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Ancient Medical Knowledge Is Written in the Skin.. Bad title but neat story about acupuncture !

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 09:23 AM
Another neat story about creatures/Gods/ givers of knowledge coming down from the sky. Remember Otzi the Iceman...His body was tattooed with acupuncture points !
Great article.... one has to wonder about what really went on in mankind's past ?

According to legend, twelve thousand years ago in western China the Sons of Reflected light came down from the skies. They were a strange race said to be seven feet tall and wearing clothing like nothing anyone had ever seen before, it reflected light thus giving them their name (Fankuang Tzu). If we were to talk about clothing today that reflects light the first thing most people would think of is space suits so perhaps these beings did literally come from the heavens. Where ever they came from they did so to teach mankind and it is said that they brought civilization to humanity in the form of the arts, textile manufacture, metallurgy, alchemy and many forms of medicine. Legend tells they took the most intelligent people and trained them in the various disciplines and skills, often for generations, children learning from their parents and so on until some centuries after their arrival the Sons sent their knowledge by way of their pupils out into the world and then they are presumed to have departed since they have not been seen since. -

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