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A child from a dieing planet (plently of Gore here. (lol)

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 04:50 PM
A small yellow star on the outer edge of the galaxy has been experiencing a climate change of biblical
proportion's . A man rises shouting the end is near the end is near .
The heat increases the oceans swallow city's finally in desperation the man turns to the heavens in hopes to save his child .
sending him to a red star were his earthly strength will be no less then earthly .
The son will grow and continue his fathers legacy buy insisting the red sun id becoming orange and needs trillions to fix it.
Mean wile back on earth well its still spinning .
The story isn't true but im sure a 1000 scientist will say it is if I give them all million dollar grants.
PS enjoy Pss no doubt pollution can NOT be a good thing for earth .
just surfing seen the article made me laugh maybe it will make you


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