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are caucers being built in 2002 Hungary ???

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posted on May, 30 2003 @ 10:56 AM
Shades of Bob Lazar!

Combine superconductors, Bose-Einstein-Condensates, Sakharov/Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda, and ORMEs to arrive at => . Note that the saucer configuration was said to have NOT been back-engineered from recovered and observed ET craft; rather it was determined to be the most optimal shape for the technologies being incorporated.

The fact that this is research is taking place in Hungary should please Dr. Teller as he belongs to the fabled "Men from Mars" as told in David Darlington's "Area 51 - the Dreamland Chronicles". Glen Campbell noted that in addition to having the
highest concentration of McDonalds per square mile, Budapest also boasted hundreds-and-hundreds off lastnames of 'Lazar' in the phone directory. Maybe Teller thought Lazar had "roots" in the 'club' also and bypassed some normal security clearance procedures to get him quickly on-board.

Also found a technical paper posing TGD-based solutions to strange effects caused by rotating magnetic fields. Pitkanen at => (also => ).

Don't know if this ties in with John Hutchison's reported experiments at . Here references are made to Tesla's work; levitation; Philadelphia Experiment; Nick Cook's book; Kyoto (Japan) University crystal-based power source; "warp drive"; and the usual list of Government 'black' contractors. (Is Dr. Hutchison like a modern-day John Keely???)

Anyway, to sum it up: Still more theories (every neighborhood has its own renegade physicist) but no experimental corroboration (at least, nothing declassified & published). Remember their words: "It's an engineering challenge." (You betcha!) To quote a government-discredited physics lab technician-turned-whistleblower, these are "just words on paper" and "every time physicists don't understand something they always add another dimension". And the experimenters (like Hutchison) report breakthroughs but nobody can ever duplicate their experiments (at least in front of tv cameras).

So neither side has yet joined the "bridge" they are building from opposite sides of this technical abyss. I don't really know what the hold-up is. Dr. Kaku said it would take a conventional accelerator billions-of-miles long to achieve the energies necessary to split a nucleus down to the Plank level to validate superstring theory. Then I read where they've come up with a plan to generate mini-black holes in the lab that should exist just long enough for these extra dimensions -- if they exist -- to appear. But the University of Washington (I believe I'm correct in naming that school) has been doing experiments with rotating disks that take a year to finish one run. The initial results show no evidence of any extra dimensions as postulated by superstrings. They are going to run another set with closer tolerances. And CERN is just about to throw in the towel on the Higgs particle/field since it appears that thing -- like the graviton -- doesn't exist. A nationally-known and conservative-skeptical physicist friend "E.H." told me that there has been nil progress in Kaluza-Klein theory (I assume he meant experimental validation) and he regards it as a "mathematical trick".

So as far as the general public is concerned, the jury is still out. Although I suspect there have been some breakthroughs that are 'classified'. But these must have on-going problems with mass-producing or we would have witnessed them by now. Or … there has been zero progress and everything remains on a million different blackboards with each having its own "spin". Maybe it's like religion: we can profusely believe in something but no-one will know for sure until they die. I have yet to see anyone walk on water…

[note: I'll archive some of the above at]

posted on May, 30 2003 @ 11:33 AM
Note that the saucer configuration was said to have NOT been back-engineered from recovered and observed ET craft; rather it was determined to be the most optimal shape for the technologies being incorporated. Posted by Stealthstalker

Very correct. This is based on technology springing from the brain of Nikola Tesla as early as the 1880s. It is ironic that there is evidence of such X Craft manufacture in eastern Europe: It comes full circle (almost) to the homeland of he who originally invented the technology (Nikola Tesla was born in Yugoslavia).


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