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Illuminati IS Islam - Are We Blind?

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 03:45 AM
a reply to: Buddyman

I got a few questions:
1. Have you met an "Annunaki"?, or how can you be so sure that's not just fiction?
2. Who does qualify for you as "people"? Just Americans, or Texans, or maybe the guys in your neighborhood?
3. How can you be so sure Socrates wasn't just an awesome writer, who invented Atlantis? Been there with your Annunakian buddies?

@OP: You know it doesn't really matter anymore, what kind of religion you fancy as your favorite "opium for the little men"? The world should be so grown up by now, we can handle different points of view. And since there is no way anybody will ever be able to say with all certainty whether or not God exists, how can one religion be the right one? It is just like arguing which Harry Potter book you like the most...
Also, the problem really is: people have to feel responsible for themselves and their own actions. Everybody decides if he wants to believe and follow blindly, or if one wants to be free and respect life in general.
You are just trying to bash on something(Illiuminati, and they didn't survive very long, a Bavarian invention and we put a hold to that quickly) you have no clue about, using something else(Islam) you don't have no clue about.

Also: the media support Islam is getting is there to prevent xenophobic people from starting an unjust hunt on everything that "looks like it". So what you are seeing, is mend to keep you from running through your town with pitchfork and torch to set their kids on fire. Think, before you post.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 02:46 PM

Islamists control most of the gold and diamonds. Islamists own and control most news medias. Islamists own the federal reserve. Islamists control and manipulate Wall Street. Islamists own and control Hollywood and TV shows. Even the music industry.

Yep. Those damn islamists got their hands in everything SAID NOONE EVER!!

posted on Oct, 1 2014 @ 07:51 AM
Illuminati is Islam the same way TPTB is Nazis.

Islam is just another symptom of the disease - and according to sources I recently became aware of, has actual connections to Nazism in a way that the masses wouldn't believe.

So it's basically the same puppet show - a brutal, barbaric, horrific puppet show - that's used to advance the agenda.

Besides, Illuminati was formed in 1776 (how ironic is that? Explains why the 'Bilderbergs' laughed at Alex jones, when he mentioned that 1776 is the solution to 1984), and the Islam Jihad has been going on for 1400 years, relentlessly, and is still going on (look for "Why we are afraid - 1400 year old secret" from youtube to see explanation and details).

So, Islam is older than Illuminati, so Illuminati can't really be Islam.

However, the source of all their evil, the highest puppet master - which, I think, is/are living in a different plane, not the physical - that controls their actions and has the agenda they are consistently driving, was probably controlling events even back then. According to something I once read, Hitler's audiences were 'mesmerized' from the other plane, esoterically. That'd explain the people, who were really into his speech when it happened, and felt disgusted by it when they read it in the paper later on.

In any case, the labels and sects do not really matter - the force behind IT ALL is what would find other forms, if the current ones were changed/stopped. Until we reach the core of it all, and find the true cause for everything, we can't stop the evil from marching on and destroying all that's good and decent.

There are also karmic debts from the Atlantis-tragedy to pay, which explains quite a lot.. why is everything allowed to go on - well, the karmic debts are huge.

Nazis, Islam, Stalinism, Communism, Feminism, Gay Agenda - it's all the same - just different tools to advance ONE agenda.

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