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Prank 'names' for your WiFi?

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 07:40 PM
Share a strip mall with another business (resturant).
We have WiFi they do not.
Set the WiFi name to their business name like this:
      [Busines] Free WIFI ask for Password

Eat lunch there and hear people asking for the WIFI password all lunch long while the staff is like, "OMG somebody is doing the WiFi thing again!".      Priceless.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 09:14 PM
Apartment settings are the best. You can do so much with your WiFi name like what me and my friend did 8 years ago.

We made fun of a lot of people. The names we had were:

Free Wendy's apartment 12-234
Walking naked 11-113 6am
Poop offender #12-224
Thief visits at 11pm
Jerry springer nut shut up.
Weed in 11-222

We had so much fun with our router that we almost got caught by the police. I had to hide my router for a few days and reset the name.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 09:39 PM
here's mine:

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 10:34 PM
This is both brilliant and evil at the same time...

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: Murgatroid

i laughed a lot harder than i should have.

posted on Sep, 23 2014 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: Not Authorized

hehe. Was it like... you??!?! Like... OMG!?!?

lol just kidding


posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 12:24 AM
At our previous residence, there were a couple of gems. DHS Surveillance Team #-whatever was a good one. FBI Surveillance Van popped up from time to time, too. My Impressive Genitals always got a WTH & laughs from us XD

posted on Sep, 24 2014 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: grainofsand

A coworker of mine saw someone on his road has the SSID for their WiFi set to, "The Pedophile Next Door". I have seen one set to, "Get Yo Own WiFi". Our network is simply " Network"

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 09:32 AM
I actually didn't even know this was a thing!! But I did name mine on the more humorous side at any rate...

Mine is... Git Yer Own Damn WiFi

Why? Because My neighbors kept trying to sneak in and steal mine and I'm from the south. It was about 3 months later that I noticed that they did actually take the advice.

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posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 09:41 AM

originally posted by: Lilroanie
Hah! I had the FBI surveillance van 13 in my neighborhood and freaked out for about 3 seconds till my 'just woke up and have had no coffee yet' mind clicked to the fact that no FBI unit would name their WiFi that lol. Those other ones are pretty good too.


It's funny you mentioned this one because I have seen this one several times in and around my area of town and I live in Iowa. It is funny thought because when i see it I look around even though I do nothing wrong, lol.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:49 AM
The best way to really sell the surveillance van wifi source is to set up your security in another way.

Instead of requiring a password go into your router settings and turn off password protection. (Warning. If you are a newbie to internet security dealing with routers I strongly advise you NOT to do this.)

And instead enable the Mac filter. Select (Allow only the Mac addresses listed.) instead of banning devices. *Note: This takes time to complete. if you don't know what you are doing in this setting you will end up locking yourself out of the router page. Make sure your main mac address is entered AND SAVED before hitting the apply button.

By having a Mac Address Filter you are able to control what devices can or can not connect to your wifi source. Even without a password.

The effect of this makes people think they can connect to your wifi source. (It will say "unsecured wifi source." to other computers. But they will not be able to connect.) When they can not. (What they will get is an error code. Making them think they are in trouble now.) Unless you clone the exact mac address as one of the devices on the allow list then you can connect. But cloning a Mac Address correctly is a 1 in 1,500,000.00 chance. There is no easy way to obtain a mac address unless you connect to someone else's WiFi source. And even then they don't follow you. And you can turn off the manipulation of your router to only be accessed via a hard line to the router. And even then you can password the router's entry page.

The reason why this is the best way to trick your neighbors is because they think they can connect to the wifi source... then they get an error code. Then they think they got a virus on their computer. And then they think the NSA knows everything on their computers.

I have been doing this trick for years... I didn't want to share this method until now though. I've had my fun with it.

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