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Eight Bodies Found After Attack on Guinea Ebola Education Team

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 12:18 PM

CONAKRY, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Eight bodies, including those of three journalists, were found after an attack on a team trying to educate locals on the risks of the Ebola virus in a remote area of southeastern Guinea, a government spokesman said on Thursday.

"The eight bodies were found in the village latrine. Three of them had their throats slit," Damantang Albert Camara told Reuters by telephone in Conakry.

However, Guinea's Prime Minister Mohamed Saïd Fofana, speaking in a television message that had been recorded earlier, said 7 bodies of 9 missing people had been found.

He said six people have been arrested following the incident, which took place on Tuesday in Wome, a village close to the town of Nzerekore, in Guinea's southeast, where Ebola was first identified in March.

Since then the virus has killed some 2,630 people and infected at least 5,357 people, according to World Health Organization (WHO), mostly in Guinea, neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia. It has also spread to Senegal and Nigeria.

Authorities in the region are faced with widespread fears, misinformation and stigma among residents of the affected countries, complicating efforts to contain the highly contagious disease.
MSN Link

I was kinda waiting on this to start happening even though there were rumors poking around in the previous weeks.
Really not much to say, when these situations happen the misinformed tend to make rash decisions.
In this case it cost these individuals their lives when they were trying to help the very ones that executed them.

Reminds me of that scene in Apocalypse Now when the general was speaking. The inoculated children of some village were faced with the terror of their own parents cutting off their arms afterwards.
Like a diamond bullet to your brain! The Horror. . . the horror.

Very sad irony, AB
edit on 9/19/2014 by AnteBellum because: Ugh!

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 01:01 PM
This is when doctors stop going to these areas. THey were there to help the very people that killed them

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 01:26 PM
Aaannndddd, as I said a few weeks ago; it will get harder and harder to source doctors and nurses into these situations; it will happen here at home in the Western countries, too, people will refuse to staff the hospitals because the situation will get out of control and the uneducated outnumber the educated. There may not be murderous attacks, but not following necessary quarantine precautions can be just as deadly. Stupidity kills very efficiently.

An outbreak like this is a fast forward version of Darwinism.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: signalfire

. . . fast forward version of Darwinism.

Survival of the fittest during a world wide epidemic with breakdowns of society everywhere.
Thieves, murders, psychopaths they will all have an edge when numbers start to grow thin. Definitely not at first but if it were to progress for an extended period of time eventually packs would form like gangs. Over years and decades they will be the new breeding class for what was once our society.

Sounds like a familiar story to me.
I hope it never gets to that.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 03:23 PM
This is your warning Mr. President.

Don't send our military over to Africa if you are not prepared to defend them if they have to eventually protect themselves. Americans do not need to be on trial for shooting an African rioter who is trying to break into a field hospital full of African Ebola patients and anti-ebola resources.

The area needs to be stabilized and made safe by the militaries of the respective regions we will be sending troops into, and those militaries need to be providing security for our generous help.

posted on Sep, 20 2014 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

S^F and as the other post has now said the new WHO projections "worse case" is now 550,000

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