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Strange happenings in my house...

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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 03:02 PM
I feel like there will be more and more of these types of incidents take place as time goes on and that it may have to do with "bleed through" of dimensions. Hubby and I had military affiliations and moved around a lot and yet we had these types of scenarios take place in many different areas. Strange sounds, knocking on outside door or scratching and when investigating, no one/nothing was there. Even the shadow people type dealy where we would see something tall out of the corner of our eye and so forth.

The most memorable event was one night when I went to use the facilities and witnessed an orange/yellow kinda partially transparent entity sitting on our had a kind of sparkle appearance to it as it was composed of little tiny dots of energy. I kept going back and forth and looking at it and it finally disappeared. (No drugs or booze involved). Just saw what I saw.

Since these types of incidents happened in so many places, even when we lived in Hawaii, I feel like these events were more of a dimensional situation rather than a haunting. Never felt fear and had no other problems with these "sightings". The world we live in is so vastly changing and there may be "Cosmic" types of changes...reality changes going on, that may be what these kinds of incidents are about. Just me wondering out loud.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 06:09 PM
Just because you don't believe in these types of things doesn't mean that they don't happen or exist... Explaining them is another thing entirely...

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 06:27 PM
I've heard about a lot of similar stories where the kids sense something and the parents pooh-pooh them. Later the haunting or whatever it is escalates and the child is in increasing distress and often danger. The parents always regret not taking the kids seriously and telling them it's their imagination or nothing is wrong.

I'm not saying you agree that there's a boogie man but if you see blinds swinging and your son says something is in his room, take it more seriously. Don't take offense because I'm not accusing you of bad parenting. In fact you did exactly what these other people did, and who prepares us for these kinds of moments? I'm just passing along what I've observed.

And definitely set up some cameras and motion-sensitive lights!

Better yet, do a cleansing and order any unwanted intruders out of the house. Maybe tell your kids how to command the "monsters" to leave. If they weren't baptised or whatever your religion does, consider doing that, even if you aren't religious. I've read that it helps to seal their aura if you will.

a reply to: kaaer

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 08:15 PM

originally posted by: weirdguy
a reply to: kaaer
Ok here's what you need to do. Play Justin Bieber LOUD, crank that sucker up to 11 and you may need to replay the album serveral times before the spirit exits the house.

Hey, he is trying to run off something in his house, not turn the neighborhood into a ghost town by running off all the living!

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 08:19 PM
Wow didn't expect this kind of response. Guess it shows me not to underestimate you ATS'ers

I really appreciate all of the ideas and what not. I looked into the area and nothing unusual has happened in the area or the house. Haven't had a chance to go through the videos yet. But my son freaked me out this morning when he told me the little monsters are nice and the big ones keep him up. Still really not sure if he has a great imagination or if something is going on.

LindaLinda i agree with what you said most of all i would hate to blow something off then have something really crazy happen. I will be keeping you guys posted. And again TY for all the great ideas and support

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: kaaer

In the film the conjuring Ed and Lorraine Warren are asked a house where a which lived and had mudered her daughter as a sacrifice.
The infestation BEGAN as a friendly encounter with the daughter because she was slightly psychic and could SEE them where her parents could not.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

I watched that movie when it came out. I have to say when he pointed over my shoulder it was just like when the girls were in bed in the movie and one could see something by the door.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: kaaer
Well that just might be the case.

If he is extra sensitive and psychic he will undoubtedly be hounded by spirits and other things.

Might want to look into meeting a medium who can give him actual advice from experience.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: kaaer

WIERD COINCIDENCES in life are "MATRIX" glitches that mean your GUT is talking.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 06:05 AM
a reply to: kaaer
Hello Kaaer,
I am a the founder of Parascience (c) 2014, and I am investigating the paranormal for many diverse reasons. Here is my understanding of your situation and others who share the same afflictions as you:-

When investigating paranormal events like, it is always wise to begin with looking into the subject's history. However, in your case, you report that you have not tampered with anything esoteric or occult. Therefore, there are a number of things which may have to be considered by you and refuted by me:

1. Your neighbour or neighbours have been tampering with the aforesaid practices.
2. A family member or relative has been tampering with the aforementioned. (Unfortunately, children do play with Ouija boards)!
3. A friend to you or a member of your family is tampering with the occult and has specifically targeted you in that practice.
4. You, or a member of your family has unwittingly watched a Youtube video or surfed an internet web site which was deliberately employed for the purposes to assault unwary viewers with malign entities.
5. Accidental interest by a transient or passing entity.
6. You or any member of your family has been targeted due to your religious beliefs by someone unknown to you.

Using mediums, priests or paranormal researchers will not work and they can and do potentially aggravate your current problems. This includes speaking to any troubling entity.

The difficulties that you have to consider are:-
1. If your son has been tampering behind your back, it is unlikely that he would admit it! The problem is, he may only have been present while others were playing around and making sport of it.

2. Someone who has interacted with you in the recent past has targeted you for paranormal assault. It could even be, someone who listens to you wherever and by whatever medium you use to work.

Other ATSers have correctly stated in this blog, that fear is the medium which these entities exploit. Unfortunately, these entities enjoy terrorising their hosts. -(Taking advantage of being invisible).

Some ATSers have said that they were witnesses to seeing "people" appear or disappear. The difficulty is, these entities are masters at mimicking any human appearance or form. That is why they are often mistaken for being "the dead"!

Getting to the truth is fraught with many problems and trials. The only way to get to the truth is to ask indirect questions or to visit certain people and look for any evidence of the esoteric or the occult.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:13 AM

originally posted by: kaaer
a reply to: RyanDaniel
By the way does anyone have any logical solutions to what could have caused these issues?

Not saying i don't appreciate the responses i got just looking for the ol' debunkers to put their 2 cents in.

One rational (or extreme) possibility for discussion no one in this thread has proposed is that of the expression of psychokinetic energy via astral projection, created by a state of separation anxiety or sleep state on the part of one of your children. Let me try to explain.

You say you have an 11 year-old child. There is a lot to be said about psychokinetic energy created by a pubescent-aged child: many documented events of "poltergeist" activity are tandem with the presence of a pre-teen in the household--most famously the 1949 exorcism case that inspired the novel and film The Exorcist.

Ultimately, the theory in fringe psychology is that the brain during puberty is under extreme and complex hormonal distress which can express itself through unintentional manipulation of the physical world. Keep in mind that we supposedly only use a small percent of our brainpower in our lifetime.

I'll apply the theory to the events you spoke of in your first post.

In the first event, your oldest child was away from home with his mother, and you were at home with your youngest. The phone showed that there was an incoming call from within the house, while no one was there. Obviously a phone is a means of communication and would imprint itself in the brain of a child as such. By some ethereal manifestation of separation anxiety (from you or possibly your youngest child) your 11 year old may have been absently trying to make contact with one or both of you.

In the second event, your 11yo was asleep while the youngest was in an agitated early REM state. The incident may have been a tandem sleep state astral projection by your oldest to comfort or communicate with the younger. Young children intrinsically think of monsters, and I think it would be safe to dismiss his claim that "something is there" as a reaction to the seemingly unnatural "poltergeist" activity.

In the third event I'm presuming that both children were asleep since it was 2:30 in the morning. If you were sleeping in an agitated state (probably middle REM) you may have been making audible noises or psychic vibrations. The phantom presence that entered your room and stood by your bedside may again have been a sleep-state-projection by one of your children attempting to comfort you. If that were the case it would tend to explain why your dog did not become wild and start barking: its widely believed that animals such as cats and dogs are more sensitive to pyschokinetic activity than people. If the dog recognized your child's projection, he logically became curious but not aggressive.

The only time in my life where I experienced back-to-back paranormal events in a short span of time was a single week in the 6th grade (I was ten or eleven). My younger brother (approximately six or seven at the time) and I had shared a bedroom since he was born, and I had recently moved to the bedroom next door. Thus we were separated for the first time in our lives. One night I woke up at 4AM and my bed was shaking violently. The next night, my alarm clock flew off my nightstand with a crash as I was drifting to sleep. The night after that, right at bedtime, my younger brother started screaming hysterically. Everyone in the house came running. He claimed that he saw a figure outside his window tapping a finger on the glass. My dad went outside to look for a possible intruder… but the window was ten feet off the ground. No evidence of anything. After that there were a few scattered incidents of lights turning themselves on or off, creaking floorboards, footsteps etc. but after a time it stopped happening altogether.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I've believed this theory of tandem psychokinetic connection between family members for years. I think its the real cause behind many "hauntings," and your case tends to convince me that that is what's going on in your household as well. Again, this is just theory but its something to consider before jumping to conclusions about ghosts, mediums and holy blessings.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:15 AM
It came because it was interested in influencing your son. Now it's found that you can sense it's presence and it's interested in you too.

Kids are MAGNETS for paranormal and I think one of the main reason's that we as adults can't see what the kids see, is because we've been told there's nothing there so many times that we have allowed our brains to tune them out. Creepy man. Real creepy.

That said, my brother was a magnet for most of his life and still is on occasion. He saw things in and around our houses regardless of where we moved, heard voices etc., regardless of where we moved. Something's also followed my mom around since she lived in Ohio in the 60's and it's never really left her. My Dad and myself...less interaction with what ever 'they' are.

After reading PopularWithVertigo's post, directly above this post, my mind is reeling backwards. This is an interesting theory that I have not yet heard of. I've had friends who had paranormal experiences growing up and it does make sense that there might be a connection between 'hauntings' and 'pubescent kids'. My brother and I are 3 years apart and the height of paranormal stuff was when I was about 14 and he was 11.

HOWEVER, it's never stopped for him. Now he's 25 and he visits my parents house when they're out of the country and he'll experience voices around corners, the faucets turning on, lights going on and off, strange behavior in the dogs (large protective breeds), etc. I can't imagine that that's all astral projection from me or my parents from hundreds of thousands of miles away...?
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: XterrainHi - Not to detract, but I'm a long time lurker and had to jump in. You mentioned that a common phenomenon? When I was in college, I lived in a house off campus and had a number of strange things happen - footsteps, blinds flying up unexpectedly, that sort of stuff. In my mind, all those things can be explained away. But there was one time when I was alone in the house and the kitchen faucets turned on, full blast. I'd been in the kitchen just a minute before and they certainly weren't on then. That's always bothered me; it defied logic. How common is that? And what does it mean?

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: Xterrain

While I believe that that specific age makes anyone psychically vulnerable I don't discount that some people seem to attract phenomenon throughout their life. I like to believe it has something to do with rare or specified brain patterns influencing the environment around them constantly. Its a double-edged sword though. If it occurs frequently enough it can also condition an individual to seek or expect it wherever they go, creating a kind of psychic feedback loop where strange things seem to happen continually simply because they expect it to. I've had very few supernatural encounters since I was a teenager, but I also find myself experiencing deja vu and abnormal amounts of bizarre coincidences regularly, or instances of superb fortune in the midst of otherwise hopeless circumstances. I try to remain totally skeptical about it, but there's no denying that weird things seem to follow certain people around.
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 01:30 PM
a reply to: grandpaboy

A surge of pressure in the plumbing has been known to force faucets on in older buildings. Its not common but it happens.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 03:54 PM

originally posted by: kaaer



My momma met a man when I was 18 and out of the house. They fell head over hills in love and were engaged to be married. They were inseparable. Two months before the wedding date he died of prostate cancer. They were not aware of the cancer and I often wish it had been detected because typically it isn't fatal. He died Dec of 2010. She was devastated and I feared she would die from grieving so hard for the first six months. It was horrible to watch.

My momma stayed in the condo they had purchased together. I tried to convince her to sell and move but she wasn't trying to hear that. About a year and half after his death we were sitting outside on her balcony about 10 pm talking and drinking some wine. Keep in mind that we had just began drinking maybe two to three sips when we experienced our encounter. The condo was on the top floor the balcony was in front of the condo and ran across the whole building. The kitchen and the living room were in the front of the condo facing the balcony. Anyway, the kitchen light was on which was normal for us when we sat on the balcony at night. We were chatting and her deceased fiance` became topic of conversation. We heard a loud noise in the kitchen like something had fallen. We looked into the kitchen but didn't see anything. So we went back to chatting. Something caught the corner of my eye so I looked in that direction which was the kitchen and I saw something that is hard to explain. I told my mom and we sat there trying to pick our mouths up off the ground.

There was something that didn't have a human shape black in nature and the only way I can describe it is it resembled smoke. As we watched what was happening this black "smoke" sauntered across the kitchen floor and then just evaporated. I was shaken and begged my momma to come stay with me for a few days but she insisted with a firm no. I asked her if she was as shaken as I and she said she actually felt a comforting feeling come over her. I stayed for about an hour more and left. I went home and told my husband about what I witnessed and how shaken I still was. He was skeptical and as I was listening to myself tell it I thought I wouldn't believe this either.

A month later I was visiting with my momma. She had two shelves that was heart shaped and had them sitting in one her kitchen chairs. She had just got them for her birthday and had not got around to hanging them up. She and I were sitting in the living room and out of nowhere these shelves just fell onto the floor. They had been sitting there for a little over week with no disturbance. The chair they were in was level the floor was level and neither of us were up moving around. Again I was shaken and almost peed my pants from being so scared. I didn't stay long because I remember thinking this is crazy and I may be losing my mind. Once again I tried to get her to leave and come stay with me but she again refused. She said she knew it was him and he was trying to contact her.

A few days after that I was visiting again as she was cooking dinner. We were sitting in the kitchen and heard a noise in the living room. I went to investigate and she had the shelves hanging over her couch. She had a little bear he had given her for Valentines Day. The bear was laying on the back of the couch and was sitting up as it would on the shelf. The strange thing was the edge of the shelf was almost over the edge of the back of the couch. I brushed it off sat it back on the shelf and went back into the kitchen with her. She needed some milk to finish dinner and we went to the store together. When we came back I looked over and that damn bear was sitting in the same place it was when it fell the first time. I am going to be honest I almost shyt my pants! I didn't bother asking her to leave and ended up leaving without eating dinner

I didn't want to go back after that and always made excuses for her to come visit my house when we wanted to see each other. I just couldn't bring myself to go there. I was scared. She wasn't bothered in the least and actually drew comfort from it. I would sit and scratch my head wondering how she couldn't be as scared as I was.

She tells me of noises she hears and how she can feel his presence. One night she felt her hair being swept away from her face as she was laying in bed. My heart skips beats and I get this electric feeling flowing through my body when she speaks about it. It is quite creepy for me.

My hubby to this day is skeptical and that erks my nerves. I know what I saw and no one can convince me otherwise.

I remember growing up hearing my momma and hubby's momma talking to each other about how they felt they had psychic abilities. They knew when the phone was going to ring when they were going to have company coming. I distinctly remember one incident when I was at school and I fell off the monkey bars and sprained my ankle. She called the school as I was being taken inside to the nurses station to ask about me.

I have often wondered what happens after death. Are there other dimensions? Do demons exist? Everything that pertains to the supernatural.

Thanks for the thread and I apologize in advance for the wall of text.

I am off to read the responses.

I wish I had some advice to offer you but I got nothing.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 04:21 PM
a reply to: Parascientist

This is one the finest posts on this topic I have EVER seen on ATS.

I hope you will continue to write more on this here.

Oh, welcome to ATS BTW!

The message WILL be attacked but it really needs to get out.

It reminded me of some of Joe Jordan's articles at CE4 Research...

The 3 causes of the abduction experience

What causes someone to have an abduction experience?
This is a question that secular researchers do not have an answer for to this day.
But we at CE4 Research Group have found through our research that people can have this experience because of one of three reasons or a combination of these reasons:

1. You asked for it. Some people actually ask to have the experience to know what is like or about. Be careful what you ask for.

2. You unknowingly open a door to the realm of this experience. Some people unknowingly opened a door for the experience, by being involved in New Age or Occult activities. When you engage in the unknown things outside of GOD the Creator and His WORD you make yourself vulnerable to these entities. We have found this reason to be the most often found root cause.

3. You are part of a generational cycle or generational curse. When asked about the experiencer's parents or early family life, we found that the opening had come from one or more of the parents. It IS important how you raise your children. When there is a GODLY covering over the family by the head of the household, the family is protected. But if there is No GODLY covering, the family is open to these types of unnatural experiences.

The 3 causes of the abduction experience

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 08:04 PM

originally posted by: PopularWithVertigo
a reply to: grandpaboy

A surge of pressure in the plumbing has been known to force faucets on in older buildings. Its not common but it happens.

Yes, and it's also common that those same fluctuations in water pressure can sound fire alarms.

That said, in my brothers case it's impossible that water pressure fluctuations caused it. My parents house was built by them in 1994, the water pressure is 100% constant (both in temperature and pressure) and is on a private water well that's plumbed direct from the Edwards Aquifer in South Central Texas.

The phenomena that's surrounded him has also manifested itself as a little girl who he didn't recognize in our hallway one night (I saw her too as we had bunk beds when we were kids), a shadow walking up the stairs and slamming a door while he sat on the pot with the door open, and a native american dressed all in white with long black hair standing at various points in the yard peering into the windows of whatever room he was in at the time (his bedroom one night, the kitchen window from the back deck another night, and next to a large oak tree about 60' from the house out the kitchen window.) Needless to say, his experiences are extensive.

My theory on it used to be that it had something to do with left- or right-brained people, because he's artistic and I'm analytical. That's not my theory anymore, because it's the opposite with my parents: One of my Dad's 4 university degrees is in Advertising and he's an exceptional artist, though he's had minimal paranormal experiences. While my mom is analytically minded like myself, but she has had things mess with her toys when she was a young girl, has had her hair pulled by an unseen force, and has even seen a snarling face that appeared to her upside down that sent her into a hysterical panic one night while the family was just sitting in the living room watching TV (I had already left the house for college, but my brother and cousins were there and saw the panic it caused.)

Now something REAL CREEPY...

My Dad likes to pick up stuff he finds on the sides of the road. They live out in the boonies where it's just farmland and rolling hill country, lakes, and river...a very lush environment; Central Texas' Hill Country is very beautiful. There's sparsely placed homes on large tracts of land and a significant amount of history here. About 10 years ago, my Dad found a mirror in a frame on the side of the road roughly 15 miles from the nearest town. It was in tact, with no breaks, and in a very old frame. He picked it up and refurbished it and now it hangs on the wall at the top of the staircase (right at the 3rd story landing).

What's interesting is that the gnarling face my Mom saw, peered around an upside down corner directly above the 1st floor where the stairs begin. There's an architectural part of the ceiling that comes down to break up the long stairway corridor and what's interesting is that that architectural element lines up with that mirror...and what she saw appeared upside down...? Weird right?

Anyhow, my thoughts on the mirror are this: Either someone who was superstitious drove that mirror all the way out there and left it in tact without breaking it, or someone superstitious drove that mirror all the way out there and left it in tact without breaking it. I just can't think of a way for it to have gotten there unless that was the case. If it fell off a truck, it'd have been in a million pieces. Weird. Double weird.

I have some other chilling stories that I experienced...but almost want to say it should be in 'cryptozoology' more than 'paranormal.'

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 10:58 PM
Pretty spooky story OP!

I have a similar story to share myself:

Last summer I had a fight with my dad who was a violent drunk man sometimes. It was bad enough where I moved in with a friend who I stayed with for a few months. My friend and I both worked at a local restaurant together but one time he had the night off, and it was just me at his (very small) place. I was laying in my bed reading R.A. Salvatore's the Drizzt D'ourden series "The Crystal Shard" when I suddenly heard footsteps on his hardwood floor. It was coming from one side of his place toward where I was reading. It stopped right in front of me, but I could see nothing weird.

Then, maybe a month later I was beginning to experience a nightmare and woke up around 2:30-3:00 AM like someone was near me. My friend was asleep in his bedroom on the other side of his place, and I could see a large, black (6'5"-7'0" tall) shadow, and it appeared to kind of float toward where I was now wide awake and terrified. I couldn't move nor speak/yell at all.

Since then I moved out and my friend have a girlfriend to live with him. They both say they have seen this shadow approaching them rapidly months after I moved out.

I have other experience with things "stepping" around on my bed, and making the entire mattress flat like deflating an air-filled one. I believe something is following me.

As terrifying these experiences are I'm always interested in reading about others who've shared similar stories.

posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: Murgatroid
Hello Murgatroid,
I agree wholeheartedly with your C4 Research quote. Unfortunately, I have found through bitter experience that the overwhelming majority of people prefer to listen to wild theories, suppositions, and hypothetical guesses or gossip; anything else, but not the truth. Sadly, most people have no vested interested in it!

Kaaer does not realise that when he received that internal phone call, it would have happened within 24 hours after a deliberately instigated or unawares, contrived event, took place. So, that entity was only responding in "kind" after that particular incident occurred.

Now, I have heard some foolish theories and speculation in this blog, on why young adolescents attract a lot of activity when they get to a particular age - perhaps around 10 - 14 years. Yet, people here are not going to accept that when children become adolescents, their former "conditional state" changes, so that they are now equal and accountable as with all sentient beings for their actions. It is this change of "conditional state" that attracts entities who are ingratiated by new souls (who formally were different), who now share the same "state" as themselves!

However, I will remark that "The 3 causes of the abduction experience", is not limited solely to "alien encounters", but it covers the whole genus or plephora of supernatural incidents.

Another problem which is never recognised, is that entities are everywhere, and it is natural with entities to attach themselves to people of their interest. That is why sometimes, unexplained events, which cannot be attributed to anything in particular, do occur. It is not the subject's fault, it is that they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It should be noted that even when a entity or entities do not announce themselves to their particular host of interest, they may still be present but prefer to remain undetected. The many incidents and reports of ATSers having personal things disappear or reappear many years later is perfect evidence of this.

I have noted that you have correctly stated in your icon that,... TRUTH... not always a pleasant thing!

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