiracies) he must also realize that he has become a market for those simply seeking Yes I do believe that sometimes those who has realized that conspiracies are happening, has happened, often becomes a guilible pack of sheep who will belive anything just as long as it is a conspiracy. Just like the other group will believe anything as long as it is not a conspiracy involving their own government at present time. Conspiracies in history is after all undeniable.

Yes there is a lot of profit motivation in the conspiracy market, it would be very strange if this was the only market not influenced by profit hunting. This is why it is worth taking notice that movies like "Painful deception" and "911 in plane site" have been made without copyrights. In fact those who made these movies actually encourage people to copy them and spread the word and arrange big screen viewings of them. So if one is prepared to put truth over comfort, the first thing to do is to actually watch the movie before judging it, even tho this should be simple logic, far too many will argue on forums like this having only heard one side of the story, the official conspiracy theory. The only explanation I can find for this "method" of finding out the truth, is that they cannot stand to see evidence that suggests that they are putting their faith in the wrong people. They have taken a lesson too many from the ostrich.

I think the "UFO conspiracy" movie would be easy to sell to those who needs to belive we have been visited. I also think the "UFO conspiracies are not real" would be easy to sell to those who needs to believe in whatever government tells them is the truth.

I expect the latter to be a joke of US origin of which I am not familiar, but humor is always appreciated

I am still willing to send you copies of those movies if you are prepared to actually watch and hear what the critics are saying about the official explanation.



PS. I have never been this concerned about the future of our world, and it worries me even further that so many are so confident they do not even feel the need to be informed. Imagine the day our judges tell the prosecutors they will not need to hear their case, because the defence was so convincing...

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 09:58 PM
This post has gone on and on. Anyway, I'll throw in some comments. Here is the simplicity of it. It's not really a question of beliefs or anything as relates to whether UFO's, or aliens exist. The facts will speak for themselves. So, let's put aside beliefs, what momma taught us, overlook what your friends may have said to the contrary, put aside the negative emotions attatched to this subject, etc. , and lets examine the facts, just the facts. We've got saucer shapes and the like in artwork all over the world that span many years. There are stories of abduction, we've got credible eyewitnesses, even Jimmy Carter, a former US president to name one. I find it hard to not come to the conclusion that there "at least" may be something to this. It's like having a truck load of horse manure dumped in your living room and looking right at it and saying, "there's no horse manure there." Still, I can't force some people to see what I see, just take an honest look at the evidence.

Much love,


posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 11:01 AM
Brother Cade:

I want to start by congratulating you on a very astute observation you have zeroed in on in the ideas Ive introduced:

originally quoted by ME

First off, I could be wrong. I don't believe in absolutes.

originally quoted by Cade

My sincer respect goes out to you then. As I like to tell people around me "Dismissal comes after investigation, not the other way around".

originally quoted by ME

Since I've admitted I could be wrong about some of these issues, would anyone else who believes we've been visited by UFO's admit, that they too could be wrong?

And then the clincher:

originally quoted by Cade

Oh hell yes, we're not going to have a problem there. "A man who never changes his mind, is a man who never grows" I have been wrong on many things, but I think we should look at it as "growing" or "changing ones mind". Sometimes it is said that it requires a lot of guts to admit you are wrong, I always just hope that people have a stronger passion for truth then they have fear of being wrong.

I'm glad you brought this up, it's something that is very relevant to this forum and the topic we are discussing here. You should be praised for this.

Yes, I could be wrong, I can be wrong, I have been wrong and I will be wrong, no question about it. Even the more reason we should all join forces in this investigation into the biggest secret of all times: our visitors.

Cade, your I could be wrong statement is a very intelligent and astute observation. Dont you think all of us could use a little more of this way of thinking? (thanks also for your praise of myself)

Especially since we are talking about the biggest story of human history: contact with ET.

Jumping ahead to your latest post, (and I am not done with some other points youve raised from these older posts) ,can anyone help Cade guess what going on in my more humorous references?

This might help:

To quote yourself Cade:

Oh hell yes, we're not going to have a problem there.

I relatively new here, and it does seem like a great place with some cool people.

The one thing Im a bit disappointed in is a perception that I've noticed about folks taking themselves and their ideas, way too seriously.

Fun first is my motto, so lets have some fun, relax and laugh at oursleves and with each other as we explore these ideas.

Also this thread is growing rather long.

Im thinking about starting a new thread to explore some of the ideas I've raised. It seems like it might be a good idea for a number of reasons.(one of the reasons is Ive not started one of my own yet.)

I'm not even done with the main points of my thoughts in total. I am going somewhere with these thoughts, and the conclusions may surprise some folks.

Hopefully, and I really hope this is true, the ideas I've raised here as given people some new ideas to really kick around in your minds and raise new questions about the implications.

I am also quite surprised there were not more responses to the "Fractured Fairy Tale Parable" post.

I had a good time cooking up the idea, did no one else enjoy it?

(I'd hate to think that some might not reply either because they don't like the idea becasue it disturbs pre-conceived notions on ET, or that my sense of a lack of a sense of humor on the board may be accurate.)

Kang says, come along NeonKnight

we have a busy night on patrol tonite.

Kodos! What letter are working on?

Kodos replies, We are nearing the end of the bs

posted on Jan, 8 2005 @ 10:11 PM
This is my first response to this site.Text Red Mr. mpeake will gladly change your attitude in the near future. You may want to look at this site or just read the newspaper.

posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 02:21 AM
Well well NeonKnight
still no reply?

patience have you must, patience my young Jedi....



posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 08:36 AM
Naw, cause UFOs are older than 50 or so years, see the book of Eziekiel for example,

also tis you that has been duped into thinking that there is a square root of minus 1.

And I'll thank you to keep your prying clawed webbed hands out of the back of my R-complex, cause the only reasons folks like you would have a presence there is to try and tell us not to remember that we naturally are meant to be able to move around like UFOs do all the time if we want to, and that your kind needs us to not know that so that you can keep us trapped in a demi-urge version of God's creation.


posted on Feb, 5 2005 @ 10:03 PM
Gee Frosty, given your cuddling up to the gun metaphor, we all wonder who has been duped. Aliens certainly exist, and, if you would lift your little finger to do the research, you would see that CSETI's hundreds of witnesses and the thousands more who document the subject are often reliable, highly credible sources. Think those WMD's are under Bush's cute little table, by the way?

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by Frosty
Aliens and UFOs are nothing more than government fabricated lies to divert your attention away from its experimental military aircraft...and you all bought it and are soaking in it. Isn't it ironic that the government who created the UFO phenomena is being blamed for UFO coverups? You people are hillarious and do not realize to the extent that you have been manipulated. There are government officials who have been laughing at you for the past 50 years.

Um, frosty, are you on crack? And yes i can prove that point *flies over to frosty's home with video camera in tow*

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 10:08 PM
World Wide Mass Sitings. An event that happened in my own home when I was a child. All the people in the world are liars.

Sir. I am sorry to say that I cannot possibly begin to beleive that all of these sitings and testemonys are wrong. And secondly, I cannot begin to believe that all of them would be out to lie. And I say all.

Therefore, if just one of them is true, and I mean one....then so be it.
Then they exist. Which invalidats through logic, that your theory is inaccurate as well as incorrect.

posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 11:39 PM
In all the vast Universe, I'm pretty sure there's an abundance of life outhere, primitive, or technologically advanced. We would be so arrogant to think that we are the only ones. I for once believe in beings from other planets and the technology that they have are unquestionably light years ahead. As more and more sophisticated our primitive technology become, we will see more dramatic photos or videos that will prove that UFO's are the real.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 08:01 AM
i personally think it is you who has been duped. i think your mind is very much closed and have no evidence to base your OPINION on. take a look at the evidence there are for extra terestrials. you are also ignorant to the fact that there are none other than us in this universe. poor i must say

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by shorty

This tractor beam is of interest.
Reportedly carrying off cattle.

I now assume the saucer is a static electricity devise.
Surrounded by positive ions and pulled up by a beam of electrons.
Well sort of along those lines.

If electrons are lifting up the positive saucer, then the cattle must be
negatively charged to be lifted up to the saucer.

So beam down some electrons on the cattle.

Never thought I'd ever be talking about beams, all that Tesla
beams I thought was hooey.

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