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Thy Kindom Come.

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posted on Sep, 23 2014 @ 09:26 PM
Sorry I havent responded in a while, i had to go without a computer for a little while.

I believe that not everybody reincarnates, but some people have been incarnated.
In the Bible, it says that its appointed for a man to die once; and then face judgement.
But it also says that to join the kingdom of heaven you must be born again.
I believe in this because revelation says that the twelve will come to life and each will be trusted with a throne of judgement.

I also believe that john the baptist was elijah. I believe the twelve that come to life in revelation come in the spirit of the twelve disciples.

I will say that the extraterrestrials are the kingdom of God, But there are good angels and there are bad angels.
The Ufo's reveal themselves to me but some of them are not on my side and they give me false signs. But sometimes I get a straight up Sign from the kingdom of heaven;

I ask a question either outloud or within my mind and a ufo will streak by as it looks like a shooting star.
Both God and The Satanic presence will use this tactic to give me a sign, Through synchronicity to my thoughts.

It doesn't matter to me who believes me and who doesn't; Because you can say what you want about the son of man but blasphemy against the holy spirit will not be forgiven.

And to all of you who think i need to get back on my meds, I will tell you. I get a Antipsychotic medication injected into me every four weeks so i am always on my medication. I dont mind taking the medication because it doesn't affect me negatively at all. Making me seem schizophrenic is one of the tactics they use to discredit someone and call them crazy. but ill say this, i was baker acted and the whole time i was in there I was talking to satan and God, and to everyone else it would of seemed like I was talking to myself. But when i was under review for release the staff said they didnt notice anything wrong with me and that they had nothing bad to report when i talked to the doctor there.

I was outside and i was saying ultimate truth to satan while i was possesed. Everytime i said something true he got PISSED and started cursing me out through my own mouth. And then God would laugh through me because he thought the whole thing was hilarious.

To the poster that said I need to tell all of this to a proffesional, i wont. its because all they are is pill pushers and the only voice that EVER comes to me is The Egyptian so-called God Isis; But in my dream i had said outloud that Isis was Satan. And then God's Voice told me to bite off her head while she poofed herself over me and tripped and fell down.
And so i did. Isis is the so called queen of heaven of the bible in the old testament, Also she is the mother of all satanic cults and the So Called goddess of chaos and destruction.

Isis is Satan in disguise. As i said before the reason jesus called his apostles Satan is because these "Angels" can take a human form like in the story of lot, where angels came to lot as humans. thats why i said i view it kind of like the reptillian shapeshifter conspiracy.

Im not trying to pass a big lie, Like.... I dont want the whole world to know that im back. Oneday I have to say to people "Depart from me, I never knew you." and as much as that breaks my heart its the ultimate truth.

oh and to the guy who asked if i was sure that satan exited me, I know that he hasnt. You cant even feel a demon possesing you unless they make you feel pain or heat outside your body, or even the tingling sensation of ASMR.
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posted on Sep, 23 2014 @ 10:20 PM
And to the guy who said caterpillars dont die when they metamorphosis. Ive read that most of the cells actually die and the organism digests itself.

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