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Loire Cancer Ride.

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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 02:00 AM
Hi folks.

I would just like to bring to the attention of our UK and French based members a fantastic project which is taking place right now over here in France?

A friend of mine, Jim Budd, his wife and other participants are cycling the length of the Loire – from the source to the Atlantic – between 17 and 24 September. Starting at Gerbier de Jonc, his journey will take him to Retournac, Renaison, Nevers, Chavignol, Beaugency, Bourgueil, Ancenis and finally to La Baule on the Atlantic coast, in total around 1000 km.

Why are they doing this you ask? :

Esme’s Adventure :

Esme Morris Macintyre died on 7th July 2013 of a brain tumour aged just 18.

In her final years, Esme was an inspiration to her family and friends. With tremendous determination she learnt to cope with her disability, tackling new challenges such as snow biking and learning to play the harp with her left hand.

She set up a Facebook page, Esme’s Adventure, through which she recorded the many challenges she set herself, meeting famous personalities such as Sir Chris Hoy and Amy Macdonald, seeing Andy Murray play at Wimbledon, sailing with Ellen McArthur, going up in a hot air balloon, to name just a few.

Esme also set about raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that gave her a huge amount of support, and raised thousands of pounds. Her amazing determination has inspired others to make a difference.

Jim has chosen two charities, one French, one based in the UK, who rely on donations to continue their work in researching best treatments for cancer and both of whom recognise the need to support a particularly vulnerable group – teenagers and young people.

If you wish to support one or both, please find the links below :

Jim and Carole set off yesterday from Gerbier de Jonc on their 1000 km journey, so if any of our members happen to see them on their ride be sure to give them all the support they deserve.

You can also follow them here :

No doubt Jim and Carole will also be doing a fair bit of wine tasting on their journey too... GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH...

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Kindest respects

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