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What actually is KARMA and have we been lied too?

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 01:57 AM
a reply to: CJCrawley

It's a lame attempt to explain how justice works in a world where everyone is perpetually reborn.

As opposed to an explanation of how justice works which says that if you're bad you die for good but if you're good you live forever?

The trouble is, no way of knowing. Right?

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why.

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 02:51 PM

originally posted by: coder
a reply to: knightsofcydonia
Karma does not exist. It's some weird glitch left over from too many years of religion. In human psychology it's helpful because of it's self-governance properties, which where once provided by religion. The only evidence necessary to prove that karma doesn't exist are sociopaths. People that inflict pain in the lives of others without suffering the consequences of their actions. A caveat is that if you believe in karma it is real for you. People will unknowingly inflict unpleasant experiences upon themselves because they "know" they had it coming. Without that belief, karma fails to exist.

And how could it? How do we get to a place of non-judgement while holding fast to a belief that judgement is real?! How do we live free when we are the victims of our karma?

This isn't true, Sociopaths usual are people who are hit by Karma the worst.
I know this for a fact because iv met literal anti-socials and sociopaths. And many people dislike them for the things they have done as you mentioned manipulation, abuse, grandois and crime.

I have a friend who suffers from this and hes been in and out of jail, A couple times was charged as a sexual offender tho he is typically a drug and arms dealer. He's got a lot of people hooked on heroin. I used to live with the guy at one point and i had to witness all of this for myself. I also experienced SWATT busting down my door. He's so netorious around here that all the older cops know him. That a good portion of this town has heard about him even if they havn't met him.

In some cases he's in danger if he returns. I'm sure all the people flooding psychic thoughts towards this person is messing with his daily life, If you believe in that kind of thing. I would say hes reaping what he sowed. Now everything thinks hes a psychopath who takes advantage of underage girls. I'm sure that * Karma * is serving him well.

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 08:18 PM
There are a lot of very interesting points of view in this thread, but it seems that pinning down a non-physical entity (karma) into a 3 dimensional constriction is as challenging as articulating what the wind is thinking. I believe we all understand karma...we feel it, we know its there. But the physical restraints of knowledge and language make it difficult to logically define and catagorise in the everyday world. Karmas concept doesn't box neatly into our 3D reality. So in saying this....

I like to understand karma as a balancing system. It has no intent or design toward good or evil (these are simply man made constructs anyway). It is not a reward or punishment scheme designed by the universe like a cosmic legal system. It simply maintains flow like the movement of our oceans. If a wave crashes on a beach, the water must then flow back out after. That's karma. Sometimes the waves are big and destroy houses and kill living things. It's not an "evil" wave. It's just water moving.

If we do something to another with malice, it comes from an abundance of a darker energy. To keep balance in our life force, this energy must flow out and will be attracted to another that is equally and opposingly unbalanced. We tend to attribute the specific timing of these energy exchanges to something pivotal so as to help us make sense in our brain. This creates a childish mysticism and magic which, deep down, makes us all feel a little wide-eyed and giddy.

The reality is, it is nothing more than the ebb and flow of energy through us all.

From the moment we are born, we create a ripple in the universe. It is unavoidable. This ripple will spread and become a wave. This wave will effect some things in this life negatively and some positively, be it intentionally or nay. And our life will be effected also by the actions of others. I simply see that karma evenly redistributes energy where it is needed.

posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 10:50 PM
perfect place to post this here

I recommend this technique to release past karma

Elemental Chakra Cleaning and Karma Cleansing

This is one of the most powerful meditations.

You must have all your Chakras open.

You must know how to meditate.

You must have experience with invoking the elements.

This is a multi-process, multi-elemental, etheric meditation.

It is vital one is not disturbed in any way whatsoever. You must be fully committed and 100 percent sure that you will not be distracted or disturbed. So plan this out right.

What this meditation exercise does is burn off negative and harmful current and past life karma. Karma is ruled by the malefic planet Saturn. Saturn remembers everything. It takes Saturn 27-28 years to go through your chart, Or your natal birth chart. So when your 27-28 you will have Saturn make one rotation and be where it was at when you were born. For some a lot of stuff comes up good or bad.
Well you can be a pacifist and take Saturn’s beating or your can try to burn off some of Your Karmic energy so Saturn Doesn’t find you.
Im not saying Saturn is bad, just it can do bad things to you, especially past life and other mistakes we made when we were foolish.

Karma? Well what you put out comes back right? Well not really. If you know how to burn off the residue or trace of the energy you sent then it won’t come back to you. So this pertains to this lifetime. And if you have wronged in this life or past life and are being haunted or karma is following you this meditation will help.

The chakras tie you to karma, The Energy was sent or came from them so to speak so the karma energy is returning to it's sender. By cleansing them like this it will help get rid of the negative or harmful karma

Burning Off Negative or Harmful Karma.

We all have Karma. It will spank your ass and leave you down. Some of us have more negative than others.

There is a way around Karma.
It is through meditations that burn off karmic energy and programing your aura to reflect any negative or harmful planetary energy that you can help beat it.

Invoking the Elements.

You must know how to do this. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

There are 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water. And there is also the akasha or etheric energy which is like a Ultra Violet color.

When you invoke you are bringing into you. You are calling upon that element to enter you.

1st. You invoke the element Earth.

I like to imagine dirt or clay filling each chakra. So start at the base chakra. Imagine it being filled with clay or thick mud. Imagine the whole chakra is being filled with earth energy. Clay or Muddy works well.
“I am drawing in powerful karmic decaying earth energy into my first chakra etc…”
“Say that for all of the 7 chakras”
And as you are filling each chakra you affirm to yourself this “This powerful cleaning earth energy is completely and thoroughly removing any and all negative or harmful Karmic energy”

2nd. You invoke the element Water.

Now In this process you will be using the element of water to dissolve and wash away the earth element energy out of the chakra.
So picture water flowing through your chakras and washing away the dirt or earth energy you invoked.
I imagine cold clean blue water entering each of the chakras. I start at the base and affirm this.
“I am drawing in powerful Dissolving water energy into my 1st chakra (all the way thru the 7th chakra) and it is completely and thoroughly dissolving any and all negative or harmful Karmic energy.
You must say this for each of the chakras.
So I say “I am drawing in powerful Dissolving water energy into my 2nd.
“I am drawing in powerful Dissolving water energy into my 3rd
For each element you must do this 7 times. So you must use the earth, water, air, fire, ether 7times for each chakra. This is not easy.

3rd. Invoking the element of Air.

Imagine and visualize wind blowing through each and all of your chakras and carrying out any and all of the negative or harmful karmic energy in the form of water or droplets. You just invoked the element of water so the air will carry the negative properties the water absorbed away in the wind.
As you are visualizing and feeling air or wind blowing through each and all of your chakras you must affirm this “I am breathing in or drawing in powerful cleaning air/wind energy into my 1st, 2nd-7th chakra and is completely and thoroughly oxidizing any and all negative or harmful Karmic energy.

It is so important that you affirm this for each element thru each chakra. This way the elements will carry away all the current and past life karma.

4th. Invoking the element of Fire.

Imagine a campfire or fireplace. Imagine a fiery hot center smoking and you place this over each chakra, starting with the 1st. So Imagine a fireplace on your first chakra, then your send all the way to your 7th .
Always affirm this.

“The element of Fire is Completely and thoroughly burning off any and all negative or harmful karmic energy” Through all of the chakras, so you have to say that 7 times. Starting with the 1st.

The element of fire is completely and thoroughly burning off any and all negative or harmful Karmic energy from my first chakra.

You must do that for all of the 7 chakras.

5th Invoking the ether

The ether is a ultra violet energy or color.

It looks like what a black light displays.
I just imagine I am breathing in or drawing in powerful cleaning etheric energy that is completely and thoroughly cleaning and ridding my 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th I go through all the 7 chakras of any and all negative or harmful Karmic energy.

After you are done you should feel amazing.

You just invoked the elements and used them to absorb and carry away your negative karmic energy.

Karma gets stored in the Chakras. So cleaning them out will help with past life karma. The elements and white gold energy is the one of the best ways to burn

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 01:43 AM
a reply to: Phage

I wouldn't say that dying for good was necessarily a bad thing, considering what life can throw up...which religion believes that?

Christianity preaches everlasting punishment; that's hardly an acceptable solution to injustice either.

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