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Schools are the next Airports

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 05:43 AM
There are a ton of gun violence stories popping up amid warnings from the government of domestic threats. I found this run of the mill college study article that seems harmless enough.

They mention cooperation between administrators and children and children and parents. This has the ring of McCarthy era "report everyone even your own family" undertones.

Theres a whole section that talks about how putting in prison like security made kids feel safer and more likely to report weapons was pretty dystopian. Look out for the part about children's voices. I'd quote it but it's pretty priceless.

This is juxtaposed with a bunch of violence involving children news stories being pumped out. Many of these are ended by the same line. "There was no threat". Almost all imply it even without the quote.

Like this video with the quote in it

This article with an 11 year old's fake Facebook bomb threat about her NONEXISTENT brother. That post is in the 9/17 update

" no immediate threat to safety"

This one seems legit but if it's been happening since May so why report it now. Plus the kids arrested for it admitted it's a hoax and there's no evidence of bombs yet they still wanna put cameras up or guard the bathrooms

Why would a crazy cop focused killer go after children and does this mean permanent closure of schools till he's captured (killed)?

Ridiculous caricature of a gun rights activist weeks apparently been doing this for years making headline now in this media blast of threats to kids/schools perhaps to discredit 2nd amendment people to middle class moms and dads

"School was never threatened"

5th grader with gun in desk and hit list. Even if it's true what's with the timing

I literally have to stop. I have dozens more stories I could link. I will if you doubt it. Id rather people do their own research. I'm seeing dozens of shadowy threats resulting in huge lockdiwns across the country. Many of them literally say there was no threat to the schools it evidence of a threat. There's also many more on imposing new security like drug testing, to participate in all non academic school activities even theater and field trips. All reported within the last few days, many within the last 24 hours despite many having happened a week or more ago. Maybe I'm just a noob at this site but if that's the case let her rip. I just fine the timing and volume to be very suspicious.

Also don't forget the University of Texas says kids feel vindicated that their voices were heard and they got the big brother school administrator they always wanted. He likes taking about daddy's guns.

For the record I'm pro gun control and mostly liberal and this terrifies me. I never thought I'd be rooting for the NRA despite its checkered past. Hope I'm wrong. No child deserves a police state.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 06:00 AM
a reply to: tavi45

It's time the system changed. Take all monies that are pumped into traditional school buildings and retrofit the homes of current teachers to accommodate 10 to 15 kids. The optimal class size. It's a lot easier to keep tabs on 15 students per "school" than 1,500.

With the money saved that was being spent on traditional buildings, hire a few more teachers per district. There are 6 different classes per school day? Teleconference the other classes via the appropriate teachers. We have the technology, let's use it to our advantage.

Those are just a few examples of how we can still teach our children while keeping them safe. I'm sure all of the parents here on ATS can come up with more of their own. Because you're right tavi, at the rate they're going, schools are going to become the next airports in regards to security. It's bullsh*t.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 07:05 AM
Have police even helped a shooting before the regular response time? Has there even been a case of increased security measures to do anything for schools?

Id rather go to school where the possibility one of my classmates could come in and blow my head off rather than a prison like super max school building, where there's a chance an overzealous cop/teacher do me in.

Maybe the world needs that as well. Maybe the idea that if someone is suffering among your peers, it pays to spot it and address the issue. Not justifying the kids who have committed those atrocities, as in to say, 'its everyone else's fault', or ...'the people got what they deserved' no please be clear on that, but, it's not to say that adults and students should be on the look out for disgruntled teens/kids.

I remember in school there was a kid who was quite introverted, and it was right after the first widely publicized school shooting that ever took place, and kids used to tease the kid, "hey you're not going to pull a ___ ____ on us and ...."

Probably not the best means of handling the situation. But at the same time that was said some other kids went over and hung out with the kid the rest of the day because they were put off by the bullying.

If you look these things date back to basically the time schools began.

Why the reaction is so different today is beyond me.

Once again it's another WAR ON _______.

There are so many wars on fill in the blanks its dizzying. The war on drugs is losing steam and will probably turn into a light skirmish so I guess they need a new one to fill in all those pockets that were being lined.

Think about it, all the effort and energy put into the war on drugs, now becomes:

The war on safety
The war on security
The war on terrorism

A few years from now you will probably see hoards of people being arrested for the most mundane things which will equal up to the amount that were for the war on drugs. The security equipment, tactical equipment, all of it... will still be purchased but with a new intended purpose now.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 12:51 PM
A really harmless nerdy Jewish kid at my school in 6th grade for humiliated and almost punished for having a "hit list". Ironically the kid who wrestled it away from him and tattled was one of his tormentors. School prepares you for real real life now. Unless you're rich with connections keep you
Head down and take what you're given.

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