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NBC’s 3 Steps for Home Invasion Defense: Use Wasp Spray Illegally, Treat Invader ‘Like Royalty'

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 01:06 AM
It's not that people who are for armed self defense, want to main or kill someone at all. Sure I'd like to see evidence of these thousands of invasion that did not end in violence, that doesn't change the fact that anything can happen and it does. When you have learned the hard way, as many have, you are not willing to risk that ever again. And of course one is entitled to their own opinion, but to go and state ATS members want to be some kind of hero by killing people... is nothing short of uncalled for-to say the least. Sure many are contrarian just to be so, but wow, this isn't a light topic for that. Specifically to me it's alarming that MSM is telling people to basically subdue themselves in hope they will be alright.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 01:10 AM
Funny how those that are working for the media, and those who always have in their heads, the status quo reference booklet on all the do's and don't of the politically correct, are even more brainwashed than the masses that they are brainwashing., (This mental "copy" of the little booklet is custom made by each person, and each person is 100% certain that the one they go by is the one everyone else uses too, and they are more paranoid of making a flub and getting fried for it by all of their hive minded colleagues, than they are about actually being wrong for the entire world So they come up with idiotic and completely sterilized versions of things so they are hopefully sure that what they say, isn't going to offend someone. (especially all those home invading criminals). (Or our bowing and kneeling president) to those who want to really kill us

(Funnier still) they are always boldly sure that they have made perfect sense to everyone, and they continue on, secure in the knowledge they hold superior intellect.

The reason these news people do not have a clue that a majority of the people can see how whacked out they are is simply because whacked out people are literally whacked out, I mean, how can a wacked out person even be aware of their delusional state and nutty system of values? But even if they did realize they might be insane, it would be okay because they care about everyone so much! To the point of supporting and enforcing solutions like the one mentioned in OP. So if you get killed by a home invader, you must not have been kind enough, or you had to have done it all wrong, they couldn't even consider that their whole solution is the mutterings of lunatics

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 01:43 AM
The problem with pepper sprays and the like is that many times (at least where I live) is the violent home invader is often under the influence of one or a combination of substances that seem to null any sort of effect from these types of self defense methods.

The "celebrity geniuses and media experts" offering advice sometimes are too.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 02:01 AM

originally posted by: beezzer
a reply to: Metallicus

Or "How To Be A Victim 101."

Pathetic attempt to "teach" people.

In a round-a-bout way, they really couldn't have given a better reason TO have guns in your home.

Purely because the advice they gave was so pathetic and would be SO ineffective against armed intruders and offer zero protection for the family, it actually endorses gun ownership for protection as the only viable option for defence.

The propaganda backfired i think.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 04:48 AM
a reply to: TsukiLunar

I seriously find people who have your form of logic mentally deficient, it is not up to the government to help you and your family get through life THAT IS YOUR JOB.

You honestly cannot call someone a murder/criminal who was sleeping and was woken up by a CRIMINAL to defend their home from a Criminal because that CRIMINAL chose a victim and acted with his own intentions be it through alcohol, drugs, just because he has too, he signed his own death weaver the minute he stepped into your home uninvited with malicious intents

Our society has so much safety rules to keep people safe but it never works out because Criminals are Criminals, I live in a ghetto in my area in the UK, Facebook posts, videos pictures of kids stealing motorbikes, breaking into peoples houses and taking their car keys money, it's getting out of control these people think it's alright to do this sort of stuff, yet no one stands against them until they catch them in the act, if you shot at them or gravely injured them YOUR THE BAD PERSON because THEY WEEE ONLY COMMITING A LITTLE CRIME ...YA'KNOW?

There was a case in the UK robbers broke into the mans house, the man went downstairs with a double barrel, they were armed with melee weapons, one went and tried to attacked the old man, he shot and killed him, the other fled and was pumped full of holes on his back.

You can say what you will about their being a weaponry difference but that old man was #ed after his two shells were expended if he wasn't proficient with his firearm, he seen them as a major threat and dam straight if they broke in armed to a house in the middle of the sticks, armed with a weapon that doesn't need reloaded to bash your head.. If that was you would you be sitting in your bedroom looking for your phone and car keys giving 911 an earful when it will take them a good 20/30 minutes to even reach the guy with your wasp spray pointed at your door sayin "Please your cleverness, I don't want trouble take what you will, it doesn't matter if I worked all my days for you to slide in the dead of night and take what you will and cause mental anguish to my family, the iPads are in the kids room don't wake them when you go in please, oh and have a good day mister criminal", or you go be like all those people who will fight back and not take a shafting because some politically correct prick in a suit says so. It's your choice if your willing to die a dishonourable death on your knees crying in the bedroom with no way to protect yourself or you can grab the nearest weapon (melee or ranged) and form some line of defence to protect you and your family / your life / your goods.

I know this sounds hard man talk but I would rather die fighting back than being a good slave and cowering in my mental shackles.

In your viewpoint of reality your expecting the boys in blue to ride to your aid because that's their job and they will clear this criminal scourge, what a majority of ignorant people seem to forget that the POLICE ARE HERE TO CLEAN UP MESSES AND MAKE REPORTS, IF THEY GET THEIR EARLIER THEY MIGHY CATCH HIM.

Government will tell you anything you want to hear so you need them, you wouldn't let someone attack you in the streets for no reason without a fight so why would you let someone do that in your own home.


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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 06:37 AM

originally posted by: TsukiLunar
Right i'm not sure how i would find statistics on incidents like that which did not end in violence. I will look though, maybe you should to?

If you were to show that 999,999 of 1,000,000 home invasion ended with rainbows coming out of a unicorn's ass and the last one with the home owner being shot dead it would still not be enough to convince me otherwise because that one innocent person was murdered by scumbags who could have been stopped with a small metal projectile entering their rotten bodies and ending the encounter.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 07:48 AM

originally posted by: TsukiLunar
a reply to: Lipton

Do you really feel like playing the odds?

Either way you are still playing the odds. Having a gun doesn't make you indestructible.

Nothing is 100% and it is illogical to dismiss a tool simply because it is not 100% effective.

Statistics have shown that you are more likely to be injured if you do not resist a criminal. And this is logical--criminals want the easy mark. They don't want to be delayed or fight or risk injury to themselves.

– Victims crying or pleading were raped 96% of the time

– Victims who loudly screamed were raped between 44% and 50% of the time

– Victims who ran were raped 15% of the time

– Victims who forcefully resisted (without a weapon) were raped 14% of the time

– Women who resisted with knives or guns were raped less than 1% of the time

Resistance to crimes of violence is more common than most people realize. Overall 71.4% of victims of violent crime took some type of self-protective measure. Such measures include screaming, running, physically fighting the attacker, and using a weapon, among other things (12). Resisting a crime by using a firearm generally reduces your chance of being hurt or killed, especially for women. A study by Gary Kleck found that the probability of serious injury in a criminal attack is two and a half times greater for women offering no resistance than women resisting with a firearm. Men are also safer if they resist with a firearm than if they do not resist at all, but the difference is smaller (1.5 times less likely to be injured) (13).

12) U.S Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, ““Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1999 Statistical Tables”, NCJ 184938, Table 68.

13) Lott, John R. More Guns Less Crime. University of Chicago Press. 2000. Pp 3-4.

Unarmed resistance, on the other hand, does positively correlate with an increased rate of injury in most crimes. One study showed that, during a retail robbery, unarmed resisting store clerks were 50 times more likely to be killed than clerks who did not resist (14). Victims resisting robberies are 20% more likely to be injured than victims who comply with the robbers’ demands. Eighty-six percent of resisting victims are injured as compared to sixty-six percent of compliant victims (15). Presence of a weapon by the criminal does not influence injury rates. Injury rates are the same between victims attacked with weapons and victims attacked by unarmed criminals (26%), although victims attacked by armed criminals were about 3.5 times more likely to suffer serious injuries (16).

15) Campbell, Anne. Men, Women, and Aggression. Basic Books. 1993. Pg. 102.

16) U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. “Weapon Use and Violent Crime”, September 2003. NCJ 194820.

So basically--passivity in the face of a criminal is a bad idea. Resisting with a weapon of any sort: knife, gun, baseball bat, dramatically reduces your chance of being injured and the more perceived lethality of your weapon, the more likely the criminal will disengage and you will not get hurt.

So a gun is a great defensive tool, however, if you do not have one, bear spray, baseball bats, knives, etc. are your next best option. The advantage of a firearm is that you do not have to get in close with the criminal to use it, therefore putting yourself at less risk. The advantage of a firearm, is that you do not have to have physical strength to wield it effectively. A 90 lb granny with a pistol is more than a match for a 200lb thug.

Not resisting is your worse option.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:17 AM
I can't believe that there are people out there that would promote the "nobility" and higher morality of playing the helpless victim.

There is nothing noble, honorable, or morally correct by allowing yourself to become/remain/stay a victim.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:23 AM

originally posted by: beezzer
I can't believe that there are people out there that would promote the "nobility" and higher morality of playing the helpless victim.

There is nothing noble, honorable, or morally correct by allowing yourself to become/remain/stay a victim.

Even worse yet, it is extremely ignoble to permit those under your care to be victimized. If you take one because you are foolish, it is your own fault. If you don't keep your child fr being victimized even when you could have defended them, that is a bad thing.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: NavyDoc

Isn't this the push, though?

That there is something right and correct about being passive?

Cowardice, by any other name, smells just as sour.
(apologies to Shakespeare)

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:39 AM
So I blind a burglar using Wasp Spray against the manufacturers directions to protect myself... you think they won't sue you and win?

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:50 AM
What in the world in this country coming to...this is comical.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 08:56 AM

originally posted by: NonsensicalUserName
furthermore while the producers are celebs, the actual advice-giving source appears to be a hostage-negotiator/police officer with several years experience, and who's probably more qualified than you to talk about this sort of thing.

You must be one of those people who believe that some one with a teaching degree can actually teach because they have this supposed experience. Using Wasp spray is a federal offense, even in the case of self defense.

That LEO is an idiot, pure and simple.

You stand a better chance in court just shooting the perp...dead, dead, dead.

No law suits, easy peesy.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:01 AM

originally posted by: TsukiLunar
a reply to: TKDRL

I'll bet more often than not they don't want escalating their crimes to outright murder.


No offense, but you are a fool if you truly believe that.

And a bigger fool when the intruders decide that 'dead men (and family members) tell no tales.'

My family will not be victims.

Semper Fi.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:15 AM
a reply to: Hijinx
Basic human right: to defend yourself and your family and NO ONE has the duty to retreat in their own home/property

A couple of years ago I was charged with assault after defending myself against a man a foot taller and literally twice as heavy as me (I was 120# he was over 300#) because he was the only one with VISIBLE injury. (choking doesn't leave marks) I refused to take a plea deal because I knew I had every right to do what I did. The prosecutors finally wised up and dropped the charge before it went to trial.

Trust me: look out for number 1, protect yourself at the time because I guarantee you the police and the judicial system will not be there to help you

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:48 AM
Gone are the days when you could leave your door unlocked while you ran to the local grocery. Gone are the days when our children could stand at the bus stop and now worry about someone pulling up and grabbing them. Gone are the days when a friend or neighbor could scold your child for doing something stupid. Gone are the days when you could trust the police to arrest home invaders without us worry about being sued. Gone are the days of common sense.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:50 AM

originally posted by: jjkenobi
So I blind a burglar using Wasp Spray against the manufacturers directions to protect myself... you think they won't sue you and win?

And the sad part is that the blind criminal would probably win, not just against you, but the manufacturer and the retailer who sold it to you as well. One of the many things we need is tort reform as well.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 10:00 AM
Imagine what kind of person it would take to arm themselves and enter your home to steal your stuff while you were there. Why do you think they brought a gun?

Why would anyone trust their life or the lives of their family to someone like that.

I tell you what, I have had a gun stuck in my belly and robbed by two masked gunmen. If its never happened to you, you can't imagine how terrifying it is, how powerless you feel. I was completely at their mercy. I had no idea what these people were like or what they were capable of. I truly feared for my life. Fortunately for me they just took my money. I was delivering pizzas when it happened. I had to quit after two months because I couldn't handle the stress of feeling like it could happen again on any delivery. The robberies continued by the same perps. And their robberies escalated to firing shots in the air and stealing the delivery driver's cars. I believe these guys actually got a thrill out of it - a power trip. It wasn't simply about stealing. And that's the real problem. You don't know what is going through the mind of someone like this.

What if this happened in my home with my wife there. Good god it is too terrifying to imagine. There is no telling what could happen.

You have to prepare for the worst and assume the worst in a situation like a home invasion because otherwise you will not have any chance of surviving the worst.

I keep a loaded shotgun. I will not rely on the "mercy" of some stranger that "just wants to steal"

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: ladyvalkyrie
Good for you!
I can't imagine that the prosecutor was looking forward to explaining at trial how 120 lb you decided to pick on and beat up a 300 lb guy.

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 10:18 AM
Why has no one mentioned a dog or two? Perferably a guardian/protection breed. I have two large Cane Corso's, that sleep at the side of my bed, that i highly doubt anyone/persons would want to challenge them. Alert them and that's a lot of dog to handle while I grab my pistol.

If you can invest in a gun, you should invest in a well bred dog.

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