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Next Level BS #2: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, From a Journalist's Point of View

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posted on Sep, 15 2015 @ 12:06 PM
a reply to: DaboiaAlien

We can definitely rule out certain explanations. Namely the "mini-Nukes" theory. That can go in the round file because the USGS measured background radiation and found nothing that couldn't be explained by the existing radioactive materials found in all buildings, i.e., tritium in exit signs and watch faces, amerecium in smoke detectors, etc.

Likewise, it is epistemically safe to throw out the DEW theory. For one, there isn't enough energy on Earth to shoot a beam of concentrated energy from space to Earth with enough power to "dustify" (whatever the # that means in physical terms) the buildings.

Third, since there are no clear Time + Temp + Load parameters in the Official Theory, we can safely call that one untestable in its current form. Technically, the OCT is not falsifiable as presented. It's certainly not a problem to specify those parameters, but in not doing so, the OCT avoids direct refutation. Instead it coasts along as "possible" for some and "probable" for others who just don't know enough to understand how scientific theories work.

So, the field is narrower than it may seem at a glance. Serious minds should be deliberating the leftover explanations.

posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 10:31 AM
talk about obvious disinfo! But then again it's called next level BS, truth in advertising! Thanks for the laugh.

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 08:35 PM
The theories are given for human reasons, for the public always abused by hierarchy for the purpose of hierarchy, when hierarchy does not support the human supports their own persons.

Hierarchy have been assisted by human awareness, regarding civilization's structure, and given other information to support a humanity to be supported, both as a spiritual condition of awareness and also a living standard.

Hierarchy wants neither...for they only believe in self represenations of self orders and brotherhoods and do not by self evidence actually support humanity, the reason for humanity or for humanity to gain its equality, which it is fighting for.

The right to live....the right to be considered a family equal, no matter what country you live in....human rights.

So the human activists who reviewed the outcome of 911 proposed that some form of hierarchal decision was involved in the gain of the destruction of these buildings.

Human beings ask.....are the hierarchy that evil minded that they would murder their own countries family?

And the answer to this is a realization....of course they would. They only care for their own self represenation.

So the human activist asked, why would these buildings be targeted by an organization that has nothing to do with economics....just terrorism. Who is the actual terrorist when it comes to money and the economy?

The Government is ....a failing brotherhood organization who made bad choices....employs the human beings with evil minds who consider those bad choices, that caused their own country and their economy to fail. This is called karma....for being evil minded and considering the murder of your own family for self gain.

So the theorist proposed the reasons for why the attacks occurred in a country whose economy was failing.

For the condition force humanity to believe in terrorism...when the real terrorists are the employees of their own governments.

The victims of these terror plots, know that the Government and their elite organizations were involved and wanted to prove it....for they are sick and tired of being attacked by their own humanity who only believe in self gain.

Therefore they review the attack and make the considerations trying to prove to everyone that the Government and the brotherhood is the reason for the situation itself....only because humanity want to regain their personal safety status and own their own lives and be considered as being as important as the next human being.

We want our rights to be returned...we no longer want to live in fear...we have lived in fear for thousands of years due to elitist practices.

The review of 911 is true....the Government did cause it...and they own terrorism their own selves. They are as much a terrorist as any other countries terrorism. All countries own extremists and America is no different to any other country.

How does any human being regain any sort of confidence in the inhumanity displayed by the considerations to murder your own countrymen and innocent family members? We cannot.

My own study research state the obvious.....mind contact and mind control was an already established ploy by the Government to use as a situation to try to control the decisions and choices of the money market. As the human beings who impose their own choices used this control...they already failed by making the past could they possibly gained a profit when they used the same minded human choices.

The use of mind contact and mind control is witnessed by the UFO that manifested as a transmitted message relay in the contact of the human participants in the buildings themselves. The American Government were already employing their control the human choice.

As human's consciousness already exists as a stated personal easy would it have been to motivate human beings in a considerated scheme.....yet who employed the scheme...and the evidence states that the American Government did. How else could Terrorists have gained access....if not by planned event. Since when is the American Government an organization that fails its own country protection? They already demonstrated that they knew all organizations of terrorists and what they considered and what they planned.

The real terrorists in this situation was the American Government....just look at their programs and money efforts to gain mind control and mind contact through the psychic established brain and chemical studies, asides from all other psyche programs?

The Government already knew that the UFO signal was attacking the human psyche and the human mind control.

Possession and all forms of phenomena of spirit contact studied by their occult organization.

How else would this circumstance occur....if not for the purpose of changing and owning conditions that are not theirs to own. Cause and effect of personal choice is not a human right to murder your family.

The UFO photographed a year before the attacks given the normal public advice that it was "fraudulent"....why?

Why would a Government bother about advising a fraudulent photograph, unless it was considered to be proof of their mind contact program?

Why don't you consider the real motivation of the Government....whose associations do belong to ancient occult practices regarding human choices....the mind and brain of human beings.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 04:29 PM

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