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TERRORISM: Large Terrorist Act Prevented In Grozny

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 08:47 PM
According to a Chechan Interior Minister Official, a 6 Kilogram (TNT) explosive device along with shrapnel and an electric detonator was found in Zavodskoi today a district of Grozny in a destroyed building on Griboyedova Street. Officials are investigating a connection to a terrorist attempt and the as of yet the unfound perpetrators. According to a source in Chechen law enforcement, Yaub Gaisumov was kidnaped by a group of armed individuals yesterday in the Village of Sernovdsk. Gaisumov is the head of the presidential public office of payment and compensation of homes destroyed during the war. The bandits want $50,000 for his release. It is reported that the same group had stoped two cars and robed the six passengers of about $1,000 in the village of Nesterovskaya in the republic of Ingusshetia a neighbor of Chechnya.The investigation is still under way the official report states
GROZNY, December 5 (RIA Novosti)

A powerful explosive device with 6 kilograms of TNT has been destroyed safely in Grozny, reported sources in the Chechen Interior Ministry. According to information provided by the Chechen Interior Ministry, a large-scale terrorist act was prevented in the Zavodskoi district of Grozny. "During a search in a destroyed building on Griboyedova Street, operatives discovered and safely liquidated a self-made explosive device with 6 kilograms of TNT, shrapnel and electric detonator," the Chechen Interior ministry official stated. Operatives are conducting an investigation in connection with the attempted terrorist act and are searching for perpetrators.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I find it odd that the Chechen law enforcement are trying to tie the three incidents together. How big of an explosion would one get with 18 pounds of TNT and was it hidden to use for a later date, why else would it be in a demolished building.

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