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What? Hawaii isn't a state?

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posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by Corinthas
Aaaahh the wonders of the new world... the licence to rape, pillage and annex all you want in the name of progress and developement.

Cute, but WRONG!

Can you tell us what enlightend and non-aggressive land you inhabit, Corinthas. Perhaps, Tibet or the Vatican or Switzerland, Monte Carlo.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 04:02 AM
Alaska and Hawaii are both very important to the U.S. Hawaii will never be turned back over to the native people- it is simply to valuable stragetically . WestPac is there (Oahu, Pearl Harbor). There is more submarines, boomers. etc. going out of there than most of us realize.
Alaska was the best deal ever on real estate, known as Sewards Folly. Yea, if you noticed my avatar that is where I now reside. We bought it, from the Russians, across the board. And what resources we have, ANWAR, where the the Naval Stragetic oil reserve is located. Many people do not even know where Alaska is geographically speaking. And, a new natural gas pipeline is coming soon, imo. All the gas will be pipelined to where it is needed in the "Lower 48" which is what we call the rest of the United States. If you are looking for adventure, great oppurtunities, and a different relationship with nature, then check out Alaska. It is a boom here, in the Matanuska Valley, where I reside. A great state and place for someone beginning their journey in life- It really amazes me how many people there are that have been here all their life, and have never even been to the Lower 48. And, they do not want to go-
The native people from both lands have suffered, and I feel for them. I know first hand about some of the villages here in Alaska, In many villages there is an outright ban on any alcohol. The natives cannot handle the booze- and it all began when the Russians came here years ago. And continues today- In Kotzebu, a fifth of Jack Daniels will fetch you about $500.00 U.S. (our tax dollars at work, they can afford it) But get caught selling to a native, it is a federal offence. Some villages are wet, you can bring a bottle in if you travel, by plane, for personal consumption. But share it with a local and you will get into some deep problems with the Feds.
I do have feelings for the natives, that were in both places before we came.
But every great country has conquered and taken...from the beginning of history. I do know the natives in Alaska recieve many, many dollars and benefits from the government that I cannot even think about getting. Native corporations...native hospitals...native programs...native contracts, special hunting and fishing regs.
I only wish, that I could get the benefits and options they have-

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 05:43 AM
how dare you say texas cant leave the union of ungratefulness?

Sam Houston
the creator of presentday Texas

he wrote a constitution for the Republic of Texas
it was a nifty piece of paper

but Sam Houston and his constitution OPPOSED being annexed into the United States
Sam Houston felt it was a bad decision and that Texas should Always be in control of its own destiny

but popular public opinion won however
and no one listened to Sam Houston
and they went and Annexed Texas into USA anyway

but! since one of you stated "facts" about texas that are NOT true
i have to correct you since you obviously have never read texas history

Stephen Austin did not come to Texas to "take over"
neither did Sam Houston or Davy Crockett or Jim Bowie or Travis

they came to Texas to "Get away" from the BS in the east
too much hustle and bustle
they wanted a quiet nice life out in peaceful nice quiet Texas

once they got here
they realized there was Already a rebellion going on
between the legitimate mexican citizens and their mexican government

the american immigrants saw this already existing civil war and decided to get involved on the side that was Pro- Texas Independance

Mexican and American people fought togeather agianst the Mexican Govt to create an independant Nation called Texas
it was Not a Racist white man war geez

agian, Mexicans *brown skin* and Americans *white and black skin* fought Togeather agianst the Mexican Dictatorship of Santa Anna
and they beat the tyranny

Once they won the war they created The Republic of Texas and then a few years of nice peace ensued
there was a few 'border skirmishes' over "which river is really the border"?
but texas always won

but after a few years
some wild people appeared in this new Nation; Republic of Texas
they wanted Texas in the USA
the leaders of Texas, Sam Houston the President of Texas
said "we do NOT want to be in the USA"
but the USA knew better so they convinced all the average people in Texas to Annex into USA
so now Texas is part of USA....

the Minute that USA annexed Texas however
Mexico Got Pissed and Declared WAR on USA!!!

then the USA invaded Mexico with hundreds of thousands of calvary horses and cannons and infantry
the dragoons marched on Mexico City within a few weeks and the war was over very quickly and decisively

The USA then took the californian lands from Mexico and gave them millions of dollars in compensation $$$$

that is how america aquired the states of Texas; then NewMexico Arizona California Nevada Colorado Oklahoma

i am sorry i had to give everyone a lecture on texas history
but i am a Texan resident i was born and raised here
i have read thousands of hours worth of Texas History

i had to tell ya because that one guy was talking like he knew texas history obviously he didnt know jack

if you go to texas and say "Sam Houston or Stephen Austin was a bad evil selfish greedy murderer"
its like going to america and saying "George Washington Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin or John Adams were bad evil selfish greedy murderers"

it wont be tolerated!!!
Sam Houston and Stephen Austin are Texas HEROS
they are the Founding Fathers of TExas
Texans look to them for Identity
They make us feel more special for being a Texan
Texas needed a history and story
And we got One

i say Texas should Leave the USA
teach u ungrateful americans a lesson
you wont get ANY more Calculators
Texas Instruments is Ours !
No More Calculators America!
Do Your Own Math!!!!!! By Hand!!!!

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 01:35 AM
The Civil War settled the issue of whether or not States can leave the Union after joining... and the answer is "No". Take as much time as you want deciding on whether or not you want to join the Union, but once you're in, you're in forever. This is why it took Alaska and Hawaii almost fifty years to go from territory to State, and why Puerto Rico, after 100 years, is still trying to decide.

None of the 50 States... not even Texas, California, or New York, would be what they are today if they were not part of the U.S. The States are all more interdependent on each other than most people realize. "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"... and yes, I say that as a Texan.

[edit on 12/8/2004 by ThunderCloud]

posted on Dec, 8 2004 @ 02:02 AM
Actually, some years ago, maybe ten, there was a small tract of land, an island, perhaps, which was actually a part of Minnesota, but because of some taxation issue or some such, was going to lose its only source of livelihood and both Canada and the US agreed that in order to save the community that the land should be annexed by Canada and so without much fanfare, a small parcel of Minnesota came to be Canada's.

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