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Chopper/Ned Kelly

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 06:42 AM
hey, i was saw the movie chopper reid about half a hour ago and it made me think.
if you dont know Mark Chopper Read was a convicted criminal and spend alot of his life in jail. Its been claimed that he has murdered around 20people, but was only ever charged with one. He's went from holding Judges in caught at gun point to killing drug dealers.
Some may say he's a thug, others may say hes a vigilantee
He grew up in Melbourne Australia and was involved in the gangland war. He currently lives in Tasmania.
The media has made chopper out to be the hero. He has wrote a couple of books and a film has been made based on his life called Chopper. He does public speaking and so on. I'm pritty sure he would of made alot of money off all this puplicity and selling of his books.

I was just wondering if Mark would of had any relation/resemblence to Ned Kellys story, was Ned Kelly(1854 - 1880) any better than chopper and will chopper turn into legend in a hundred years or so? If you havnt heard of Ned, he was an outlaw who rode a horse, put on a suit of armour and fought police. Today, Ned Kelly is an Australian legend. In Melbourne gaol, on 11 November 1880 Ned Kelly was hanged. He was twenty-five years old.
For some he's no more than a criminal but for others he continues to be seen as brave and daring and , a bit of a larrikin, someone distinctly Australian.

Was Ned Kelly a thug just like Chopper, are they both the same but in different times? is this vigalantee agenda right or wrong?

id like it if your replied with ur views and information and tell me what you think, thanks!

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 12:42 AM
Different times, different motivations.

The Kelly family were poor Irish farmers, a class the colonial government of Victoria actively stacked the deck against. The Kelly family were the victims of police persecution, Ned, his brothers and mother.

Yes, Ned was just a thug. But he had far more reason to do what he did than Mark Read did. Ned was also considerably more eloquent (with a little help!), just read the Jerilderee letter. Mark is a so-so hack writer making money off his notoriety.

Check out the difference between hero and anti-hero. No-one makes Mark Read out to be a hero, least of all the Eric Bana movie.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 12:49 AM
I have seen both movies they were very good


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