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West poised to join forces with President Assad in face of Islamic State

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:39 AM

Islamist forces are fighting their way into western Syria from bases further east, bringing forward the prospect of US military intervention to stop their advance. If Isis, which styles itself Islamic State, threatens to take all or part of Aleppo, establishing complete dominance over the anti-government rebels, the US may be compelled to act publicly or secretly in concert with President Bashar al-Assad, whom it has been trying to displace. The US has already covertly assisted the Assad government by passing on intelligence about the exact location of jihadi leaders through the BND, the German intelligence service, a source has told The Independent. This may explain why Syrian aircraft and artillery have been able on occasion to target accurately rebel commanders and headquarters.

Finally, some common sense in doing the obvious, in allying with Assad against ISIL. Assad isn’t any saint by any means, a typical murdering tyrant. But so was Josef Stalin, even much worst than Assad, when the US allied with him to defeat Hitler.

Remember "the enemy of your enemy is your friend”


The US never should have involved itself with trying to overthrow Assad, since this is the number one cause of the rise of ISIL. ISIL rose on the back of the rebellion against Assad. In fact the US aided and abetted them at the time, not realizing (or maybe realizing according to some conspiracy theorists) that they were helping the growth of ISIL.

The stupid and immoral American foreign policy in the Mideast started with the invasion of Iraq in 2003. This resulted in creating more Islamist Jihadists culminating in the monstrosity of ISIL. Then the brain dead idiots led by Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice convinced clueless Obama to make the same mistake in Libya that has now made Libya another IRAQ.

They tried to do it in Egypt but General SISI outsmarted the US Zionist led foreign policy.

Then again they did it Syria which directly led to ISIL creation.


It may be that all this is deliberate to support a Zionist plot to generally destabilize the enemies of Israel.

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:48 AM
The US has a history of supporting corrupt leaders. How has that worked out in the past. The US will do it because that is the card it always plays. It's losing it's poker face.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:53 AM
I think or at least hope that US gov is starting to understand why there must be leaders like Assad in that region of the world. Islam has a tendency to cause those with weak minds to become murderous. These people have to be ruled with an iron fist or this type situation results. Saddam, Assad, Mubarak even Ghadaffi where actually keeping the rest of the world safe from these disgusting members of the human race by subjugating these animals through brutal control.

These people cannot handle modern civilization or democracy because they will vote in more crazies to lead them to diverge even farther from civil behaviors.

Its an ugly fact. Not all humans are the same or equal. They do not and never will think like us. They can never be civilized and live and let live. They need to be utterly stomped out.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 12:09 PM
a reply to: Xeven

It's a little wonder why Radical Islam didn't become prominent during the time of Nasser. Nasser, Saddam, Assad's father, and Qaddafi were the only ones strong enough to keep Radical Islam in check. ISIS would have been formed during the Cold War if wasn't for them ruling with an Iron fist.

Even the Iranian theocrats were angels compared to ISIS.

a reply to: Willtell

How long will it take before ISIS marched into Jerusalem. Then what would the Israelis do? Even Hamas had issues with ISIS

After the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, muscled its way through much of Iraq and Syria in a lightning military campaign, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict devolved once again into combat in the West Bank, propaganda campaigns have been rife with comparisons of the two organizations. Senior Hamas official Izzat al-Rishq however, said Friday that such judgment is nothing short of insulting.

Al-Rishq took to Twitter and blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for making the unfair comparison between Hamas and ISIS for politically charged reasons as part of the propaganda war being waged parallel to the military conflict.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 02:17 PM
Lots of good points being made...

The time for removing Assad has long past 2012 to be exact the anti Assad movement has long been hijacked, as in Iraqi and now like in Syria the power vacuumed left from lack of authority is proving perfect breeding grounds for these extremists Islamic militant groups to grow and grow by the day, had the US & EU have followed thought with there no fly zone and arming of the rebels in order to remove Assad and Russian influence in the region they might have been left with a massive problem in years to come, people are waking up to just what extremist Islam is and how backwards and brutal they're

Extremist Islam is without question the biggest threat to the free world and civilisation in history


It's a good opportunity for both Russia/China and the West to make amends, and wipe extremist Islam from the face of the planet once and for all by attacking from both sides and not leaving the fight until every last lunatic extremist is dead, I be,I've this is something both NATO and Russia would be willing to work on together, I also believe neither Russia nore NATO wanted the Ukraine issue to occurs however neither could avoid the inevitable of Ukraine's decision and complexities of regional pro East/west

So perhaps this is something that maybe bought up covertly in the talks between the EU US and Russia in Ukraine, settle and work towards peace in Ukraine and the threat of ISIL

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 04:17 PM
If the U.S. was smart they would stay out of it and let syria do the fighting for them,support syria with intelligence and let them do the fighting,it will be much safer and much cheaper for the U.S. 13 years of non stop war is depleting the U.S.A.`s piggy bank.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 04:32 PM
That's what may appear to be obvious, but surprises are on the menu.

The West may attack Damascus citing evidence that it is Assad who nurtured and developed ISIS from infancy...for the purpose of creating a situation where he could reestablish a severed relationship with the West.

can you imagine such a hilarious plot twist?

Airstrike against Syrian targets in Syria begin in 3...2...1...

I've found a secret message for Assad in this 50 cent video:

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:33 PM
"The enemy of my enemy is not my friend", so sayeth the UK Foreign Secretary, Phil Hammond.

The UK won't deal with Assad. Quite right too. The man is part of the problem.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has ruled out working with Syria's President Assad to defeat the threat from Islamic State (IS) militants.

The object of the exercise is to stabilise Iraq. With the US merrily flattening the psychotic Islamic State in Iraq, changes to the Iraqi government and raised awareness of this new bunch of nutcases in the UN, one wonders whether it is necessary to deal with Assad. The UK don't think so. Where the UK go, the US will follow.


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:37 PM
ABSOLUTELY NOT, its THEIR cesspool and they don't care about America when ITS over anyway.Patton had them PEGGED as a people.
We aren't the global savior and we can't afford it. THAT scum is married to HAMAS anyway, so let them die.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:39 PM
a reply to: paraphi

I imagine Stalin, someone who murdered more than Hitler, wasn't a good ally?

Its just that the Russians won WWII!

The hell with the British

The US needs Assad now. They need an ally in Syria.

U cant fight a 3 dimensional war. NO ONE CAN

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: Willtell

WE cannot inject ourselves into that mess. ISIS will rage across the middle east until another Muslim nation stops them. We leave far too many collaterals and they are supported by their commie buddies poorly ANYWAY so still no.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:49 PM

originally posted by: cavtrooper7
ISIS will rage across the middle east until another Muslim nation stops them. We leave far too many collaterals and they are supported by their commie buddies poorly ANYWAY so still no.

The Muslim nations are the problem. Two denominations of Islam have been slogging this out for centuries and long before the West became involved. On one side is the Shiite (Iran and bits of Iraq), and on the other is the Sunni (everyone else). They want to kill each other.


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

America has already, is, and will further inject itself like a junkie injects dope into its arm.
It’s already done. Whatever we desire doesn’t matter. The US is involved up to its bloody neck.
The US created the problem and they will have to deal with it.
The best to hope for is that they won't need many ground troops and the Kurds, Iraqis, and Syrian Armies can be enough.
If not, believe me, American troops will go in. The nation and the world will demand it.
That's the consequence of Bush's war
Its ugly but it's reality.

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