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Kundalini and the Seduction of Spirits

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: Nechash

Don't make the mistake like most do and equate wealth with success.

My dad became very wealthy flying movie stars and musicians around in Lear jets.

He and my step mother were two VERY miserable people.

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: AlephBet

Kundalini and the Seduction of Spirits

What you are actually saying:

An entire culture's religious beliefs are WRONG, because only my culture's religious beliefs are right.

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 05:11 PM

originally posted by: Nechash
I have spent my entire life chasing down the supernatural. I've hung out with Satanists and Wiccans, I've sought out haunted houses. I have never in my life seen anything physically happen in this world that was inexplicable. If anything, people claim predictable phenomenon do not happen in my presence. Many people say that my disbelief is so strong that it keeps the spirits away. I don't know if I believe that either. This one temple of the black goat type satanist laughed and suggested maybe the demons were afraid of me. I think most people just get so swept up by the theater that their mind plays tricks on them.

There is a very good “reason” for this.There is no such thing as a “spirit” entity or being.It is ALL in the mind of the “believer”.The root definition of the word “spirit” wrote in the old and new testimony writings is “life”.That life experienced by a body is called a soul.Man does not HAVE a soul they ARE a soul that is “living” (spirit).They have “the spirit of man”.All the “speculation’ about “what soul and spirit are is speculative belief not ground in reason.


originally posted by: NechashI don't know. I think most people have so many mental issues that they pollute whatever religion is native to their culture. Demonic activity, mental illness, and extreme emotional states lead people to frantic behavior and confusion. ………………..

Yes you are correct except it is “religion” that pollutes and causes mental issues.The nature of man is “religious”.The amalgamation of all of a persons experiences form their belief in faith of “their” Belief System(BS) religion.Many peoples “root” belief is in “a” religion like Christianity or Islam or Hinduism.For most people they were “born” into those religious cultures so they were “indoctrinated” very early.I know MANY people that were indoctrinated into Christianity and no matte how much they “say” they don’t believe it they still believe many of those doctrines .The doctrines of “spirits” is the most common(they aren’t religious they are “spiritual”).If you have been freed from that even the slightest bit you are VERY fortunate.

The fact is the mind “believes” what it wants to believe….that is the persons “nature and character. Unfortunately(and fortunately) a person can NOT change their nature nor character. Fortunately because they would just do the same thing but more so which is…. insanity(..doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!)

Man is in a dilemma. They can Not change their nature nor do they “truly” want to because that goes “against” their nature and characther.Their whole life has a foundation of belief they perceive through their Belief System religion.Some peoples “belief” is more “reasonable” than others but everyone’s BS is a quadrillion trillion squared light years away from Truth(Life..spirit)…and that is the crux of the dilemma.The Truth can NOT be known “through” the Belief Systems of man.They can “seek” however all they will find is what they are looking for….what they want to believe.It is like hiding your own easter eggs… you will find them exactly where you hid them because…you want to.

Chasing the spirit is literally chasing the wind(wind is a definition of spirit).Mans purpose is to “live”(the spirit of man) then…die.That’s the way it works.The fact is 100% of everything alive WILL die.That is a fact of the “life” in the material/physical realm.Living things (like man) do NOT have an “entity or being” INSIDE (or anywhere) that “lives”.That is confusing a verb with a noun.

Will a man “live again” ..Yes but it is NOT re-incarnation of any form man “believes” because all belief is false and is NOT Truth.The fact is mankind (and all creation) is in the process of conception.They have in effect no even been “born” yet.The intuition of the majority of man is this “death” doesn’t seem “right”.It serves no purpose if it is just “death” (annihilation) so they believe “myths” of what its purpose is and how it works (religion).These are only very faint dark shadows of truth.Most of them are diabolical lies (like the eternal punishment of hell).In one sense it doesn’t matter what anyone believes the Truth is what it is lies don’t effect the Truth at all it however unfortunately it profoundly effects those that “believe” the lies(and everyone they have an effect on).It’s a spiral effect of epic proportions that is inescapable…FORTUNATELY!

This “new life” is actually LIFE….the faint dream most people have of life.It is LIFE without death of any kind.It is definitely not IN the”mythical “heaven or nirvana or any of the religious beliefs.It is “new” and it is LIFE(spirit).The game of religion is man making mud pies into mountains believing in “spirit beings’ and mystical events.It is all a ‘dream” and much more fallacious than “sleeping “ dreams.

may the force be with you Luke….

posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 02:48 AM
I believe Kundalini means confusion.

It's kundalini Vs. Spirit.

Or do you mean spirit when you say kundalini?

There is only one way to eternal life.

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