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Hamas leader admits it: we killed 3 Israeli settlers

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:15 PM

Look at what were seeing in the middle east today. Can we identify what the common theme is? Should I even bother with these sorts of rhetorical games? Probably not. Truth be told I am utterly exasperated with the way some people allow themselves to think; and the problem is, from the get go, is their inability to perceive the "how" in relation to the word "think". Can they look at their thoughts - or the perceptions they have - and examine their aetiology? Or, more simply, can they entertain an alternative reality? And do they understand that maintaining an alternative position is what counts when thinking "objectively" - that is, your own position being "held as an object" along with other objects in your mind? And most of all - the presence of emotion. Do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it tugging at you?

I'll cool it with psychoanalytical lingo and get to the point. The people who shamelessly came to the defense of Hamas and even argued that "israel had no sound basis" for assuming Hamas was responsible for the kidnappings should - if they were able to hold themselves responsible for their positions - experience some sort of bodily shame: somatically. They should feel it. But chances are the forces of evolutionary adaptedness will impel dissociation within their captainless minds.

With politics in particular, the personal life-story and narrative of the individual (their "relational unconscious) is present in everything we think, and becomes stronger and more rigid when the subject matter is "electric" - highly emotional. If intelligent ET's exist chances are they ignore us: our capacities to create are great and all but our ability to REGULATE OUR OWN AWARENESS is pathetic. We must appear as nothing more than egotistical animals - worse than animals, because at least animals can claim ignorance - a lack of ability to objectify its experiences and the realities it engages; whereas we, human beings, cream of the evolutionary crop, currently exist within a social-context where people don't even realize that they cannot think accurately - correctly - without dialling down their emotions and paying attention to how incoming information is affecting their internal dynamics.

As I have said again and again and will continue to point out as a preamble to every post I write: pay the # attention to your psychological processes. But who am i kidding? You need some basic knowledge to work with in order to "understand" the events which emerge within your psyche. So with that said, here are two terms all of you should get to know: self-as-subject and self-as-object. The great American psychologist William James referred to these two states as the "I" and the "me".

For example, before you debate any issue with someone else, consider this OBJECTIVE REALITY: how much do I know about this subject? Because knowing implies not knowing, you also have to consider that there are things you don't know which your present estimation of the matter may be overvaluing. Thats the first part in not thinking like a 10 year old. The second part is considering what the OTHER party knows about the matter. And the entire, you're staying attuned to your body, to the feelings you're experiencing: because the feeling we have determine the range of things we are able to think about.

Think for a moment how shameless that Hamas leader is in divulging Hamas' role in catalyzing this latest round of conflict: the kidnapping of those 3 Israeli boys. From whence does this boldness come from? I'll take a wild guess and assume it might have something to do with the "stellar" successes of ISIS in Iraq, Syria and now Lebanon. In noticing this, I am paying attention to a fundamental reality: Hamas is IDEOLOGICALLY aligned with the Islamic State (or ISIS/ISIL). With them there is the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Al Shabab of Somalia, Boko Haram of Nigeria, Al Qaeda (whose leaders only denounce ISIS because Ayman Al Zawahiri couldn't be Caliph), and many many others.

Islamism is a terrifying reality for many Christians, secularists, moderate Muslims and those who do not conform to their idea of how a human being should be while alive in this world. But when Israel is mentioned, astonishingly, and for those of us who actually care about the future of our species, an equivalence is drawn between the two. It is this immoral, lackadaisical action of thought which allows people to maintain their personal feeling of disliking Israel; but in the same breath, they are forced to dissociate or repress the reality of Islamism. This is what anger and narcissism do to us: they create within us a profound state of disorder where black can be become white and white can become black. Values we may have in our more lucid moments cannot be upheld because positions we hold in another part of ourselves prohibits clear thinking.

Islamism is contemporary humanities Nazism. The barbaric and senseless murder of James Foley confirms and also highlights for us the nature of this menace: they cannot be appeased by anything we do. Their ransom was utterly unreasonable - in this sense they are one and the same as Hamas. Asking for 130 million for one life: who in their right mind would consider that a reasonable demand; as if the exorbitant figure wouldn't forestall all brooding on the matter?

Anyways. My whole point is: please, please, pay attention to your thinking.

Whats happening today in the middle east is tragic. The face of the Yezedi girl is imprinted on my mind. The last look on James Foley's face as his killer brings his knife towards his neck is seared into my memory.

Why is this happening? Ignorance. All of it is just ignorance. Ignorance of self. Ignorance of what it means to be human. Ignorance of how our parents helped form who we are and how we think. The ignorance that lets someone decapitate another human being and the ignorance of another person thousands of miles away who can't care less about it. And the worse ignorance of all is the ignorance of the fact that all we need is compassion for one another. Earnest and careful reflection on other peoples experiences. And most of all, the deep awareness that life is precious; we only have one go at it. And we should each feel a stake in the happiness and wellbeing of others.
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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:39 PM
I don't get it, you are using psychology into guilting others because you and CNN think everyone's understanding of the Middle East is flawed because some piece reported on CNN and surely others tells you thats what happened. That's silly. Don't even get me started on that beheading video.

The ME is complex no doubt and evil afoot from both sides. However, the official storyline parroted in the OP is just as unlikely as some of the craziest of conspiracies offered on ATS.

I do agree however, that a little understanding of your fellow man, no matter what race or creed can go a long way in healing this world.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:47 PM
Already posted

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 06:32 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

I still don't buy it. I think they were kidnapped by a non HAMAS related militants. Sounds like Israel made HAMAS an offer to take the fall as the bad guy.
Israel lied and said the teens were kidnapped so they could justify a search that led to almost a thousand Palestinians being arrested - which is what Netanyahu wanted because it provoked a response which allowed Israel to bomb.

You are underestimating how complicated the situation is. There is HAMAS that get's the blame, but they really only targe IDF. There arehalf a dozen or a dozen more militant groups. Israel had informants in Hamas and still couldn't prove it. They haven't released names,oranything.
I don't trust CNN,they are notoriously biased and they like to translate things like "this drone is attack from above" to "we will bring death to America from above"

He certainly doesn't seem to be implying aHamas in my opinion when he allegedly says ""At that time, the Hamas leadership had no knowledge about this group or the operation it had just carried," Aruri said, referring to the abductors. "

Find yourself an arabic speaking friend and get the real news. I have several international skype pals that i get the real scoop from via skype ( i suggest choosing lady friends if youre a dude).

Also, I don't support HAMAS, Israel created them. I just don't support the fascist government of Israel.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 07:34 AM
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