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Mysteries of The Great Pyramid Explored...

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 07:59 AM
I thought I'd revisit a favorite site of mine with a fresh new perspective.

Note: If you're looking for Ancient aliens or remnants of Atlantis this thread aint it.

There have been many theories on when the Great Pyramid was built with much circumstantial evidence being presented as possible proof of it and some surrounding structures being of much greater age than is presently accepted. For me the verdict is still out on some aspects of that possibility. Let's set that argument aside for the moment and focus on some real tangible facts and artifacts as well as some interesting little known tidbits of information that many are not aware of.

Back in March of 2011 I wrote How they Built the Great Pyramid of Egypt, it's a fairly long read but worth it if you're like me and want to explore all different possibilities on how it was built. In it I post references to French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin's explanation of his theory, that of a still hidden winding outer ramp. Now I know much of his ideas and images have been posted here before but this thread will include some of his other theories as well as some interesting speculation.

Let's begin with a video, I'll apologize to those who cannot view videos upfront. If you are unable to view videos I'll provide this link to a site with a 3-D interactive format ---> Khufu Reborn

I'll post the following link to a page that many may find very interesting of this possible solution to many of the Great Pyramid mysteries as well as an expansion on Jeans original outer ramp theory and explores the possibility of still hidden chambers. Well worth the time to read in my humble opinion. Who knows through his work we may just finally crack some long held questions...

Unlocking The Great Pyramid Of Cheops

Many archeologists have struggled for years trying to figure out how the great pyramid of Cheops (AKA Khufu) was built, many theories came out but most of them did not cover several facts, and had several question marks around them. Back in 2007 the genius French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin revealed his theory about how the pyramid was built to the whole world. For the first time, it becomes very possible that Hemiunu the architect of the great pyramid used an external ramp along with a spiral internal ramp to get the pyramid built.

Not only Jean-Pierre Houdin offered the most possible solution to the mystery; but also, he is very close to revealing the hidden chambers inside the great pyramid of Cheops that are not discovered yet. Once the Egyptian officials give permission to Mr.Houdin to survey the pyramid of Cheops, the whole world may know a lot more about this massive structure. In this detailed post we will provide the interesting facts that were uncovered by Houdin’s theory, as well as the opinions of some of the very reputed Egyptologists.

Now, having viewed the video and hopefully read the above linked article I thought it would be interesting to also discuss the possibility that the second Pyramid at Giza Pyramid of Khafre, may also have a similar ramp design in it's construction. If it worked so well in the first larger one why wouldn't the builders follow suit soon after in the second? Which, if true, means that not only is there still a hidden and yet to be discovered and explored spiral passage in the first but also possibly in the second.

Pyramid: Date of construction

That's a heated topic for many. I've argued both sides of that topic over the years here at ATS. Fairly recently new Datable material has been found in the great pyramid but so far I haven't read nor heard of it being discussed whether or not they should carbon date it. During the robotic exploration of one of the shafts after having drilled through a block obstructing the shaft. I'd still like to see the testing done legitimately. Images from the Great Pyramid's 'chamber of secrets '

These glyphs have been locked away since the Pyramid's construction and could not have possibly been tampered with. This would in my opinion settle the question of the age once and for all which isn't a bad thing, it would put to rest many of the more fringe theories. Moving on, here are some of the lesser known 'Artifacts' which were found in the Great Pyramid.


posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Little known Relics found inside the Great pyramid

Dixon Relics

The shafts in the Queen’s Chamber were first discovered in 1872 by a British engineer named Waynman Dixon. The ancient Egyptians had blocked them with stones, making it appear that the walls of the chamber were completely solid. Dixon, however, decided to probe all the joints in the masonry of the Queen’s Chamber with a wire to see if anything might be hidden behind them. When he discovered a hollow in the southern wall, he chiseled through to reveal the shaft. He realized that there was probably a corresponding shaft in the northern wall, and was indeed able to locate one. In the southern shaft, Dixon and his associate James Grant found a small, bronze hook.

The northern shaft yielded a granite ball and a piece of cedar-like wood. These objects became known as the Dixon Relics. Both sets of artifacts lay in the rubble at the bottom of the sloping shafts. A report on the discovery of the relics was published in the journal “Nature” on December 26, 1872, including a drawing of the items. In 1993 a search led to the discovery of the ball and hook in the British Museum, where they remain today. The piece of cedar-like wood was missing until 2001, when it was traced to the Marischal Museum in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Iron Plate in the Great Pyramid

Great Pyramid Iron plate

In 1837, Colonel Howard Vyse, with the assistance of two civil engineers (John Perring and James Mash), investigated the air shafts in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid described by George Sandys more than 200 years earlier. A man in Vyse's team, J.R. Hill, was put in charge of clearing the mouth of the southern shaft. Vyse's methods were not subtle, and the use of explosives was employed resulting in the vertical gash that can still be seen on the south side of the pyramid.

On Friday, 26 May 1837, after a few day

It seems there were two interesting artifacts found that many people are not aware of. One is in a British Museum and has not been dated. (The Iron plate) The other seemed to have gone missing 'The Cedar' fragment then found recently which could be carbon dated and also the fact that 'Iron' was found, it's find is very controversial because we are to believe the ancient Egyptians were solely bronze age megalithic builders and nothing more.

I've read quite a few theories on how it came to be, chief among them is a very real possibility in my opinion in that it's from a Meteor. Seems plausible but testing of it in a modern metallurgical lab would answer that question once and for all.

Pyramid entrance

I also wanted to bring to some of those out there who are less than familiar with some interesting items also not discussed much. Now I'll borrow from ATS member PhotonEffect's thread Strange inscription near entrance to Great pyramid...

Here's the location of the inscription at the GP entrance:

Now, setting the Roswell/Ancient Alien angle aside, what would the source be for such symbols if in fact those were created at the time of construction? Could they be symbols of a long last age? A code for some 'Harmonic frequency'? These symbols were supposedly hidden behind the blocks that were removed during an early exploration. Were they inscribed sometime during or just after removal of the blocks during that period?

I think those are some valid questions because they don't seem to match any form of Egyptian inscriptions that I'm aware of, although to be honest I'm no expert. Maybe some of our more learned members could chime in for clarification.


I know we've covered quite of bit ground on many seemingly unrelated topics, but these are questions I ask myself.

If the Iron is from the period of construction and is man made as apposed to a meteor that's a game changer. *The Egyptians knew more about metallurgy than previously thought. If the entrance inscription is as ancient as the Pyramid construction and still has not been identified/deciphered then that's something that should be explored. It implies that there may be a lost past we are not aware of. If Jean's internal ramp theory is true then not only is there a whole new winding chamber to explore in the Great Pyramid but also possibly in the Second one.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read and questions, I'm looking forward to your thoughts/opinions. I'll be posting a thread rather soon on some semi related topics involving another possible use of the Great Pyramid probably in Skunk works which many here may find interesting.

As Always
Stay tuned.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 09:14 AM
You are def correct on the lost past Slayer. The Angel Thoa reveals the true purpose of the pyramids and their age quite eloquently.

"On this plateau and in the centre, an enormous pyramid was constructed. Each stone used in its construction, some weighing more than 50 tonnes, was cut precisely to within one fifth of a millimeter, using what we can call ‘ultrasonic vibratory systems’.

‘The enormous stones were transported using anti-gravitational techniques well known to these people. (They were carried on platforms, 20 centimetres above the paved roads, and were constructed using the same principals as those of the pyramids.) Roads such as these were built all over the country, converging, like a massive spider’s web, on the capital.

‘The huge stones were taken and put into position according to directions from the ‘master’ or chief architect on the project. When finished, the pyramid of Mu measured exactly 440.01 metres in height and its four faces were oriented precisely towards the four points of the compass.

‘Was this intended to be the King’s palace, or his tomb?’ Everyone wore the same indulgent smile that often appeared when I asked a question.

‘Nothing of the sort, Michel. This pyramid was much more important - it was a tool. An enormous tool, I admit, but a tool just the same. So, too, was the Pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt, though it was much smaller in size.’

‘A tool? Please explain - I’m no longer with you.’ It was true I was having trouble following Thao, but I could sense one of the great mysteries was about to be revealed to me - one which had provoked so much inquiry and had been the subject of so much writing on Earth.

‘You wil have realised,’ Thao resumed, ‘that these were highly advanced people. They possessed a profound understanding of Universal Law and used their pyramid as a ‘captor’ of cosmic rays, forces and energies, as well as terrestrial energies.

‘Inside, rooms positioned according to a precise plan, served the King and certain other great initiates, as powerful communications centres, enabling (telepathic) 2 communication with other planets and other worlds in the universe. Such communication with extra-terrestrials is no longer possible for people on Earth; but the people of Mu in those days, by natural means and by exploiting cosmic forces, were in constant communication with other beings and were even able to explore parallel universes.’

‘Was this the sole purpose of the pyramid?’

‘Not quite. Its second use was to make rain. By a system of plates, made of a special alloy incorporating silver as its major component, these people were able, in a few days, to cause the accumulation of clouds above the country, and so, to have rain as they needed it.

‘Thus, they were able to create, virtually, a paradise over the whole continent. Rivers and springs never dried up, but flowed lazily across the numerous plains of a land that was essentially flat.

‘Fruit trees were laden with fruit, bowing under the weight of oranges, mandarins or apples, according to latitude. Exotic fruits, of kinds that actually no longer exist on Earth, were harvested in abundance."~ Thoa from the planet Thiaoouba in a book by Michel Desmarquet called Abduction to the 9th Planet

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 09:32 AM
Hey Slayer

A review of some of more interesting aspects of one the pyramids.

Did I miss my favorite if so I'll include it

Goyon and Ginsells builders mark. Khufu’s name on backing stones found in 1947. Grinsell and Goyon noted this crew's name on Khufu pyramid located on an exposed core blocks (although Goyon provides an illustration): 4th course, west face, 71st stone on leaving the north angle.

From Egyptian Pyramids, Leslie Valentine Grinsell Egyptian Pyramids Leslie Valentine Grinsell

The iron plate is probably medieval and part of the tool set used by the bad guys removing the outer casings

Gold was neither observed nor detected anywhere on the plate. The composition and structure of the iron rules out any form of natural iron. Similarly iron smelted in the solid state is precluded as some form of molten slag would be essential, which could only be eradicated by melting the iron. A more mundane but tenable explanation of the observed features is that the iron ore was smelted to cast iron in a blast furnace, using charcoal as the fuel, resulting in a chemically much purer iron than smelted with coal or coke. This iron was then decarburized by the finery process to form solid wrought iron. The inclusions are likely to have originated either as deliberate additions during the fining, as specified in some European accounts, or inadvertently during the subsequent forging. The blast furnace process does not seem to have reached the Middle East until the post-medieval period, and this strongly suggests that the plate of iron from the Great Pyramid is of no great antiquity. [p. 58]

Iron plate

Slayer on the Tetragram when is the earliest it is attested? I mean was it recorded in the 19th century? I was wondering if it might be a modern graffiti.
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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 09:33 AM
a reply to: Thiaoouba Prophecy

Unfortunately that angel didnt know that the pyramid had eight sides

So yea....

As always fantastic read slayer

Id s&f ...if I could lol

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 10:01 AM

originally posted by: Another_Nut
a reply to: Thiaoouba Prophecy

Unfortunately that angel didnt know that the pyramid had eight sides

So yea....

As always fantastic read slayer

Id s&f ...if I could lol

She said faces of the Mu pyramid, hence the 440 m measurement mentioned in my quotes from the book vs the 139 m that the Egyptian Great has. I know The Cheops pyramid has 8 sides when viewed from above. Not counting the bottom, Do you know why it has 8 sides? It's because the outer case was slightly curved as well.

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: Thiaoouba Prophecy
Maybe I'm not supposed to answer but I know..

It has eight sides that are only
visible briefly because they have done an amazing
job at marking the exact moment of the spring equinox.
Not just the day, the minutes of the equinox.
Just a very slight inward slope that meets in the middle of each side.
If you don't look at it on March 20th, you'll never see it.

So in general ...
Nothing to see here folks, just a big ol
tomb made w copper chisels for a pharaoh who looks
nothing like the Sphinx.

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 10:51 AM
Quite interesting stuff...thanks for the thought-provoking post.

I think the biggest question that needs answered is, "Are there really two antechambers left to be discovered?"

If you're wanting to put to bed the Ancient Alien theories, one of the their biggest things going for them is that the Great Pyramid isn't designed like anything else (internally speaking), to include the absence of those antechambers. If those are found, that would help put that to rest, but then that would create even more questions.

Why the Grand Gallery? Why a "Queen's Chamber?" Why a subterranian chamber?

So, that theory on the pyramids is vastly intriguing, but I don't think it'll solve many more questions than new ones it would raise. But, the idea that there is possibly dateable stuff in those antechambers would help a lot (of course, that would only indicate when the items were created, not necessarily the stone building, which is the main problem with stone structures).

So, either way, cool post, it's much appreciated.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: SLAYER69


Looks like a pictographic map. To what? Who knows. Perhaps it deals with esoteric travels/forays made into the pyramid for time immemorial.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 12:31 PM
I wrote a paper on this structure when I was thirteen in 1979. I knew then this was a very special building. I never thought it was a tomb. Charred bugs were found at the top of the kings chamber. There is too much brilliant math encoded in the design and location, for the building to be human built, in my opinion. Sixteen years ago in 1998, my brother a Purdue graduate in computer science programming and electrical engineering (double degree engineer) discussed this structure with me. He believes it is a machine that generates electricity when sea water is pumped into it. The rock combination generates the charge. He now programs nuclear power plant's programing. I am certain world history is not what the old school people think. Time reveals it all. It is amazing what has happened in 48 years on this planet in terms of knowledge and technology. Ask your self what really has been so special about the last 67 years? I feel this subject has been beat to death. Many books are on Amazon written about the pyramid now, compared to 1979. What is needed is acceptance, that the pyramid not what they first thought. Especially with all the pyramids on the planet now discovered. How many pyramids actually had bodies buried in them? Not many.
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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: SLAYER69

You would probably like this conference I go to once a year.

Darn, you will have to look it up. Can't link the homepage.
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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 03:39 PM
That granite ball reminds me of ball bearings.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 05:45 PM
Sure pulling some stones. But lets not forget what kind of force is needed to move such stones.
Many trucks we have usually don't even weigh as much as these stones. There is many videos showing what moving * heavy equipment* can do and how difficult it is.

That being said, Non of these pharohs had the man power to move those blocks.
But it's just as easy that heavy excivations took place there. It's not like nowadays when Egypt goes through a rigorious political procedure to do minor exploration. I'm sure there were moments in history when military and cultural leaders pillaged in full force.

I wouldn't descredit their inginuity. They could of as easily made kids crawl up those tunnels instead of robots lol.
If there was a savage dictor in the passed i'm sure nothing is out of the question.

Maybe there were artifacts in those rooms before, Then the vandal put some paint on it as a sign * I was here and you got jacked* followed by sealing the chambers off with some stones found outside and sanded down to fit within the gap. Pulled up by robe tied to the metal hooks. That's my theory anyways. And the empty coffin in the pyramid could of held something important that was robbed from it once the passage was revealed.

Just my guess, Those things have been around long enough for people with resources to obtain things that may be hidden. People have been motivated by this since the dawning of time. Passages have been breached in the Sphinx so you know these things occure even in our day in age. Lets look at some videos of machines bailing and tumbling that don't even mesure in the weight of these stones.

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 09:06 PM
My bad

How silly of me

My apologies to thoa

a reply to: Thiaoouba Prophecy

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 10:24 PM
a reply to: Another_Nut

As circumstantial evidence of advance pyramid psychic powers of the ancient Atlantean to control the weather with it can be seen from the ancient River Nile flowing into the Atlantic not into the Mediterranean. Our most advance terrestrial satellites can measure the light waves from minerals to see where it once flowed. 16,000 years ago. Which some experts agree is the age of the pyramid due to the weathering of the rock layers that lead intro the Giza Plateau up to where the pyramid lies. I know and do not believe that Thoa is correct about the purpose and age of the pyramid of Khufu. He did not build it but used it as intended. To make a paradise with his mind. So was the job of the King. Who was himself a representative of another King and himself was not to be worshiped.

I believe that the graffiti that Slayer exposed was a hoax.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 12:54 AM
Then who built the pyramid if it wasn't Cheops? The answer is Toth. The last Great King of Atlantis is the one who commissioned it to be built once he deemed that Egypt, was spiritually evolved enough to accept this gift. Egypt was a colony of Mu.

Toth was not a God but a mere man with great psychic powers and only over time was portrayed as one because he was so powerful that he could control his telomeres to control his cells to not age via meditation and could live in a single human flesh vehicle for its maximum of 15,0000 years.

Mankind ('Yellow & Black races) arrived here 1.3 million years ago, fell into darkness when an asteroid hit 250,000 years later. The Maya-Atlanteans arrived here 60,000 years ago. But all this is for a different thread and I merely wanted to point out the age of the pyramid.

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 03:02 AM
3D animation certainly brings it all alive but the earthen ramps portrayed in the video to move 70 tonne stone blocks is just conjecture with no historical evidence to support it. More likely the pyramids were built with synthetic geopolymer concrete (Davidovits theory) which has been supported by a number of recent laboratory tests done on Egyptian stone blocks.

Similar technique may have been used to build inca stones as well. Just not possible to build a gently sloping ramp to take 50 tonne stone blocks up to the dizzy heights of Machu Picchu!

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: Thiaoouba Prophecy

Regurgitating spirit science like u wrote it doesnt make u

Or anything else

It just shows how u dont have an original thought

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posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 05:13 AM

originally posted by: glend
3D animation certainly brings it all alive but the earthen ramps portrayed in the video to move 70 tonne stone blocks is just conjecture with no historical evidence to support it. More likely the pyramids were built with synthetic geopolymer concrete (Davidovits theory) which has been supported by a number of recent laboratory tests done on Egyptian stone blocks.

I don't watch vids here, but I'm chiming in to say that there is no theory of any earthen ramps used to move 70 ton stones.

There are only a few such stones in the GP and the theory is that the grand gallery itself was built as a ramp to raise the large granite stones that are the ceiling of the King's Chamber. With the use of counterweights on the other side to help.

There is some circumstantial evidence to support this idea.


posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: Harte

If you look this webpage link it shows evidence that stones were made from cement. Stone limestone in the pyramids contain fossil remains and mainstream egyptologist used their existence to try discredit Davidovits theory but he points out that the limestone used to make cement would also have fossil remains. Personally I just don't see how and why they would cut, carve and transport larger stones when it was far easier to transport the raw materials and cast the limestone blocks on top of each level of the pyramid itself. They not as stupid as today's egyptologist think they were.

The Stele of the master craftsman, scribe, and sculptor Irtysen from middle kingdom states "I know how to make pigments, and products that melt without fire burning them and are moreover insoluble in water. Nobody will know of this except me and my eldest son, the god having ordered that he become an initiate, as I have noticed his ability to oversee works in all the precious materials from silver and gold to ivory and ebony." tells that alchemy was a well kept secret handed down from father to son. Think they could still teach us a few tricks even today.
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