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Exploited by an employer then refused a good reference...revenge is sweet.

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posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 04:16 AM
a reply to: grainofsand

I posted this in 'The Gray Area' and not 'Philosophy' for a reason. If you want to debate the moral questions then go ahead and start a similar thread there

this is a moral issue no matter how hard you try to paint it in a different are responsible for teaching your children moral values.....

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:19 PM

originally posted by: This1000xThis
Seems the vast majority of people in this thread know who the really bad person is.
Hmm, having an opinion is quite different to knowing something, and if that is all you are able to contribute to the thread then I shall dismiss you as someone not worthy of debate.

originally posted by: Soloprotocol
Can i ask what was the offending Bracelet that got your son the sack.?
Of course, but specific style details are irrelevant. It was not offensive in any way, it was not a health and safety issue in any way, it was hidden from view at all times under a company issued jacket, and a rule which was breached by many other employees who have since confirmed this to me.
The legal case has no regard to the employee being singled out and tactically dismissed using this rule. No complaint has been made about the reasons for dismissal. The company has a passionate 'rules is rules' mantra, and they are being punished for breaking employment law to ensure such a mantra cuts both ways for employee and employer.

originally posted by: Kaifan
a reply to: grainofsand

With every attempt you make at sounding logical and justifying your bad parenting and bad choices, you look worse and worse, go out and enjoy your money and revenge, everyone knows that's what you are/were going for,
Interesting opinion but irrelevant to the legal case. The issue is that the employer broke the law and will be punished in the same way it chooses to punish employers who break its rules. That is fair.

it would be better for your peace of mind to close this thread and forget you came here asking for approval.
I prefer to keep the thread open as I enjoy robust discussion. I appreciate the amatuer psychology efforts but my mind is very much at peace thank you, and I'm not here for approval, friendship, stars, or flags, just entertaining discussion. ...and I do find your emotional posts amusing.

Also don't be ridiculous, nothing will change the fact that you are a terrible parent, just look at your last comment, is terrible, go away bad parent, hush hush!
My my, such emotive assertions, have a cup of tea, it often helps.


And if there's someone immature here that would be you, with your lack of good parenting skills and lust for revenge, grow up already.
...again, I advise that cup of tea, and some soothing music.

Yes, only after your son and his failure to comply "3" times had him fired. Does your son has authority problems or finds it hard to follow simple directions? did you teach him that he needs to answer to no one and can do whatever he wants? and that everyone has to bow to his command? maybe?
Does the employer have authority problems or find difficulty in following simple laws? Should the courts bow to its command?
The employee has made no complaint about the dismissal, no matter how contrived and constructed it was, but you of course ignore all the shoddy actions of the employer for some reason.

Again, looks like everything was ok as long as good money was involved. What an outstanding act of hypocrisy.

I'm out of here, good luck in your lawsuit, pretty sure you'll win, enjoy that money you don't need but have spent weeks trying to justify against who know how many people here and on the real world and other forums. I think you got the wrong forum, people here are not that naive, why didn't you took this to a mainstream news site? imagine that, all the approval and probably even more "oh poor you and your kid" comments!
Haha, brilliant! I'm loving the emotion, and it is exactly why I love this site. I reply to as many responses as I can because discussion in a typed medium entertains me. Indeed, if everyone agreed with me it would be quite boring and I would lose interest.
And you can be sure that approval from unknown people on the internet is not of any interest to me as I have a healthy and wide social circle of 'real world' people for that. I do find your emotion amusing though so please feel free to continue posting here, but if you do go please shut the door behind you, it should hopefully keep your apparent icy chill out. lol

P.S. Don't sue me, i'm just speaking my mind, i have freedom to do it, although you probably can find a reason to say it was distressful to you and you felt alienated and so lost sleep and work hours and now you need to get compensated with 100,000 dollars or whatever, trust me, i 'm not either on the US or UK. Go ahead and disregard me because i'm living on a different country
I find you amusing, why would I disregard you?

Also, your son will fail in life due to your teachings. Bye
Oh my dear, do have that cup of tea

originally posted by: Rosinitiate
If you cared about what was right you would have put a stop to the child labor abuse when it happened not retaliate because it didn't end the way you had liked. Legally the company is in the wrong, morally, well that's a horse of a different color now isn't it.

Ask yourself, what lesson has my son learned here? Perhaps, don't get mad, get even? If someone hurts you hurt them more?
The lesson to the employee is that when an employer is vociferous with it's rules, and uses them in a less than equitable way to dismiss a worker when they no longer need him, it is arguably important that the employer is held to the same high standard of employment law. 'Rules is rules' as the company happily proclaimed as it's mantra.
The employee learned that lesson from the employer and the employer is learning a lesson from the employee. Win-win.

originally posted by: hopenotfeariswhatweneed
this is a moral issue no matter how hard you try to paint it in a different are responsible for teaching your children moral values.....
There is a moral question that could be asked in every life situation, including the morality of a company knowingly breaching employment law for profit, the morality of selectively using company rules for personal reasons to dismiss an employee, I could go on, but again, this is not in the philosophy forum so I'm only interested in the lawfulness of the situation or not.

Feel free to start a topic in philosophy if you wish to focus on the moral questions, and I may be tempted to contribute if I see some entertainment value in doing so.


Thank you for all the replies so far folks, this has been almost as interesting as my 'Atheist church' topic some time ago with all the emotion and moral outrage lol.
Spare yourself the efforts of the amatuer psychology though, I've never been on ATS to make friends or find acceptance/justification/approval, I'm here solely for interesting and entertaining discussion and I have certainly found it in this thread. Perhaps those who incorrectly assert such things about my character find their own acceptance/approval through their star count and soothing words from ATS members, but I couldn't give a toss, I'm here for the interesting and entertaining discussion., where are my tissues I wonder, as the hint of a tear forms in my eye for the poor rogue employer who is finding adherence to rules is now biting them on their ass.

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

Dude just ignore them...I know you did the right thing.
Anyone whom knows you on ATS knows you are a decent dude.

posted on Oct, 9 2014 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: boymonkey74
Haha, cheers BM, but as I said I do enjoy the debate so I love all replies angry, emotional, or otherwise.
I don't watch TV so there is great entertainment value responding to folk in this topic, and I started it in full knowledge of the 'holier than thou' members who would likely ignore the actions of an employer while they make their judgements.
It also passes the time and improves my typing skills.

...although I won't be here for too long tonight as it's gonna be an old school 'Crash Bandicoot warped' evening on the playstation when my lad gets in later. We never completed it when it first came out as scratch on disk on final level, this has burned away at us for years so he bought an old used console and disk a week or so ago and we're back on it, half way through lol

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