Russia's Demise Could Signal The End !

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posted on Sep, 8 2014 @ 04:41 PM

originally posted by: bjarneorn

originally posted by: Blue_Jay33

The highlighted in red part could apply to Russia, but what happens next ?

I'm going to try and be gentle ...

You think this applies to Russia? why? how?

Presuming that you are referring to the end of times, and the great devil walking the earth. Let us take a look at our modern times.

The United States of America ... what does it stand for. Let us look beyond the talk, and look at what it produces. In motion pictures. Devils, Aliens, Fallen Angels ... in motion pictures from Hollywood, Dracula has been transformed from being the despicable nosferatu ... into Blade. The Hero.

What else, does the great United States of America stand for. We all know, that they created Al Qaida, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and now, currently ISIS. They've used their influence, to create the conflicts of Lybia, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia ... all conflicts, that have produced more millions of deat people than the Holocust.

Russia ... never been a part of anything, except the fact that it represents the "remains" of the old germanic populace, that were the element of the end, for the Roman Empire. The people that have left the middle east, since time before Christ. Have been growing like a plague, that has slowly through the centuries moved further and further north ... swallowing everything in it's path.

Like a plague.

You should look at the Holocust, one more time ... and instead of buying the popular rhetoric. Take a closer look ... the Holocust is far from over. People are begin marked as we speak ...

So, look again ... and stop blaming the Russians.

The Holocaust was a shameful episode in Human history and should not be referenced to out of context especially in respect of the millions who were murdered in the gas chambers. There are still people alive today who either directly affected or indirectly affected by what happened. Please bear that in mind when you make reference to the Holocaust.

Now on your point that Russia has harmed no one I suggest you read your history books. Millions died in Stalin's gulags. Russia's own Holocaust. And look at events in the Ukraine today. And Russia's involvement in the Cold War and unfortunately we are now appearing to be entering Cold War 2.0

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