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Right VS Left ideology (The Puppet show)

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posted on Sep, 6 2014 @ 01:17 PM

originally posted by: zysin5
Yet 80% of all people simply do not see the strings.

It might have something to do with them being hand puppets if you catch my meaning. =)

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posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: Xtraeme

I am with you, and catch your meaning 100%! Thanks for offering that metaphor to help others look beyond the puppet show! Hands up their arses! Anytime I see any talking heads, while I see the strings, there are many other times I simply state, I wonder who's hand in up their ass this time.

Private interests and corporations run the show here. It is the hands we must focus upon. And not the puppets.
I did leave out Capitalism in my OP for a very good reason.
I think Capitalism sucks, and is a horrible system that only promotes greed, and this line of thinking.
"I got mine Jack."

These people who puppet master have enough money, to purchase millions and millions of dollars of good faith with the people. While behind the curtain, their deeds are purely motivated by greed, money, and control.

Makes me think back to a game I use to play. Ultima The Runes of Virtue. And many other RPG type games.
That use the Karma system. Baldurs Gate is a better example.
You could run around town, kill everyone in site, and your karma meter goes down, kill enough people, and you become evil.
Yet if you visit a church, and you have enough gold. You put in 10,000 Gold, and Ta Da, your evil standing goes away, and you start to gain the favor of the people.
Fable is like that too. You can kill murder steal, and do great evil. Yet if you donate enough money to the church. You will be free of that burden of evil.

Just like in the real world. These Private Bankers, can put millions of dollars into "helping" the community out. They wrap themselves in good deeds, while at the root, they are purely out for their own interests.
They figure it out. That if they can buy and purchase the good will of the people. Then that will protect and defend them from their other actions.
And clearly it protects them.

Via Freemasons. The lower ranked members of Freemasons all do GREAT things for their towns, or where they live.
They get together for a few beers to get away from their old ladies. And do things to help the surrounding communities out greatly! Thus being a Freemason cloaks you in the protection of good will.
AS the really high ranking members, the BIG guys use this faction as protection. Freemasonry is just another tool kit in their master plan of buying up all the good will they can muster.
As Masons are over all good people. They are not an active part of this conspiracy. They are just the cloak of good will used by Private interests and Bankers.

You see, You and I. We are just cards in the deck they use to play this game.
I understand I am just another person who stands with another group of like minded people.
They have expected people like me to see through everything. They have given enough clues.

So I am under no illusion that even I am being used to further their plans. My voice was already prepped and they helped create me.

While many times I think I am a free thinking spirit, and I go against the grain and question the status quo.
Yet after many nights staying up late at night, I wonder, if they created me to use me as just another Card in their game.

I am part of a dissent group, that speaks out clearly against Capitalism and these puppet shows.

The other players, can then play their cards, of ridicule, and my opposite side of thinking people.
Hence pretty much a counter move on their behalf.

I do not think there is much they did not already plan on and use in their game.

I to am falling straight into their hands with this. And it is very frustrating, to know I am being manipulated by being manipulated. Hence making me into one of those people in this country to just "give UP". I don't want to play this game anymore. And they know it, and created me in one essence.

I learn differently than most, and I think different than most. Is why I had such a hard time in school.

School in my days.. They NEVER taught us about credit scores. How to write a check, how to balance a check book.
They taught me nothing other than the math I needed for such things.
I washed out of school long ago, and never plan to go back.

If I want a degree, all I would have to do is have enough money and Purchase my degree.

Yes there are lots of people out here, who worked really hard in school, and put 100% into it.. and got their degree via hard work, and playing the game.

But make no mistake. There is a large % of Elites who send their kids to the best schools in the world, and simply purchase their kids degree's. They could fail every class.. but if mommy and daddy put enough $$$ into the system. they pass! That is the world we live in today.

And I am fu#king done here. If I could go off the grid 100% I would. But I am not ready for that yet.
I like my AC. My internet, and my video games.
I enjoy the things that keep us busy, and take up our time. Its a bad habit, and someday I will break that.
But as it stands. I work under the table. And I refuse to pay into a system that is using that money to hurt and kill other people.
I refuse it.
As there are people who bitch and moan. Oh I do not want my Tax dollars going to help the poor. Those lazy turds need to get a job.
Yet those same people, over all are totally okay with their Tax dollar going to murder and kill others.
Sure we get some "bad" guys. But we murder lots of innocent people.
I can not live with that. And I can not sleep at night knowing I worked my butt off all week long, just so my masters can take 30% of what I make each week to fund their BS.

The whole thing is utter madness! I am sure people would want to debate me on this issue and what taxes do and what they are for. Ive been on this Earth long enough, and I am not naive. Nor will I play into their hands.

I say I won't play into their hands.. Yet by not playing into their hands, I have just played into their hands.
ARGH!! Very frustrating.. LOL So I have another 30-50 years left on this Earth. I am going to spend that time to refine this line of thinking and try my best to find another way around this. There has got to be a way of life that does not support this base.
Yet we have deemed those people terrisstts and anti american. You are either with us or against us.
I am neither with them, nor am I against them.

I just wish there was a place I could move too, that was not controlled by these private interests.
I would not mind living in a grass hut, growing my own food, and making a way of life that allowed me to live without their rules.

The only rules I am willing to submit too.. Are the rules of this Earth.
1- Eat what you kill.
2-surive and help those around you.

And I guess this is where it all started. When we fought each day against just staying alive. Now we live in a day and age where that is no longer an issue. All is provided for us. We need not hunt. we need not make our own clothes.
We need not worry about water. Its all provided.. And we have lost our way. And now we live a world of illusions.
And sooner or later there will be a HUGE wake up call. And when the lights go out, and the supply lines suddenly stop. We are going to realize what we lost as a race. We have lost so much, and just handed it all over to them.
We have handed over master craftsmanship skills. We have lost that GRIT. We have been turned into a group of weak minded beings, who once where strong proud people with much grit. What have we become?

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 04:38 PM
Great article.

I find it disturbing how many people will willingly pigeon-hole themselves with some narrow and rigid classification. Some people want to be manipulated. I find these people are often easy to provoke, and just as often have a lot of hatred in their lives about one thing or another. It must be some inescapable part of the human condition, similar to the propensity towards addiction, greed, warfare, and laziness.

posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 04:53 PM
a reply to: Axial Leader

Thanks Axial Leader. Its true, some just want to be manipulated. Some NEED it. Others like you and I, we do not want to be manipulated. Yet but by that very essence, by not wanting to be manipulated, We have been manipulated.
We are now just another Card in their Deck, that they use.

There are players, and each player has a deck of cards. Purely metaphorically speaking. But you catch my drift.
I explain this in my post 1 up from yours. We where writing at the same time here. Take a look, and you will see I feel you.

But I also understand that by not wanting to play their game. We are being manipulated into a group of people, that they have already planned on. We are part of their equation. Its very frustrating to say the least.

As we have lost so much as a people. Very few people in this day and age, have REAL master craftsmanship skills that where an everyday part of our past.
Now its all smart phones, and internet. When the power goes out. What then? How many parents passed down those life saving skills that brought us into this day and age.

We would all be shocked to know how much knowledge has been lost, by handing over who we use to be. To live a life of sub luxury.
I make no mistake. Even as a broke poor human being. I live a life that kings and queens lived 500 years ago.
In fact I live a little better, as I have working AC, and internet. All these things that have turned us peasants, into beings with NO grit, and no real world skills. Not every mind you.. I do not want to broad brush stroke.

As I know many ATS members who cherish, and pass on those old skills and knowledge. These are the people I admire and honor. They know what is up. While others, just go about their days. And lose more and more that made us who we are.
Example. A guy learns how to sew and make clothes. His friends and buddies look at him, and ask. " What you some kind of queer? Why not go sew me a dress." That is the major mentality we deal with in this day and age.
All those trade skills that we depended upon so dearly, are being lost, and one of these days, if the power does go out. We are pretty much up Sh*t creek without a paddle.

Thanks for your input!

As the left VS Right dogma has turned our heads and made us forget what made us who we are today. We are so busy fighting with those on the right or the left that we have forgotten who and what made us into the people we are today.

We stand on the backs of our families who put in so much work, tears, blood, and pain. Just to live in a wooden hut with NO Ac. Non of the things we all take for granted here in the USA.
And then we have 3rd world counties. Who do not get to enjoy the luxury most of us enjoy here in the USA.

I make no mistake. I have it really damn good. And I have not a penny to my name. Yet I live a life, that some people in this world will give everything up to just have. That makes me sad to know, that I can bitch and moan about things, while others in this world suffer.
Yet those who suffer have more real world skills than most of us do.
Its all part of the universal Balance system.

I know I have it pretty good. When compared to others in this world. Thus since I have the will. I can at the very least come and voice myself, and make it known. I speak for those who have no voice and can not speak.

If I could I would open my home to any of those poor and suffering children. Yet I know realistically that is just a fair tale.
But somewhere between fairy tales, and wishful thinking lays a shred of empathy and truth.

The world could be a much better place. But some of us are going to have to give our LIVES, and fight to retake what we lost.
And even saying that could be considered treason.
Yet the real people who have committed treason are our leaders, and the ones running the show.
Hence I would be jailed, or worse, simply killed for standing up to these bullies.
I am sure I am already on a list somewhere. Yet I do give a flying Fu#k, its not like I want to hurt anyone. But I am being pushed into a corner, as many of us are being forced and painted into a corner. There are only so many options left before it comes down to it.

But for right now. We have bigger fishes to fry. I will take a play out of their handbook, and let them do the fighting for now, wait for one ruling Player to come out on top. And that is when we strike. To many players on the board right now. I do not know who to trust.
Nor do I know who side to stand for. Being manipulated is a dangerous game. And even with the best intentions. I could end up on the wrong side of things.
So I will end this with GO AMERICA! I might not pick a side. But I am a good person at heart. and wish no harm nor rally anyone to do anything rash. But keep an eye out, and just keep on doing what we do.
Let them under estimate us. We are just CRAZY conspiracy nutters, who wear tin foil hats. (That is what protects us.) (And hurts us at the same time.)
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