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Politicians & the Doublespeak Dictionary

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posted on Sep, 3 2014 @ 11:26 PM
The latest EyeOpener Report by Sibel Edmunds. Loved it, I think she nailed it

Politicians & the Doublespeak Dictionary Ever wonder what politicians are really saying? Well wonder no more. With this handy dandy doublespeak dictionary from you can find out what all that hot air is really about!

Please dont' stop there. Enjoy a variety of educational and informative materials on the topic of Doublspeak!

But first, some definitions from Merriam-Webster


noun, often capitalized ˈnü-ˌspēk, ˈnyü-
: speech or writing that uses words in a way that changes their meaning especially to persuade people to think a certain way
Full Definition of NEWSPEAK
: propagandistic language marked by euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings

noun ˈdə-bəl-ˌthiŋk
Definition of DOUBLETHINK
: a simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas

noun ˈdə-bəl-ˌspēk
: language that can be understood in more than one way and that is used to trick or deceive people
Full Definition of DOUBLESPEAK
: language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth; also : gobbledygook
— dou·ble·speak·er noun

School Sucks Podcast #102: Discovering Doublespeak! part.1

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School Sucks Podcast #114: Discovering Doublespeak! part.4 - Greenspan's Gobbledygook

Here is a Playlist of Doublespeak Videos

Enjoy, and don't forget to inform yourself upon logical fallacies!

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posted on Sep, 3 2014 @ 11:56 PM
I never knew they had actual names made for their deception. S&F. This shows that they have been doing it for a long time. Trained at Harvard?


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