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my concept of reality

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 06:24 PM
The universe

In my view reality is on all kind of levels. The multiverse is my favorite way to explain this. The universe is not alone their are an untold number of the constantly splitting. Why this is caused I donít know but I think during AP we go to another universe entirely that is so similar in most ways we can tell people when we return everything but their is a slight difference between the worlds.


Life is always in motion swinging between "good" and "evil." If a person stays in the light to long they become blind to everything around them. If a person stays in the darkness to long they are unable to venture out. Some swings are more powerful then others letting us do stupid things.


This I got from a book but I agree with it. Time is a river, we are flowing downstream all the time yet it is possible with much effort to venture out to the shore and travel both forward and back yet if we kill someone in the past they do not die than and take away everything they will do the flow is just cut off and they die at every intent but nothing changes beside their death


The big thing everyone talks about. My concept of god is there is not one god there are many, every god is real. They are created by the ideas and emotions of all being not just things on earth. Their strength is determined by their worshipers so when there is a great unrest in religion (the spread of Christianity is a great example) the world falls into chaos as everything fights to become a god. (By everything I mean the dead we canít because were all clueless about most things)


Emotion is a useless thing in most cases I hate it because I am very emotional. I think I might be able to become an indigo child. Emotion gets in my way all the time I rarely have positive emotions; all I feel is being trapped inside this weak body the spirit I would love. Love, love is the most annoying emotion I donít like how it feels and why people like it so much, liking things is much better


Humanity is leading it self to its own doom. Not by war we need death right now. The powers of the world are pushing for ďgoodĒ and the world is starting to tip over on its side, everyone can tell the unrest in the world today.



Death is the gateway to another world that even ap cant even take us. It takes us to our own world yet we can go to any world it is to me kind of like a house were you live in it yet you are free to venture out. but first you must learn were you are going like ghosts I think are visiting here


we are not the first to my understanding of the big bang this universe has been used before just it was condesed and destroyed.

Dark energy

this is a topic that people are thinking about now because it goes against the laws of gravity an example would be if you fliped a coin, the coin would slow and come back down correcet. Dark energy is a force that makes the coin accelerate and keep going faster. The universe might be being pulled on by another one makeing them expaned and eventualy become one(or we all die everything in both universes

If I can ponder more during meditation I will post or revise

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 01:35 AM
Your concept of reality is, as you have stated, your concept. However do not ensnare yourself in the trapings of believing that your concept IS reality.


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