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B61-12 flight testing hardware contract at the Tonopah Test Range

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 03:48 AM

AFLCMC/EBBK, 207 West D. Ave, Bldg 349, Suite 626, Eglin AFB, FL 32542 intends to award a firm-fixed priced sole source contract to Smartronix, Inc., 44150 Smartronix Way, Hollywood, MD 20636, for the design, installation, integration, and testing of a flight test data display system to support B61-12 TKA flight testing at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.

While this synopsis does not constitute a solicitation, interested vendors may identify their interest and capability to satisfy this requirement. The Government understands that Smartronix is the only vendor which can provide the ability to decrypt and display the B61-12 TKA telemetry data stream. However, firms that believe they can provide the capability required to fully meet the Government's requirement may submit a capabilities statement in writing to the identified point of contact within six (6) days after publication of this notice


B61-12 info

TKA is the tail kit assembly.

Boeing contract

Smartronix website

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 08:14 AM
Would the push to make these nuclear devices more accurate that mean the plan calls for a penetrating warhead or bunker buster if you will? Or is this so the aircraft doesn't have to overfly the target to drop?

Of course you would want some sort of guidance on these but is it suppose to be GPS/laser guided accurate like traditional precision weapons or is it meant to hit within a specified area?

How would flight data telemetry from this particular bomb be different than any of the other precision bombs like the JDAM, or Paveway?

Sorry all I have are questions.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 01:28 PM
a reply to: StratosFear

The B61 is old. They are just upgrading the electronics. But you still have to flog the thing. The anti-nuclear weapon types of course are up in arms any time they breathe the word B61. But if you are going to have nuclear weapons, they ought to be reliable.

The B61 uses a radar altimeter, which is one of the areas that is being upgraded. I don't believe radar altimeters are all that common in conventional bombs. Remember, a nuclear explosion does the most damages as an air burst.

Nuclear arms reduction has an interesting history. Mostly Republicans have lead the pack on reduction, though President Obama has probably caused more "loose" nuclear material to be secured than any of his predecessors. [From memory, so you might want to wiki all this.] George HW Bush stopped the nuclear test explosions, i.e. critical. All tests have been subcritical since he established the ban. The Clinton administration cleaned up a lot of nuclear waste, but didn't address the bombs to much of a degree. George W Bush significantly reduced the arsenal. Obama did a bit more reduction of actual weapons, but not a significant amount. Rather he went after all the nuclear material sitting around the old Soviet states plus some that Eisenhower distributed. [Oh those peaceful atoms. ;-)] Lots of stuff to like about Ike, but encouraging nuclear power wasn't one of his better ideas.

Who is kidding who here. We aren't going to nuke anyone unless somebody nukes up. Mutual assured destruction (AKA MAD) has stood the test of time. But playing with nukes is a dead end job. In the military, it doesn't attract anyone who is career minded. If you do a good job, nobody cares. If you screw up, you are fired. Heads I win, tails you lose.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: gariac

I agree the US isn't going to nuke anyone unless we get nuked first. The only people id be afraid of using nukes is if a terrorist cell or something like that got ahold of one. Then we could see nukes again. But theres a reason that none have been dropped since japan. like you said, MAD takes care of that problem for us. And its stupid to want to spend money on making sure the F-35 can carry nukes.

On that note, i don't think we will ever go to war with China or Russia. Even if we decide to wipe north korea out, i bet china would stand by and watch. i could see something forming if China went after Tiawan but it wouldn't be an all out war i dont think. And really Russia isn't that much of a threat today. They wouldn't risk a war with the US or even NATO at this point. Thats obvious with their covert operations in the Ukraine. lol

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