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If we are to ADVANCE...

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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 09:20 AM

If we are to ADVANCE- we must mature beyond
Self species hatred- which we ALL know is wrong

Over times or periods- same mistakes made
New form of ideology- FORCING its way

Placing those who disagree- directly in harm's way
For the system of belief- based on control and hate

NOT a system based on LOVE- for with LOVE can be no force
These selfish based beliefs- spread follow us or no choice?

NO CHOICE? but to follow- beliefs all based on IGNORANCE
Only holding the SPECIES back- NO advancing due to HINDRANCE

So how can "WE" ALL* really expect- this old world to change?
If many CLAIM to be GODS children- but with hate manipulate THYs name?

Maturity is a must- as it shows signs of a balanced civilization
Which is reason why its wrong- to degrade the species with self hatred...

The knowledge HAS been passed- in an attempt to validate
That the HUMAN as a Creation- has ability to steer its FATE

As a SPECIES we must ALL* -take heed to the many EVOL projections
Acknowledging the potential MIRRORS- based on the negative reflections

Its said what energy we send out- WILL come back in return
As a CREATOR Creation Energy Group- haven't the matured yet and LEARNED?

HOPE STILL exist- much like the last to exit Pandoras box
VERIFICATION the species has matured- is when idealist
belief systems of hate and force stop

Once maturity is made- and self species hatred is finally over
Maybe then outside of Military and Secret based societies

Lets Advance ALL*

Good luck and safety to the potential balancing MIRRORS
to the un-balanced evol projections of ignorance holding
this species back for YEARS...


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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 01:12 PM
I'd like to ask you a question. Religious programming is very long lasting, and so, years of leaving the Church, and then the alternative protestant one, and finally seeing the gnostic inner meanings, after prayer, all of this was actually with prayer and much seeking. Was even given a vision just prior to leaving the Catholic Church for good in my 20's because the programming not to is very deep. When I was praying, lying down, was shown a vision of a myself as a 2 year old toddler, with a bucket at the beach and I was picking up each and every sand particle, looking at it from all sides, and then placing it in the bucket. Then the answer came, you're a well loved kid, trust your self and God/Goodness would never harm you for doing so, you're free, grow up.

Anyway, next comes the co-creating which only makes sense as we're infinite parts or fractals of Infinite Consciousness, and also Christ said, branches to the vine, parts of Divine.

But its hard and ingrained to not run with this, to try to be small. Well the actual way is to not just misuse this but remain seeking at growing and being more loving and less reactive to others and in allignment with inner Guidance, you then put your positive Higher Mind forward, not your lower selfish one.

But, you spoke of a mirror returning our thoughts.

I see every show, that kids the kids watch, in the media, like a curse or a spell being cast, roping in your Belief and Emotion and then bringing in dark things.

So that seeing it, canceling it, pulling away and then protecting your belief and wishes and thoughts. And striving to keep your beliefs simple. Deprogramming on doom things should bring protection for the areas we live in, due to their inability to corrupt that area's mind. I think they try to lower everyone's Love and Positive thoughts and then attack them, in their minds karma free blaming the victim is who has fallen for their tricks to divide and program and lower, but would be a lot more hesitant to attack an area with their tech or plots against it if the people were far more awake and meditative and Higher Mind because, A, they would realize it would be very karmic according to their ancient dark gnostic beliefs, and B, as people connect to the Frequency of love and try to feed the poor in their areas and love family, Family and Higher Powers tend to protect them and sometimes that involves hauling off the bad guys.

Thats how I see it anyway.

And I believe we need to meditate and start to work on consciously choosing to deprogram from all the visions they give us in their shows, and media, AND really hold positive visions, create pockets of happy thoughts and happy work around us and that if this spreads to more people, that area gains safety.

So based on what I'm trying to share, when you speak of the mirror sending thoughts back, is it similiar to envisioning and striving to help create with Higher Mind and Spirit skills, a better world.
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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 01:59 PM

originally posted by: Unity_99

So based on what I'm trying to share, when you speak of the mirror sending thoughts back, is it similar to envisioning and striving to help create with Higher Mind and Spirit skills, a better world.

Basically Unity_99, 1 believes deeply in sending out positive vibrations to sort of audit or re-direct certain un-balanced negative situations going on within observable reality of Planet EA*RTH. And feel the more collective the transmitting or sending group is, the stronger the transmissions can cause positive balanced effects to occur within observable reality on EA*RTH physically. So 1 does my best to consistently keep the heart and mind energy fields resonating positive (projections) within the collective of us all.

Sadly some who are part of the collective of EA*RTH as well, resonate negative based unbalanced transmissions abroad as they project their Idealistic belief systems of FORCE upon many who ARE seeking the SAFE Utopian peaceful coexistence with others native and some even non native to EA*RTH.

But due to the negative projections of FORCE or else upon those not following these idealistic ways of thinking and conduct, many are left to perish in their Created flesh forms or in short are placed in the face of death and are killed for not following those forceful ways projected by the unbalanced... Which to 1 is wrong and so to 1 its not fair to ignore these ignorance projected activities abroad just to keep myself positive resonating. How can a being of LOVE ignore other beings of LOVE & LIGHT going through DEMONic stressful unbalanced challenging times
1 cannot my friend, and will walk into the darkest corners of existence in lack of LIGHT to provide Services To Others in NEED...

And so 1 spoke of the MIRRORS who some WILL be in flesh/3 Dimensional reality of EA*RTH HUMAN form on this side. Who will be tasked with Reflecting back upon the evol who will kill a child and ANY innocence for their selfish species self hatred force belief systems.
These REFLECTING MIRRORS would be EA*RTH based Armed forces of various types with the ability to respond to these ignorance projections.
As 1 who seeks TRUTH and a more positive based reality for ALL* it is not easy to LOWER the consciousness of 1 to these levels of evol beliefs within the collective, for 1 knows to send out energy wanted sent back. But some are too stuck in their ways of ignorance and force Unity_99 and though may even FEEL the LOVE LIGHT programs running deny its LOGIC encouraging more instability to this sphere and its many inhabitants making things here unbalanced.
And so MIRRORS spoken of Unity_99 are and will be more less Reflectors of the evol projected which in turn can and if done right shall re-establish balance in EA*RTH regions currently experiencing unbalanced existence settings due to evol projectors within the collective who if ignored & left un-acknowledged WILL offset the collective positive vibrations of the entire planets inhabitants all because of their FORCE belief systems of CHOSE our way or no way but death...

Whatever some associate Angels and Demons with, 1 always feels the ANGELS must possess bigger and more destructive claws (even if they seldom use them except to PROTECT) then the Demons to keep them from unbalancing to much of the collective WHOLE* which then cast us ALL* into a realm of total unbalance which WILL require much more effort then to rise the vibrations back up to healthy level settings.

This OP poem is somewhat like a reminder/transmission for many receptive of what it may take as a EA*RTH civilization to ADVANCE ahead beyond such reckless unbalanced acts and behaviors to become a more matured knowledgeable civilization and further place the species of man in a more relevant position with our COSMIC sis/bros WATCHING...

I hope I have answered you my friend well enough, if not feel free to request more data.


posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:18 PM
I know what they do in terms of, work on a dark side mission to hold souls back from progression, violating the true assignment that Higher Spirit gives them, for they justify their predatory dog eat dog universe. Because they come from expired dark star energy basically, those beings that are very upset that the predatory nature isn't tied in with progression, and growing out of the testtube playpen universe. I'm thinking of this what came first in infinity and infinite schools, the chicken or the egg. Well life fought and clawed its way up into the lower chakra methods of survival, the predatory natures and universal species, which I won't name, and that its harder perhaps to overcome the flaws in predatory nature without the love. The growth into mammal brain and heart centered potential. But here I'm torn between 2 ways of looking at it. And also within this harder lower chakra predatory species learning curve, there certainly must be those who progressed and developed heart and love and they may be the true higher version of elohim, not our lower coded ideas of annanuki, but Higher Up spiritual versions.

However our groups here seem to serve the lower down version to farm us and keep us from progressing. And the like favored spots, and don't want to grow up past this denser realm where they can succeed, where success comes with the predatory. Its only on these lower realms where that seems true.

So, all the ways to oppose an entire system coded against your progression, with countless other planets under similar conditions, where you get penalized for speaking up even. So how to oppose it.

Revolutions don't work plus its just forcing again, maybe for some right ideas but they invariably are hijacked by the same predators because wrong methods are used.

So it is in deprogramming, seeking to be kinder and give more and less reactive, meditate and hold positive that we have even one shot at lifting earth up, save but for interventions.

Now, another question is this. If positive meditations and force of consciousness is the method the true Higher Ups have really made into the system as the only way up from these denser, dog eat dog realms, because you can't use their methods. Aside from some dignified speaking up, not voting for any of the popular parties who entrench and murder overseas and even up close. Then, why is it so hard to convince people to give it a try and start to do practice using their own soul skills?

Because to me, for example, the online posters are the more awake of the public, so they should be the elect in a sense, metaphorically speaking not egotisically speaking. And they're very aware, shills excluded, that the system is horribly corrupt and all the levels of it, but at the same time, they still only want to resort back to the programming they have?

How to launch holding Higher Mind over your region and interceding even on behalf of these corrupt leaders and elites, having mercy, even communicating with them, that you are praying and sending them love, that you consider them to be very distorted dark hats and envision an entirely different world, (which if 70% of the people did would knock their dark hoodies in shock).

Because how I see it is: an example. Lets say there is a city called Alyson, and region, and it was a peaceful progressive region. They work by some black ops bringing up revelation angles and spread some doom and gloom things and various religious and non religious people pick up the trend and start to believe with emotion, that this is true, and then they hint about railroad tracks with guillotines and put out some really heavy duty tv shows for the youth that involve spells and beheadings, like supernatural and rope people into thinking heaven and angels are really asshats and mean, and twist away at people's good natures until they're believing and feeling the wrong things.

Then, this group of dark hats, uses their haarp and technologies, and devastate that area. Or if this was overseas in a more vulnerable nation, they may bring in a religious purging and make it seem like their end times is coming true.

This group of evil doers has one of 2 things in its mind as it does this: one, the people were so stupid they think, to be overcome so they have the bad karma so this can hurt them, and they think they're off the hook. In addition, those conducting sacrifices believe they get no karma if they're the one doing the sacrifice. (wrong, but I can see why this lie got going, because who would be willing to do this if they didn't think they were being protected from the very Karma they believe strongly , only they think its for us, not them).

And the problem is if people are slowly spiralling into hating one another, and holding fear based thoughts and their peaceful abundant town becomes scarsity and greed and corruption and no one cares, no one votes it out and their media becomes low mind curses, then they're getting away from the range of the signal being connected to Good and Family. Love and Good wants to flow out into the world through us, and we need to safe guard it.

I think everyone is being farmed here and the biggest problem is they just keep in the small boxes that cut themselves off form using imagination, love and being kind to others that would bring in their Help and start to protect their town.

Alyson should be uplifted not destroyed.

But there are so few on the same page, or even thinking of the very world they think they're aware of. No they don't seem to get it, that when you start talking the stuff people do on here, you're regurgitating Rockerfeller's beliefs. Ie. don't speak up, its not your business. The police should have shot, etc. One by one, on every issue, they side with the establishment. And that means they've lowered their standard of what Love and Freedom and Goodness is to such an extent that Home and Family are out of reach.

I personally don't know what to do. Can't pick our own family up from health issues and arguments others have, when we need to send positive energy and ideas into the world and become empowered to do it, but no one gets it, or whatever dark forces get to keep winning on holding us back.

And thats true on the micro level and on the MACRO level. Well why come in then? Why not just stay on that higher plane and send light down to people. It has to work or there is no point in this and if thats the case, FAMILY SHOULD JUST DRAW BACK THE CURTAIN AND RELEASE EVERYONE TO DECIDE ON GOING TO A BETTER MORE POSITIVE SCHOOL.

If this whole thing is set up for the actual advancement of a tiny percent who can go on, then its a corrupt pyramid that needs to be denounced and renounced, because unless you're here to help the majority its a complete FAIL. would rather see it dismantled then.

The frustation I get is that the good needs to work. Why is the bad working but try as you will, the good doesnt lift off?

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:23 PM
S & F

Very nice words of wisdom.

Here's what I read this morning that I'd like to share.

"All religions and all prophets come from the same root, but if you are not able to control your animal side, your title may be Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Maronite, Jesuit, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox .... Then it is all useless, useless ! " - Maulana S. N al Haqqani

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:29 PM
Someone is reading your thread, on the other side of things. I just got a hit, a sense of monitoring and they didn't want their well trained mystery school minions, even in the police force who are going about conducting rituals when they demoralize citizens by killing or harming the very people they're supposed to be protecting. They don't want it to get out that "the one doing the sacrifice is not protected in fact he is one of the main sacrifices, his soul just turned black and now he's going to be very seriously harmed without major intervention".

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:30 PM
a reply to: samsamm9

1 is happy you enjoyed the read samsamm9, and thanks for your addition as well


posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:32 PM
This is so beautiful. At first I thought you had taken it from something, then I realized you had written it yourself

It's poetry, prose, philosophy, and a big dose of words to live by, all in one. Love it.

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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

If this whole thing is set up for the actual advancement of a tiny percent who can go on, then its a corrupt pyramid that needs to be denounced and renounced, because unless you're here to help the majority its a complete FAIL. would rather see it dismantled then.

Completely agree with what you've said. Absolutely.

Except for.... the dismantling part. I wouldn't want to see that happen. We've come too far from what we were (riding around on horseback killing people we didn't want here, shooting down people in the street, owning other humans, and all those other horrific things we did.)

If we started over again, I'm not optimistic that it wouldn't go right back... to that. Or worse.

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: ladyinwaiting

I don't mean reset or using any pain methods of crashing a system. I mean, curtain pulled, soul memories back and either everyone then just turns earth into a better more progressed, clean tech, equal and free school and heals up earth and nature, with the bad ones kept back by the Higher Powers, or some equal type of way. We have memories of home and are behind a veil in this "test", "school", "playpen", "prison", or "farm" and I don't really know which words are the most accurate overall.

Because a school that is using people like fodder for one or two graduates is a massive fail. And to me, any one striving to advance their soul doing so covered with the blood of sexually mutilated and beheaded children, and the suffering of others, really should give their heads a shake. Real Love would be right there at the grass roots with all the traumatized and reacting people, being one with the people and proclaiming them as the most important ones in the world and it had better start working for them and their needs alot better.

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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Ah, I see. Yes, that would be a very good thing. It does sound a bit like "magic", though. I don't think we humans can pull that off on our own!

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: ladyinwaiting

Magic. The world we're in is run by the black magicians.

Family and Higher Ups are the real level we're from and this school is ultimately a hijacked realm that was the Creation of our Spiritual Parent. If it a failed school then its time to lift the curtain. i remember coming in, we've all journeyed far already and have soul memories. Higher Self can remove your curtain in a nano second and you'd start to remember, if they called the school, time up, lets straighten this mess out in a good way.

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: ladyinwaiting

Thank you for taking time to observe the OP ladyinwaiting


posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

How my friend? I wish I knew. I know where i want to go. I do not know how to get there.


posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 10:49 PM
Aggression / Control of others come from fear. The person is scared of what they may lose so they feel like they need to control another person to stay "safe" so they won't "lose" anything they have.

Focus on self increases fear and disappointment.
Focus on others brings more inner peace.

Many people do not like the word "pity" and they do not like to feel "pitied" or some to "feel sorry for" them, but if we can meditate focusing on The Innocense and struggles of another, we can gain a lot more compassion.

Rather than tears of joy or pain, we can cry tears of Love. Show compassion/pity for one another. Feel sorry for one another - our struggles, our pain, and feel close once again and give each other hugs.

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 10:49 PM
Aggression / Control of others come from fear. The person is scared of what they may lose so they feel like they need to control another person to stay "safe" so they won't "lose" anything they have.

Focus on self increases fear and disappointment.
Focus on others brings more inner peace.

Many people do not like the word "pity" and they do not like to feel "pitied" or some to "feel sorry for" them, but if we can meditate focusing on The Innocense and struggles of another, we can gain a lot more compassion.

Rather than tears of joy or pain, we can cry tears of Love. Show compassion/pity for one another. Feel sorry for one another - our struggles, our pain, and feel close once again and give each other hugs.

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

I was really hoping he would choose the right path. See the light. But, I cannot help what the Angels do. They are under unbreakable orders. I just ask they warn him.

posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 11:20 PM
a reply to: arpgme

As always dear, you are right. I never thought of it from that perspective. I could never understand the need to oppress others. I mean why? To what purpose? It just goes against my being. Is this the root of greed too?

What did they fear? What would be lost?

Clarity is the only reality. Perhaps a mass group buff of Koadic's Endless Intellect is needed. Lol.

How do you handle this, in the face of rejection, and remain optimistic? When the attempted coercion via aggression becomes blatant?
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posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 08:03 AM
From point of becoming AWARE that yes ALL* make the WHOLE
the conscious tends to RESONATE of how to SUPPORT it NO CONTROL

Experiences over EXISTENCE if memory is provided
its LEARNED when FORCE is placed on MANY rebellion is SPAWNED to defy it

SPAWNED from the many fertilized grounds of Evol & Hate
as if a natural response program activated when un-balance @ play

The un-balanced speak aloud out of FEAR of not being heard
detected is the fear of Rejection so they place FORCE behind their words

FEAR FEAR FEAR a major attribute behind/WITHIN those based on force
so they spread it amongst the MASSESS as if to DENY their chosen COURSE...

Core beliefs run deep based on ETERNAL Metaphysical associated Deities
but which one WILL they ATTRACT to "THE" who GUIDES or is it who OVERSEES?

Therefore @ times its REASONED do some really truly in SOUL/SPIRIT/INTERNAL ENERGY BELIEVE?
or are some using certain MASS influencing apparatuses to misguide many why also they deceive?

The LIGHT* can recognize it the Ignorance EVOL based ENERGY from afar
And like Celestial objects in response can SHINE BRIGHT or Absorb like BLACK HOLE but STILL A STAR...

The responses are ALL* based in association of how the WHOLE is overall Protected
for if ignorance ignored and Darkness in Conscious permitted to develop
the WHOLE then becomes Infected...

Like a STAR
in transition periods of LIGHT LIFE GIVING emitting energy & radiation then transferring into Super Nova
phase to make way for NEBULA
to make NU life or Switching into Neutron
or Magnetar
if not a black hole
. It is still processes and behaviors of that once Life giving and NU life making and Star system protecting STAR not multiple personalities of 1 STAR but 1 STAR
changing associated with its Surroundings what may be effecting its surroundings and its existence periods/time...

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

So the LIGHT* is and shall always be what it's been since Creation, even if it's hard to see or recognize its taken form or activities.

a reply to: Unity_99
a reply to: samsamm9
a reply to: ladyinwaiting
a reply to: Not Authorized
a reply to: arpgme

Thank you all for your contributions to the OP your inputs & advices are accepted appreciated.

Any others feel free to add. Though some of the topic may seem lower vibrative @ some points overall it's not, it's about us ALL* coming together as CREATOR Creations and recognizing immature primitive behaviors and activities, that of which can keep a civilization held back from becoming the advanced civilization it may be capable of becoming why also lowering Soul/Spirit/Internal ENERGY potentials in regions of the WHOLE* in mass. Further slowing progression of the WHOLE*


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