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Chinese hats why do we not use them in the west?.

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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 04:39 AM
You need to try to appeal to everyone and that means you need style.

Now, the panda was good, you also need pussies and puppies and you have most of the girls covered.

For the men you need camo colors. That is all you need.

If you have them woven out of carbon fibre and Kevlar they will be bullet proof, in fact most rounds will ricochet off. See, now you have the survivalists covered, literally.

Line the inside with foil, add a LED in the point, and you have a searchlight. That covers most of everyone else. A cheap pair of ear buds and you have the stereo model.

Add a drop down skirt arrangement and you have a raincoat, add a hole in the top with a small watering can head and you have a survivalist shower. See, now your wet when you want to be and not wet at the other times.

It is all about creative juices.

So many possibilities. Don't forget the tartar material for Scotland.


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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: pheonix358

Great ideas again

My mother is very artistic and I have ordered 10 to do some prototypes.
Seeing my Mum is not well and can't work I think this will boost her confidence also.
Like a family project this will be.
I will post pics of what I and me mum come up with

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 04:47 AM
They can mass produce those for the billions they have.

USA has 350 million baseball caps

And the UK has 75 million bowler hats.

The more you can afford the smaller they get, eh how does that work? (with the exception french berets)

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 08:46 AM
We have our own version here in the west, called the sombrero.

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