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A little light in a world of darkness

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posted on Sep, 17 2014 @ 06:36 AM
Please enjoy the thread.

So much pain so little gain what a shame the world has entertained
this way that way it matters not which way pain is all the same
tears to stay not going away

In Gods name they slay
taking the souls away transforming there bodies to clay
the rest shall be great for the murdered and slain

Leave hate behind
it's a product of your mind
that confuses and betrays and takes dignity away

Love not hate
makes for a much better state
it's never to late

One little light
brilliant and bright
what splendour you bring into the night

A lamp on pathway's side
lighting the way
not stepping astray

A star of guidance
for the lost on there way home
in a world of darkness
which way to go

In service
In faith
In love
In light

Let the pathway's be lit for the many, guide without leading, shine without blinding.

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