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where does populism lie?

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 08:39 PM
I was wondering where on the spectrum does the populist ideolgy, which i am most in line with. I believe that citizens need a bigger role in their government I am more of a moderate populist in that i recognize that a representative government is necessary in some form to oversee most political duties otherwise politics would comsume our lives. These are some of my main political beliefs:

-I would like to see a National Referdum to approve any proposed Constitutional Amendment before it can take effect.

-I would allow citizens to choose how up to 60% of their tax dollars are used in the federal budget.

-I would give states the right of Nullification if 80% of their citizens voted to nullify the federal law, and allow national nullification if it passed a majority vote to nullify it.

-If 25 individual states met tgeir recall standards a Presidential Recall election would be held.

This allows the people to hold the government accountable and exert financial and political control over the government, and it allows the states and the indiviual people to regain the rights guarenteed to them under the Constitution that have since been usurped by the federal government and the president in particular.


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