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Obama to Send 3,000 troops to Tackle Ebola

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posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 03:08 PM

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
The marines are ruthless and efficient at what they do.


They are going over to set up human experiments to get to the truth about transmission; pre-symptomatic, skin contact minus mucus membranes, efficient aerosol tranmission, effectiveness of experimental therapies, etc.


No disrespect to those serving honorably, but no one can tell me that there aren't people in power who would have no problem with the above (crazy) suggestions.

If the government history of testing sh*t on the army is anything to go by, Id say they were the experiment.

Nothing crazy at all, its been documented before and Im certain it will again.

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: OneManArmy
But why would they make the test on the most efficient air attack division available at present? The Screaming Eagles are the traditionally the first in when conflict erupts. If memory serves me, they just got home less than a month ago from Afghanistan.
Furthermore, like the docs and nurses at the Dallas hospital, they ARE NOT TRAINED to handle level 4 pathogens and I sincerely doubt that six hours of training is adequate. Yes, I understand they will not be treating patients but they will be in a place where the disease is not contained.
I've written my Congressional representatives but I'm not optimistic.
If I put on my tinfoil hat I begin to think about what damage could be done----I shudder.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 05:54 AM
I feel like the response worldwide to the pandemic outbreak in Africa has been too slow.

Lets use the missing flight of MH370 in comparison to the response we are seeing on the Ebola outbreak. MH370 had 12 crew members and 227 passengers. A multinational search effort, which became the largest and most expensive in history was done on MH370 and is still currently underway after they failed to find the missing craft. The initial response was fast even if they have not still found the missing plane.

The Ebola outbreak started in Guinea in December 2013. The response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa has been slow. Thousands of people in Africa are dying of Ebola. Why on Earth isn't the worldwide response for these peoples lives a priority.

If we don't stop the outbreak at the source... all of our attempts at keeping it from spreading to other places worldwide will be futile.


posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 07:03 AM
a reply to: leolady

....If we don't stop the outbreak at the source... all of our attempts at keeping it from spreading to other places worldwide will be futile.

So true. Unfortunately, the threat has become a political football. The opposition game is to make it lose-lose for Obama and other leaders. But as per usual, the real losers are the people...

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 04:20 PM
Seeing as the virus in this movie was directly based on the ebola virus.... and with this announcement....

it is worth pointing out...

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: soficrow

Ebola at the 40 yard line, the 30, the 20, the 10,
touch down ebola!

And the crowd goes wild!

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 05:43 PM
the 3,000 troops will be inoculated with the tightly controlled, secret, for the aristocrats only, ebola syrum....Won't they ?

the OP does not mention anything about these 3,000 victims from the national guard being protected !
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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 05:52 PM
"The reality is we're either going to fight it over there or fight it over here."

Oh...wait. Bit late for this now but still valuable...but only if they stop the damn flights/ships/trains and seal the borders of all countries that have had ebola outbreaks. The U.S. included now.

And I'm still saying that they made a mega bozo decision in bringing anyone infected with this disease to any other countries. And I believe that they are now in coverup mode.

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