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O9/03/14...Blue, spherical-shaped object speeds across Ocean City, Maryland

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 03:06 PM

originally posted by: InhaleExhale
a reply to: Erno86

The foofighter was close enough for me, and to hell with J. Allen Hynek!!!

About 1 minute after I observed the speeding bluish-white light [about 1 second], and after my possible telepathic experience with the entity, a large [approx. 500-700 feet in diameter] reddish-orange ball of fusion plasma [with no fiery tail], emerged from the low lying cloud cover --- about 1 mile away from us, towards the east --- made a straight perpendicular descent [approx. 30 mph] to earth --- while lighting up the whole eastern sky, mountain range and valley below us --- and possibly landed just beyond the mountain range [about 1 mile away].

Possible telepathic experience?

What do you mean possible?

What was the experience, what was telepathically said or shown to you?

So you had 3 sightings not 2?

The Foo fighter, then a minute later you observed a bluish-white light for a second (sounds like a meteorite) and then after your telepathic experience saw the reddish - orange ball of plasma emerge and land?

That is 3 if you say the bluish white streak was also ET as that is what you are claiming are you not?

No, I only had 2 sightings of the foofighter [I like to make the word foofighter as one word --- as in the U.S. jet model F-105 Starfighter --- to differ from the band called the Foo Fighters], that night in November of 1976.

Nothing was telepathically said or shown to me... other than I seemed to sense a highly intelligent presence ---- otherwise --- I do have a picture of a possible ET alien entity or robot --- that I took in the summer of 1972 [along with other evidence of said entity], on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, at Calvert Cliffs, Maryland.
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