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SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to 'smash Islamic State'

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:08 AM

originally posted by: Brotherman
a reply to: BlackNWhite

Psy Ops, and chances are we have been there already for quite awhile now.

Yeah, probably home with their tails between their legs by now.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:08 AM
So...this is sort of like a real-world Avengers?

I think the problem in this is going to be the actual intelligence gathering. It seems we've been sorely lacking on actual inside information. Sure, the NSA can monitor all communications, and our drones can be our eyes in the sky -- but without actual infiltration at the highest levels with trained undercover operatives, we won't be to successful.

What we need are people that are brainwashed and programmed ala "Manchurian Candidates" to infiltrate these groups. If they were serious about getting these guys, no expense would be spared and all the techniques into mind control would be put into operation.

We know that people can be hypnotized and undergo psychological re-programming. There was a recent documentary on either Discovery or TLC in which a man was programmed to "kill" someone. After undergoing several layers of hypnosis, the man was "triggered" to go to a trash can, remove a gun from a bag and "shoot" the target.

Because we won't see this happening, I seriously doubt the true motives behind this.

We have the technology and means to never have to worry about any threats to the domestic USA or our people abroad, but we seem to allow terrorist attacks to happen. Maybe it's a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing, or one agencies ego butting heads with another. Whatever the case may be, we have the capability to take anyone out, at any time if so desired. This is why geopolitics and the "war on terror" seems to be nothing more than a chess game to me.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: HardCorps

They are all going back to the same source.

group will be made up of Delta Force, Seal Team 6, as well as Britain’s SAS, according to the Daily Mirror.

And the Mirror said

reports the Sunday People.

Who is owned by the same company as the Mirror. Basically, the Mirror is quoting from themselves, and both are tabloid newspapers. And when other people (such as Heavy) quote from them, its not a new source of the news, it's a copy paste job from the same source.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: BlackNWhite

Something that might play into this, is that with an outfit like the SAS or Delta Force, these names are recognisable all over the place. People know what they mean, what kind of people operate in those roles, and know that they do not want to experience that for themselves.

You tell a sand dune full of ideologically driven nutters, that the only group of human beings capable of greater barbarism and inhumanity than they are themselves, men literally selected due to their level of comfort with horrific violence, and their ability to survive it themselves, are going to be marching up their arses with sharp knives, shaped charges, and heavy calibre weapons, and I do not care how successful their assaults might have been, that is going to put the fear of God into the enemy.

It's a small force that is being sent, but every single ISIS member, every cell commander, every general they have, is going to be looking over his shoulder, more careful, less bold, and just a little less effective through fear. Of course, for those that this task force catches up to, it does not matter how well prepared they are. The people who are on the naughty list of THIS special forces team, are walking dead, and little else.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:13 AM
Well, if it's true then hip hip hurrah and all that. I suppose the publicity serves as the last knock on the door ISIS will get from the guys in the white hats.

One thing...I have no confidence that things are as 'black and white' as we're being pitched. So what's the big picture?

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:16 AM
I'll chip in for extra ammo. Let's kill these bugs dead.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:18 AM

Elite US military forces secretly invaded Syria recently in a risky and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to free James Foley ahead of his slaying by Islamic State (Isis).

Confirmation of the failed night-time raid, which took place earlier this summer, came after a day of sharp questioning over whether the Obama administration had done enough to save Foley’s life. It represented the first confirmation of US military operations within insurgency-wracked Syria, where Isis gestated into the jihadist organization that has redrawn the borders of the Middle East.

The raid utilized dozens of special operations forces from all US military services, including the 160th special operations aviation regiment. Those inserted onto the scene flew into Syria in defiance of air defence batteries that senior US military officials have described as highly threatening to US pilots. Modified Black Hawk helicopters were involved, and covering forces on the ground were “armed fixed wing aircraft and drones,” said an administration official.

Yet the operation, which took place in an area of Syria that Obama administration officials declined to disclose, failed when “the hostages were not present at the targeted location,” said rear admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary.

The official said that the special operations forces got into a “firefight” with Isis forces, killing “several” of them. It took an unspecified amount of time for them to determine that the hostages were not on the scene, prompting a rapid departure.



Release No: NR-436-14
August 20, 2014
Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary RADM John Kirby on Attempted Rescue Operation

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. Kirby provided the following statement:
The United States attempted a rescue operation recently to free a number of American hostages held in Syria by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This operation involved air and ground components and was focused on a particular captor network within ISIL. Unfortunately, the mission was not successful because the hostages were not present at the targeted location.

As we have said repeatedly, the United States government is committed to the safety and well-being of its citizens, particularly those suffering in captivity. In this case, we put the best of the United States military in harms' way to try and bring our citizens home.
The United States government uses the full breadth of our military, intelligence and diplomatic capabilities to bring people home whenever we can. The United States will not tolerate the abduction of our people, and will work tirelessly to secure the safety of our citizens and to hold their captors accountable.


As I was saying, we have already been on the ground in ISIL territory. Don't argue with me argue with Rear Admiral J. Kirby
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and we cannot forget our 130 some odd Marine Special Operators that have been there almost 2 weeks

The Americans are part of a 130-member team sent to northern Iraq on Tuesday, officials said. Nearly 200 U.S. military personnel are now in Erbil, along with three or four tilt-wing rotary aircraft known as Ospreys and some American helicopters. In total, the U.S. has nearly 1,000 military personnel in Iraq, including the 130 Marines and special-operations forces that arrived in Erbil on Tuesday.

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:18 AM
This has been in the press for a while now, i was going to do a thread on it a couple of days ago.

Quite a interesting report, the UK Govenment have the work of UKSF exepmpt from the Freedom of Information act and stamped with a DA-Notice anything the press report on the topic of UKSF therefore should be treated with a pinch of salt because they are very tight lipped about everything. Most of the media's sources are usually ex-SF guys or "MoD insiders" and very rarely a actual government announcement. I do not doubt however for a minute that UKSF along side JSCO are currently operational in Iraq, just that the media have some super-source.

Special Forces stories sell news papers so quite a lot of the time the press just go with some good guess work to create a story that while it may be true is not always quite on the money. Even if they are getting some of their facts wrong.

For example, Task Force Black was not a joint SAS, Delta, Seal "hunter killer unit". Task Force Black (latterly known as Task Force Knight) was actually part of Task-Force 145, which was a American and British Special Forces worked together tracking down terrorists in Iraq. This Task force was further divided down into subsidiary task-forces based on location and designated by a colour Task force Black was Basically the British component, it consisted of UKSF based around a regiment of 22SAS with some minimal support from Delta. However the British working with Americans was not plain sailing, for example in around 2004 Task Force Black stopped handing over hostages to the Americans because they were not happy with how the prisoners where being treated. I don't think trying to paint Task Force Black as a relive incarnation of Rainbow Six is fair.

Mark Urbans book on the topic is really quite spectacular.

But back to 2014

i also find interesting is the mention of SRR being involved, quite some time since i have seen them make the press.

I wonder if E-Squadron are going to see some more action, if SIS are going to be involved those guys are usually close by.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: OtherSideOfTheCoin

Don't forget RANGERS either. OR the rest of NATO I bet. Like I mentioned EARLIER about your color description RAINBOW 6,like Clancy's book is PROBABLY coming to pass.

If JSOC is fully behind it they DO use conventional troops some times too.

I wonder...will NINJAS from Japan RETURN as their SF?
Sorry man OFF topic I know.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: JohnnyCanuck

Well... I would have thought that the most obvious alternative view of this story, would be what people are being targeted alongside this Jihad John, and what do they know about the early days of ISIS that the powers that be do not wish to ever see the light of day?

See, I buy this terror group springing up out of the remains of several others, about as much as I buy a Tory peer being concerned about the plight of the homeless. I cannot believe that there is no western government seed money in this organisation for one moment. It just is not in me to believe it. Given the history of such things in the region, I believe it is idiocy not to assume that somewhere there is some kind of incentive, or an operative handing out money from a slush fund somewhere, in US dollars, paid for in British pound sterling, at the direct suggestion of some UK parliamentarian or member of the US government perhaps.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:28 AM

originally posted by: HardCorps

Elite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Smash the Islamic State.”

The undercover warriors will aim to “cut the head off the snake” by hitting the command structure of the Islamist terror group responsible for a trail of atrocities across Iraq and Syria, reports the Sunday People.

PM David Cameron has told the SAS and UK spy agencies to direct all their ­resources at defeating IS after a video of US journalist James Foley being beheaded shocked the world.

British special forces will work with America’s Delta Force and Seal Team 6. The move sees a rebirth of top secret Task Force Black, which helped defeat al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq .

SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to 'smash Islamic State'

This story on Fox Nation was taken from the British Daily Mirror in witch they say---

The new task force will comprise a squadron of the SAS, special forces aircrews from the RAF and agents from MI5 and MI6.

The operation will be led by America’s CIA spy agency.

One of the first jobs will be to identify the British Muslim shown on an IS video released last week apparently cutting Foley’s head off with a knife.

UK intelligence sources confirmed that the killer, believed to be a British-born Pakistani from London, is already at the top of a CIA “kill list”.

They go on to say this new unit will most likely be operational for years to come and will be equipped with the best intel and latest weapons system...including that new Stealth Helicopter that was used in the failed attempt to rescue captured Western prisoners held by ISIS.

The SAS, Seals and Delta Force have worked together during the Gulf War in what was then called Taskforce Black. There are also moves to revive a defunct Iraqi special forces unit called the Apostles, which was ­created by the first Task Force a­fter the Iraq War, and have them become part of this new combined unit.

So much for Obama's promise of 'No Boots On The Ground'...Looks like the ground pounders are going to have to 'Clean House' once again!

Oooo F'en Raw...

bout damn time ..when they done chopping of the head ...they better make sure to slow roast the rest of those barbarians over a huge fire for all the world to see ..

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

What about the Rangers?

Any operations inside Iraq just now are going to be handled by Tire one JSOC Units.

Regarding the comparison to Rainbow Six.

Rainbow six and Task force black would never have been the same as Task Force black was just British working through the British Command system and linking into JSCO as Task force 145. I personally do not think a real version of Rainbow six would ever work, it would be cool though but that is why we have books and video games because they can take all the boring bits of real life away for a few hours.
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: Brotherman

What you are showing is mainly after the fact stories, as any black operation is usually told, or stories concerning aid relief that, while it involves military, does seek to keep those same military out of any direct conflict.

What is in the quoted story from the OP is something much different, what is being quoted would be more like if you had heard about the attempted hostage rescue prior to any rescue attempt.

That wont happen - making this story either a lie to sell papers, or propaganda intended to make ISIS worry more. Either way, we don't speak of black op's prior to the mission.
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:31 AM
A few more little enticing tidbits from Wiki

Task Force 88 is an American special operations unit, of which little is publicly known. It was formed in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks with support from elements from United Kingdom Special Forces. It is described as a "hunter-killer team"[1] with its core made up of Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment Rangers, members of the USAF 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and Navy DEVGRU operators.[2] The unit was reported to be responsible for the cross border raid into Syria from Iraq in October 2008 that resulted in eight deaths including Abu Ghadiya,[3] along with several US operations in the Horn of Africa targeting al Qaeda.[4][5]

Task Force Black/Knight was an off shoot of Task Force 88 a spin off of Task Force 145 and later Task Force 77.

It is not clear what the reduced U.S. military role following the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement and associated drawdown to purely advisory operations has had on the task force's operations.

So these guys have been around for a long time now though no one is sure their still operational??? Given the state of the world as it now I'm guessing they are but their not about to tell us diddly squat...

with the newspaper story True or not--- there is a combined special forces 'Hunter Killer' unit out there and probably doing their thing right now...
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:33 AM
I am seriously supprised by the number of members on this site who seem to be acting like they have never heard of Task force Black

Go look up task force 737.

That's a even better one to read up on.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:33 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:34 AM
Allied forces doing what we do. Mopping up what we started. Give it a couple years and they'll be ripe for another round. Can't stop the war machine.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:35 AM
What exactly is this Missions goal ?

Kill a Rapper ?

We surely don't need a wet team for that.

What is the Goal. What are the expected casualties ?

Let me guess....Oil will pay for this. They will graciously pay us back for our efforts.

I would kill the Rapper and his little video crew. Then we should come home.

The entire place is just not worth it.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: OtherSideOfTheCoin

Joint Service[edit]

Joint Service Commendation Medal
The last Commendation Medal to be created (in 1963) is the Joint Service Commendation Medal. This award is intended for service in joint military organizations and is senior in precedence to the service-specific Commendation Medals. As such, it is worn above the service Commendation Medals on a military uniform. As a joint award, multiple awards are denoted with an oak leaf cluster regardless of service.[4] [5]

I don't know about Rainbow 6 but I was awarded one of these in my command we had Romanians, Aussies, Italians, Brits, and Iraqis. I'd be happy to post my citation Also within the unit we had Army, and Navy as well from Team America. Besides all of that our Spec ops work closely with lots of other spec ops from across the pond. Don't be surprised of the things that you don't hear about. Our operators are very good at what they do!

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:39 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

originally posted by: whyamIhere
What exactly is this Missions goal ? Kill a Rapper ?
We surely don't need a wet team for that.

You do need a special team for that when the ex-rapper is now a very well armed murdering terrorist with thousands of well armed murdering terrorist buddies supporting him and they are doing their nasty business over in Iraq.

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

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