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Superstition regarding a white owl crossing your path?

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posted on Oct, 12 2014 @ 11:30 PM
I don't know much about owls, hawks are my messengers typically. I would look up totems and and Nstive American site that gives meanings of animals and see what it says for owls.

Two years ago we had a family of owls nearby. Every time I took my little dog for a walk at night down our private road, one of the babies would follow us the entire way to and back home, flying from tree to tree and chirping at us like he was having a conversation with us. It was the oddest thing but I didn't think it was anything to be concerned about.

Hope this helps,
San Francisco

reply to: StoicMystic

posted on Oct, 12 2014 @ 11:47 PM
I say make it a good omen . Take the lead and
say this Owl blessed our life by presenting itself flying
AWAY from the cemetery .

Now if you had dreamed of a white owl that's different.

I had a friend who was very straight forward and didn't
believe in this kind of thing until she dreamed of a white wolf.
The wolf had all of her family cornered in a room .
She knew some how the wolf wanted one of them.
She stepped up in the dream and said "take me" .
Being so impressed with this dream she told me about it.
6 months later she died from cancer.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 02:00 AM
ok weird weird weird..
I don't care who believes this .
I have NEVER seen a white owl. I looked out of our balcony
tonite here in Pacifica Beach Ca (west of San Fran) because the waves were so loud
and there was a Huge White Owl sitting on the power line looking directly into our place.
I grabbed a flashlight and shined it at it to be sure. it looked at me and flew away.
Needless to say I'm spooked after replying to the Op earlier.
I'm super weirded out. Never ever ever have I seen one before.
what's a giant white owl doing at the beach ? It was an owl.
I know my sea birds.

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