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Alien Ship in Astounding Stories 1936 looks like Apollo 20 AlienShip

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posted on Oct, 1 2014 @ 05:28 PM

originally posted by: jonnywhite
a reply to: Wolfenz
Great thread OP. I love to read old sci-fi.

Modern technology didn't spring from nowhere.

General purpose programmable computer theorized and half built in the mid 19th century: - Analytical Engine...

A sawmill in 3rd centiru AD: - Hierapolis sawmill...

Look here (made in the 1770's I believe):
This 13th century man speculated about and built automata: - Al-Jazari...

Yes Exactly

From Pulp Fiction Magazines and Later on Sci Fi Digest's the Art and wonders and from the imagination of Sci FI Writers We wouldn't of gone to the moon in a Timely manner Jules Verne , Arthur C Clarke ( Satellite & Newspad aka What we know as Now the PC Tablet & I Pad ) And Bradbury ( Props of Star Trek Turning Reality ) ..

Ironically Jule Verne 's Sci Fi book of From Earth to the Moon Became a Reality ... IN DETAIL from the Structure of the Capsule to the Location of the Launching and Landing into Body of Water and Werner Von Braun and Robert was Influence by this Book Goddard These Rocket Scientist Made His Book into a Reality Literary... Even on NASA 's Website Tells that Tale ! and we would never seen the Back side of the Moon if it wasn't for Artur C Clarke ( satellite / orbiter ) or Werner Von Braun ( Capsule Modulator ) and we would never seen the possible Apollo 20 Space Ship LOL!

Here is a Photo of a SCI FI Digest Called Galaxy from the 50s that Blew My Mind
Galaxy June 1954 Gladiator At Law By Fredrick Pohl & C M KornBluth

What it looks Like is what seem to be A Modern PC Tower & Keyboard Attached to a 3d Hologram Visualizer
Showing a Scene of Hologram Gladiators Battling with Each other Playing a Game ?

and During that time a Movie Called Forbidden Planet Showing a Hologram ( of Morbius's Daughter ) in the Krell Laboratory Scene and a Similar Scene in Star wars with R2D2 with Princess Leia " Obi wan Kanobi " your my Only Hope...

Now With Modern Technology that Hologram is Now Considered a Reality and the Illustration was made in 1954 ..

It makes you Wonder...

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Star Wars 1977 Chess Battle Hologram Scene

Back on Track ::

Who to Say that this Apollo 20 is all CGI

Tho there is a few Angled Shots of the Object " Space Ship" that is in question.. from NASA Apollo Missions
when they Went around the Back Side of the moon

but i still say the Ship looks like a Modified Dull Pencil in the Dirt

But then Again it would make sense if the Object was all Rock ! Traveling from Far away Stars
Ballistic Shielding Reflecting Meteors Asteroids Comets along the way taking Heavy Damage while Traveling Interstellar Space.. Millions of Years Ago.. LOL a Asian looking Humanoid Alien Race that Didn't Make it to its Destination but so Close or DId they ,, Hey the Ship is a Beacon a Outpost a .. Noahs Ark A Moon Base a... LOL!

But looking at Japans Orbiter Photos of the Location Says a Different Story just a illusion or another Touch UP Brushed Out Photo or its Just a Rock

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 06:53 PM

There so many things I recognized in Pulp Fiction ( late 1800 to late 40s ) that Now Exist today or Similar to it.. Sort of Like ONE Pulp Science Fiction Writer We all Know Today The Creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry of How some of his gadgets and Props of Star Trek more less Became a Reality Another is Famed Pulp Fiction Writer Arthur C Clarke.. Art Imitates Life Or Life imitates Art Either way it has A Way..

Stand Corrected ...

I Mixed UP

RAY Bradbury


Gene Roddenberry

OPPS ...

Tho Gene knew a few Pulp Writers .. as like Ray Bradbury

Never the less the Gadgets he Imagined Did become Real

Well as you can See why ...

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Bradbury also had a specific relationship to Star Trek, and especially to Gene Roddenberry. As he said in his remarks at Roddenberry's memorial services (published as his Foreword to David Alexander's biography of Roddenberry), the two were often mistaken for each other. He praised Star Trek for exploring the miracles of life and death, and for being "a moral example in a time when we need it," "in the midst of so much violence and so many shows we don't care about."

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 01:27 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

1989 A Film called Moontrap with a suspiciously familiar plot about a cigar shaped or long almost cylindrical gigantic spaceship launched from the moon 14 thousand years ago with a dead human astronaut aboard and a possible alien or machine. A living female is recovered alive by two astronaut's in an ancient human moon base only for one of the astronauts to later die then the female and the surviving astronaut who are taken on a second gigantic space craft but escape and destroy the space craft to save the human race. 1.40 second mark onward.

Ive Just Seen it ! a Nice Cheese Low Budget Film. I Liked it

and Thanks .. You Never Know ! just maybe someon had some hints about what is up there on the moon and just places so of that info in the Movie Moon Trap..

tho the Mechinoid Pods that made their own Body with metallic materials was Hilarious Till it had a Thousands of them in a Huge Spaceship Heading for earth... Probably what The Ancient Spaceship from Apollo 20 was about to do ! LOL

OHH just had a WOW moment...

a Parallel of the Movie Prometheus and Moon Trap!

Prometheus The Engineers Planned 2,000 year ago to Bring The Xenophobes to Destroy Earth .. then tried to do it again and were Stopped as the Ship Prometheus crash into it before leaving to go to earth

Moon Trap The Aliens planned 14,000 years ago to Bring Mechinoid Pods to Destroy the Earth Then The Alien Mechs tried to do it Again and Earthen's Placed a Bomb on Their Ship Destroying it before it came to earths Orbit

Ridely Scott Ripped Moon Trap Off!!

he computer says that the remains are actually human (!), and that they're 14,000 years old. We get to see the computer analyze the ancient astronaut's face for 23 seconds. The computer somehow reconstructs what the guy looked like, and he looked pretty human. The computer then reconstructs the guy's spacesuit, which is red, and his ship, which is big. It came from the moon, from Prometheus Crater. I checked this out, and found that there is no Prometheus Crater on our Moon. Of all the thousands of named craters on the Moon,

Probably where he got the Name Prometheus too!

What Other Movies this Reminds me of!

Apollo's 20 Secret Mission of a Large Alien Craft! and A Humanoid Alien Body

Lets See


Lifeforce.. Bringing alien Humanoid body's that turned to be Life Sucking Vamps ! that were in a Huge Spaceship from a Comet

Planet of the Vampires .. Hears a Distress call lands on a planet goes in a ship find a Huge ALien Corpse that Resembles The Huge Engineer ( space Jockey ) in the Movie Alien

Of Course the Movie Alien

Transformers Dark of The Moon Apollo Astronauts had a Top Secret Mission finding a Crashed Spaceship on the Dark Side

We if the isnt any Alien Ship on the Dark Side of the moon ...

just kind strange there is actually Shots in Different Angles of the Same Spot from NASA

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