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Subjective input on Astral-ethereal body-3rd eye(s)-chakra Kundalini activation OOBE ASTRAL travel.

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: Sahabi

Please excuse the latent response Sahabi.

Basically from my personal observations of others and experiences I have learned that it helps to keep a strong belief system in what your seeking to understand and accomplish. I feel that when you have a reached a level of acceptance of these practices and techniques it helps the mind/CROWN chakra to resonate free of self doubt. For self doubt can be a major hold back within this field of study (how can you try to practice and experience aspects of reality that you don't even believe in). But once it is accepted that this is reality as well the mind feels like a weight is lifted from upon it. This weight acts like a blocker device on the consciousness and without it holding you down you can begin to free up more mental space once filled with doubt with belief and confidence. This 1 feels is a big step towards recognizing the chakra points and clearing the mind so that experiences can be more appreciated and understood. So believe and clear the mind 1 feels is a good way to help tune up the BROW & CROWN chakras.

Moving down. It may help out the THROAT & HEART chakras if good health practices are done. Practices like eating well keeping good intake energy going in and exercising to keep the bio fluids functioning well and keeping the heart strong. The exercise helps increase better breathing techniques which in turn help the ethereal absorbing process as well as helps the environment suit/body to feel better, for when we exercise it tends to make us feel better afterwards as the body feels more physically healthy which then encourages the mind to think better and positive about ones self. The exercise also helps to readjust neurological chemicals which in turn helps the mind to operate the Pineal region better 1 feels. Look at it like without exercise you have average or below average neurological chemical levels but exercise increases the potency and strength of these neurological chemicals, which in turn increases your experience abilities making your meditation practices and astral movements more profound-defined increasing the OOBE and conscious sense capabilities when exploring or seeking encounters. So it to 1 is very important to have a good exercise layout and healthy food intake to assist the THROAT and HEART chakra points activities...

The SOLAR PLEXUS AND PELVIC chakra points 1 feels exercise is also important to increase these points potentials. As some strength in body comes from that gut area where the abdomen tends to bear lots of physical body structural integrity as well as deals with potential stresses encountered on a daily bases by some. I think its associated with the gut brain or enteric nervous system processes-

The enteric nervous system (ENS) or intrinsic nervous system is one of the main divisions of the nervous system and consists of a mesh-like system of neurons that governs the function of the gastrointestinal system.[1]It is now usually referred to as separate from the autonomic nervous system since it has its own independent reflex activity

And now factor in the neuron like chems associated with this region and reference how 1 shared above how exercise can help these chems. to gain potency and strength to further assist the meditative astral process... So maybe some sit ups or crunches may help out some. Further these two chakra regions are areas where the either good or bad foods are digested and feeding the environment suit/body. And if your not eating well it can cause a glitch like process as the body tries to process these intake energies, so eating good helps. Think of regions of EA*RTH where some cannot eat well and factor the potential attitudes & behaviors demonstrated... With these regions as shared in other recent and past threads from other ATS members like kodasaufa, there may also be partnership activities that may also help with managing and releasing energies associated with these regions. And as you get these chakra points in line with the others you are beginning to build or align the energy path in which the Kundalini shall travel. The stronger the chakra alignments & stronger the Kundalini, helps you become stronger in experiences physical & metaphysical. So to 1 its vital to work on getting them all working in healthy settings mentally and physically in order to progress with astral and OOBE experiences (gotta take care of them bodies/environment suits)...

And last the ROOT chakra. This region is to 1 associated with grounding to the primary region you exist within, which would for many be EA*RTH in physical but in metaphysical the ROOT may play as more of a locator or reminder of where you started to ASTRAL OOBE from (helps you not to get lost if your an explorer or prevents you from being pulled to far into the experiences when not able to reject) Maybe if your too deep in meditation or get lost Astrally or worst case encounter malevolent energies attempting to pull you into their realms of existence once they notice you. To help this area maybe take some walks or play a little sports requiring you to run or walk a lot. In turn your strengthening your ROOT like how strong tree roots hold a large tree in place for long periods. Also it may be good to pay attention to what liquid intake you are having in order to assist the kidneys functions which assist your body. Drink lots of water and vitamin c drinks. Yes you can avoid the fluoride if you feel it helps you out more. So good exercise good liquid intake nice walks or jogs/runs and possible sports activities may help you activate this region more...

Over all I think its good to get out and get some SOL/SUN LIGHT as well. Absorb them sun rays take them in practice turning your head away from SOL/SUN at times so that you can allow the Cosmic energy to penetrate the Pineal gland region. If it works out your CROWN becomes a transmission/reception region for Encounters the chakras are all linked by the Kundalini from CROWN to PELVIC and your basically prepared. Be patient with yourself and remember no doubting if you don't feel the seeked results haven't happened try again.

If any find know of other assistances feel free to add...

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Hi there UniFinity, and may Peace be with you.

"Does anyone have experiences about astral world and where to go in there. I would like to explore different planes and find different masters and teachers. Human or not So how would I find them because in there my only goal will be enlightenment and I would like to learn. "

Where your astral travels may take you will greatly depend upon your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, and meditative development. Your subtle-body's energetic vibratory frequency serves as the "Key" to higher consciousness, while your intentions (projected will) serve as the designated "Door". Your energy vibrations allow you entry, your will decides the destination.

Just above the density of physical human perceptions is the realm/plane of "physical-OOBE",... that is to say, astral travel in physical reality. This would be the typical remote-viewing or OOBE.

Above the density of this is the realm/plane of ghosts, demons, spirits, dreams, magik, and the Akasha.

Next is the deep dark abyss.

Next in higher vibration are the realms/planes of the "gods," Heaven, and Paradise.

Beyond this is the full communion/integration with the All-One.


Your vibration grants entry, your will/intention leads the way. Your vibration is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts, emotions, words, actions, and physical well-being (nutrition, mind health, body health). Your will/intention is a reflection of your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

May you travel in Peace and Happiness.

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

Got a Job Today! Chef at a high end Sea Food Location right on the beach.

I'm so stoaked, was out of work and burnt out from catering.

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: UniFinity
So how would I find them because in there my only goal will be enlightenment and I would like to learn.

UniFinity when you look at it as if we are spiritual students in ongoing classes to increase our spiritual integrity (teachers included) it feels as if they have always been there/here WATCHING our progressions. But due to the way many are distracted with the current worlds day to day activities many have became disconnected from acknowledging their presence and abilities. Many don't believe. So to find them it seems you have to just tune into their frequencies and wait for transmissions to begin.
These transmissions are not some voices you may hear,
(for what if they who you come in contact with are not native EA*RTH language speakers and are more telepathic in nature and communication)?
This is why your mind has to be running on a healthy level, as to prevent you from getting potential transmissions and doubting them or misinterpreting your personal thoughts for transmissions. Further a stronger mind WILL help you out if you encountered malevolent energies to recognize them and potential manipulation they may run on your conscious mind, manipulations that if not mentally balanced can cause negative outcomes and actions in the physical (in worst cases malevolent like possession may occur)...
So before you feel your ready to explore and or seek guidance do your best to self evaluate your personal mental strength in order to Recognize your in contact with a benevolent guide and not a malevolent like overseer attempting to trick you into a more receptive position for them to manipulate. Be patient, as said they have always been here its just many of our minds are distracted or are to busy trying to keep up with this materialistic illusion based reality to acknowledge them but some of us are not. Once you feel after mental self evaluation that you are ready, go into deep meditation phase w/ eyes closed & breathing technique active- location somewhere silent/relaxing where you can concentrate find your stance-laying or sitting position, and begin... Why in this mode pay attention to how your breathing- how the limited noise around you sounds (listen to see if the limited noise sound eventually begins to fade out of mind the deeper you concentrate till you hear almost if not nothing) The deeper you go the less attached to physical reality you become so sound here begins to fade. Your eyes remain closed. But where as sometimes you may close you eyes and still detect light reflecting changes on your eyelids now your eyes begin to see darkness first (its like the eyesight attached/related to here begins to becomes a secondary function) keep concentrating eyes closed breathing deep clear mind and this is usually where 1 personally begins to tap into the astral. I look around @ first but not with my physical body or eyes, now in astral why @ the same time deep thinking and concentrating w/ eyes closed and 3rd(s) opening. Why looking around pay attention to your total astral surroundings remember it was darkness at first but it starts to change as your 3rd eye(s) open more, and as it changes your automatically driven/pulled to a direction (in astral) may it be above or below you left or right of you forward or behind you, take your time to feel which direction feels best for you. And once you've found a comfortable direction proceed in that direction (follow your intuition-sense) remember you are seeking guidance but between you and guidance may be potential malevolent inhabited regions. There to prevent you from reaching your guides for why would they want you more AWARE as you could become a threat?
A strong mind WILL help you detect the energy signatures usually to determine benevolent or malevolent energy presence (sort of like that strange feeling you may pick up off of someone you don't know) but can tell there is something not right with them, intuition-sense.
Malevolent energy I usually avoid seldom it feels like its a chase feeling and more so a lure you in type attack (maybe they are restricted to certain regions) and so need you to come into them?
As with most exploring, a level of safety is recommended the safety is associated with a healthy mind, strong belief system that you can make it out of deep concentration and that your guides will help you)

Time from physical eyes closed point to 3rd eye(s) opening may take 30 minutes or more depending on your breathing and mental strength, patience required but you shouldn't notice how much time passed here why your deep concentrating going there.

originally posted by: UniFinity
What did you do when you had started successfully and consciously projecting to these planes?


I fell as 1 was kind of immature back then and didn't factor in how close some energies are nor did I factor in how some can attack feed of prana energy that can affect you once your grounded again here. So I had many good experiences after trying and some bad experiences as to like cause you to mentally trip here or lose conscious balance that in turn can cause some physical activities which could of initiated the process of going there if 1 wasn't strong enough to regain balance, so its not just a jump into astral and everything is ok it takes some time to maneuver. Got to remember some energies could of been observing you here in flesh and so to see you there in that realm may be disturbing to them especially if your still alive here but found away to separate from your physical body...
It was a couple falls and get back ups and try agains UniFinity (maybe) that's how some of learn

PRANA Energy
Prana (प्राण, prāṇa) is the Sanskrit word for "life force"; in yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe. The universal principle of energy or force, responsible for the body's life, heat and maintenance, prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe. This life energy, prana (प्राण) has been vividly invoked and described in Vedas. In Ayurveda, tantra and Tibetan medicine "praṇā vāyu" is the basic vāyu (wind, air) from which all the other vāyus arise.

Thanks for stopping bye to take a read if you have any more questions feel free to ask 1 shall do my best to answer.


posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa

Congratulations on your new job kodasaufa
1 knows how hard it can get out here with out a proper financial support system. 1 wishes you luck and longevity with your new employment opportunity...

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13


sending some good JuJu your way now. think of flexibility

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posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 08:35 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa

1 appreciates the positive energy and will do kodasaufa

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

haha I am very happy and I appreciate very much that you toke your time to type all this stuff. You have given me a lot of guidelines and now it is up to me to do it
so for now I think both of you have told me what I need to know for starters. When I will have some questions I will ask, but for now, thank you!

good luck and a lot of fun with your job kodasaufa!!


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posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

You are welcome UniFinity, 1 is appreciative you enjoyed the read and hope they can help you out on your journey...


posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 12:56 AM
What a beautiful thread on one of the most important meditations. When reaching higher frequency and having the windows open on memories and HS contact, was practicing chakra meditations, ho'onoponopono and listening to whale and dolphin songs during longer meditations.

One thing that didn't occur for me is conscious oobe's or astral travel, though some types of this occurred when I was pulled, but not something I got to do on my own. I'm not sure we're all meant to??? But intend to keep trying. As long as its safe.

posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 08:46 AM
The sound assistance with meditation does seem to help increase the meditative process as well. Thanks Unity_99 for stopping in and adding that to the thread. Some may choose to listen to various nature based sounds why others may have favorite music tunes they can relax vibe to or make them feel good.

Aroma therapy also may help assist generated from incense, oils etc. along with some pleasurable sound inputs.
Basically what is happening with the sound and aroma enhancements is the audio and smell senses are being affected physically (directly) which further helps the physical body/environment suit to get a like jump start on the meditation process. This jump start may speed up the astral oobe process as well as make the deep concentration meditation experience more comfortable and it can add a subconscious "reminder" of where you are located physically if you need to remember and not get far out in the ethereal if in astral mode.

@ I'm not sure we're all meant to??? But intend to keep trying. As long as its safe.

Very Valid point Unity_99
This is why when limited sharing 1 tries to remind to keep as positive an attitude to help guide those who may be into astral oobe experiencing either for seeking guides or to explore. The positive attitude initiates and then the LAWS of attraction can further influence the Astral-OOBE experience by guiding the exploring in a more benevolent direction of existence and by attracting potential encounters with overall benevolent interest.
This is like a guideline 1 provided to help those seeking guidance or data if not just exploration so they can hopefully have safe good experiences and encounters. For its acknowledged even though its a beautiful Utopian like outlook to perceive and want the reality is malevolent energies do coexist with benevolent energies within the PHASES of LIFE and DEATH WITHIN EXISTENCE. And with that 1 can totally understand your point that we all may not be meant to or are just not ready at the same times. Perhaps this is a reason for the blockers to prevent less prepared from venturing out into metaphysical connected to physical realms of existence to prevent harm to them or to prevent disruption from some of us who may enter these realms and may be able to interact with the energies there in ways the energies there may not prefer...

So to reiterate please be careful ALL* in/with these practices, take your time and self evaluate your consciousness and mental strengths. Also keep in mind your positive or negative output energy considering the (LAWS OF ATTRACT) and what energies may be out there.
Don't want any getting stuck exploring malevolent regions and sliding into a comatose state indefinitely or totally leaving the physical realm due to extreme malevolent encounters attacking and you not knowing how to defend.
Defense is another OP of discussion. 1 does not share on it to much as of now because it requires your awareness levels to be more heightened as to be able to detect well formulated deceptions and manipulations if encountered and produce ways to reject attacks if not distribute responses to being attacked. As for now we will keep it to the basics.


posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 01:10 PM
Of course working on continual positive beliefs and actions or interventions with people, ie uplifting those around you, is part of our life work. But no one is even ex pected to be on the continual positive wave. Maybe there are a few who can. That is the goal.

The intuitive answers I got from this were along several lines of thought. When I experienced being woken up by myself and given a checkup. ie Higher Self or Future Self gave me a checkup and I was really confused. I sensed the emotional wish to be out of this lower dense frequency and back doing what I wanted to be doing in joy and so quickly asked, "wait, where did I come from and where am I going?" and then then swiftly it was lights out. Or the time when I almost did succeed and had the many vibrations, which I always have, but was listening to delta and had breathing and heart rate slow down, felt like it stopped so body was in that sleep paralysis state where we all leave. And a loud sound in my ears, very loud. I discovered we all leave and was compelled out, but halted.

The larger portion of my consciousness stopped me, and I realized I was on layers with this conscious interfacing with the world layer, the really dumbed down one, and the rest of me knew more but would only share what I was allowed. What was given at that moment was the truth that we all leave the body in that state of suspended animation for it would boring to the spirit/soul otherwise. And it was like 2 of me, I was lying on top of my body, partly submerged.

So there is the whole frequency allignment or completing the work we came to do, regaining heaven lost so to speak. But also what kept coming was safety issues. It was like we were beacons for moths to the flame so to speak, and I'm not a fighter, don't shield and insist on negotiating and trying to counsel negatives to go home. I don't believe in fighting. So oobe as your conscious overlay portion rather than your larger soul portion, is apparently safe only when you have protection of Guides and Higher Self and Family. And they know I would instant want all the answers given to me. An oobe to me would have only one purpose, go to Higher Self and Source and get all the answers to everything and free self and everyone. So maybe because this is the work to do, that is blocked. Because I'd go for the jackpot, not a trip out to explore Jupiter or anything or Venice. Nothing in this holographic white/dark squared universe, interests me in the least. Only home, and get everyone home and happy. And how to. And quickly so no one else, no child or adult anywhere in the world is another casualty to the dark attacks, not to manmade ebola, religious fanatics, unjust politicians, traumatized inner city youths that can rape or murder, to no one. Just rescue everyone and don't let anyone be a victims.

That is my only interest in life really. So maybe thats why. I don't know. I have a one tract mind and so perhaps that is the reason. There is only one logical goal to life in a zone like this, get everyone out quickly before anyone gets hurt. All my life, same goal.

But I did this meditation again last night and was uplifted by numerous frequent light vibrations and it felt like subtle healing was taking place and could feel subtle body. And instead of separating, the thing I do, have called it mental projection as it seems like its a bit like Remote Viewing type of astral, but like I was displaced, in a higher plane and partly privy or aware of a conversation, but what I seemed to retain was this feeling of joy and encouragement.
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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 04:14 AM
Thank you so much for this thread! Synchronicity and intuition as a teacher, a lot of research, and mega inner work, lead me to these techniques that both you and kodasufa have posted about! I continue to work hard but finding this thread has been a blessing!

The first picture with the lotus flower is absolutely beautiful! I was looking for this picture! I experienced this the other day after using Om mani padme hum during an astral negative experience . I had a fever and was having problems with stabilizing during sleep. Mantras work exceedingly well for me!! I treasure them!

And the second pic is awesome too! I wanted to ask is the blue stuff emanating out the ethereal material? Please forgive me if I am asking a silly question but I have no one to ask. I have experienced this during meditation and did not now what it was. I thought I might need to conserve it? I don't know, just a thought!

Thanks again! I can't say it enough! Love your posts and they have been very enlightening and come from the heart!

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