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CERN - Multiverse or Supersymmetry - 125 GV Paradox is Obvious

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posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 07:09 PM

originally posted by: AlephBet
a reply to: dragonridr

Problem is the results are in the range of both.

What remains will be design with intent. We are living in an information matrix that is an image, just as the ancient scriptures state. We are living in an image made by the Logos (architect of information).

In which case we weren't made by some all powerful god but more likely a pimply kid with too much time on his hands. And if u make it to heaven u get to spend eternity in his newest version of the sins. Wooo?

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 09:40 PM
once again lots of tall comments to how research works made by people who admit they don't know anything about that particular subject.

As already pointed out, the Higgs mass is NOT predicted by the standard model. The mass ranges given represent null search results for a set of theoretical models that had already been performed. The predicted mass is actually inverted prediction, analytical solutions if you like in which you place into a model a proposed higgs coupling, and you then go off and see what the model predicts compared to observation.

Out forms a range of search areas for which current data does not already give you a null result.

On budget and funding, there is a great line on the wiki

As of 2014, CERN receives contributions from states with a total population of about 517 million people. Averaged across those states, the contribution per person in 2014 is about 2.2 CHF/year

So basically all participants, add up the total populations and divide the contributions... and you get... the equivalent of about 2.4 USD per person per year. WOW Yeah they are just rolling in cash! come on, most people spend more money on that a DAY buying coffee for crying out loud.

Sure many countries around the world contributed to building the LHC

Cost of the accelerator and experiments once again according to the wiki is estimated at around 5.6b USD... but that was split between all participants and over about 15 years...

You know that in the US alone, the lost tax revenue for religious organizations being tax exempt is about 80 billion? and that in the UK for example, big businesses not paying there tax bills comes to about 50 billion? Oh and the net income from the Bank of America alone was about 10 billion in 2013... Anyway getting side tracked

There are many theories out there, there are just ones that seem to fit the data and those that don't. Now supersymmetry has been said to be dead and done by some scientists. But not all. Some say that all that happens is that it pushes things up in energy scale, which takes it out of the physics reach of the LHC which is why scientists are less excited about supersymmetry. The jury is out still. Plus they only found one higgs. There are models out there that suggest there could be multiple higgs.

There is a lot of unanswered questions, and these people intend to try and find answers. You might not support that, and thats fine, but you know in the world of science laughing and being egotistical about things is not proof in the pudding, it means very little when said and done, and the real proof is in the data. You say they are not measuring energy... then please explain how their detectors work, because again i just read comments that are meaningless.

If the detectors at the LHC do not read something that is related to energy, then blow me down! The last 50 something years of particle physics was just proven wrong in one sentence with no evidence or reason other than "They are idiots its so obvious, god did it"

Plus it isn't a choice at all between multiverse or supersymmetry, they can both quite easily exist and be totally unrelated.

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