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Man shall not live by bread alone…

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 09:20 AM
After sifting through the pages of the Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah and looking up commentaries and doing some further analysis in order to find the correct lineup of the Hebrew letters according to their paths/branches &c, I came up with the following, which is mostly based on an illustration and the accompanying text on page 155 in "The Bahir Illumination" by Aryeh Kaplan ISBN 0-87728-618-3 and the names and arrangement of the letters below the illustrations is from Sefer Yetzirah chapters 3-5:

Now the Tree and the letters are arranged into three basic categories

The Three Mothers are the 3 horizontal lines:
==> א Alef (Ether -> Aer), מ Mem (Aqua -> Terra), ש Shin (Ignis -> Caeli)
The Seven Doubles are the 7 vertical lines:
==> ב Bet (Sun), ג Gimel (Venus), ד Dalet (Mercury), כ Kaf (Moon), פ Pe (Saturn), ר Resh (Jupiter), ת Tav (Mars)
The Twelve Simples are the 12 diagonal lines:
==> ה Heh (Aries), ו Vav (Taurus), ז Zain (Gemini), ח Cheth (Cancer), ט Tet (Leo), י Jod (Virgo), ל Lamed (Libra), נ Nun (Scorpio), ס Samech (Sagittarius), ע Ayin (Capricorn), צ Tzaddi (Aquarius), ק Kuf (Pisces)

If you're not in it for the magic and the mystery, it sure is a fun way of learning the Alef-Bet. The assigned elements, stars and zodiac signs are coupled according to the sequences given, I assume they correspond to the same sequence.

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posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 02:06 PM
I was too late due to the 4 hr editing window having closed to change the illustration in the thread above. I made a few changes, like realigning and rearranging the letters according to the given paths, and also layered the pathways to make it easier to see all the paths separately.

No biggie, but hopefully easier to read and understand, that's all.
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