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The Russian as most Powerful Mobsters in World...But Bush & Chianey are not left out by no MEANS..

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 03:46 PM
They own Russia..meaning they own all banks and are able to get weapons from the Red Army.Some Mafia groups even have their own weapon factories.The Russians have spread out scince the fall of the Soviet Union and have established strongholds in Western and Eastern Europe,The United States,Canada,The Middle East 'particularly Israel',and have created srtong links with South American drug cartels.They are doing business in weapons,drugs,prostitution,money laundering and anything that makes a buck...hell they even sold Nuclear submarines to Colombian Drug Cartels....
Like the New York Cop once said;" You see that building across the street?..they..Russian Mafia...bought it,they are spying on US,watching the snitches as they come out of the precint."...he adds.." When they kill..they chop off arms,legs and heads of their's evidence..".."They will shot you just to see if the gun works".!!
Here's some of their Top men:Victor Bout..(The Biggest arms dealer in the World)...Aleksandr Solonik..(Whached Superkiller)..,
Sergei 'Mikhas' Mikhailov..(Present Boss of The Solsnetskaya Org.)..,and Alimzhan Tolchtakhounov...(The man behind the Fixed Salt Lake City Olympic 'Skating'competions...
Scince President Putin came to Power He took it upon himself to bring some order to This Great nation...hence the most recently talked about Yukos Oilcompany case....Mid july 2003 the russian ministery of Justice opened a crimeinvestigation against oilcompany Yukos because 5 businessmen and government officials were killed after they had a conflict with oilcompany Yukos, there were already 2 investigations into Yukos about frauds so the company has now 7 investigations in its shady businessdeals.
Here are some other Cases that happend scince the turn of THe Century...;
In january 2000 becomes Vladimir Putin (48) acting president.
Grozny, Chechenia
16 january 2000 disappeared the critical russian journalist Andrej Babitski in the chechenian capital Grozny, he was arrested by the FSB because of his anti war articles for Radio Free Europe (sender paid by the USA). Oleg Panfilov the head of a journalist union. Andrej Babitski's wife is Ljoedmila Babitskaja. Beginning february Andrej Babitski was exchanged by the russians with the chechenians for 2 russian soldiers what was filmed by them but it could be a fabrication because he is still missing and Wacha Arsanov, one of the rebelleaders, told Radio Free Europe that the chechenian warlords know nothing of this exchange.
Bank of New York scandal
In februari 2000 confessed former manager for the Bank of New York, Lucy Edwards, that she and her husband Peter Berlin had laundered 7 billion dollars for russian bankers. Firstly there was said that it was connected to Semion Mogilevich and that there had been money deposted that was stolen from the IMF help for Russia. Now it was only announced that it was money from the russian banks Depozitarno Kliringovy Bank and the Sobinbank. The Sobinbank was largely owned by the SBS Agro Bank which is owned by 3 tycoons with close ties to Jelsin
Moscow airport Sheremetevo
Beginning march 2000 a small plane crashed at the Moscow airport sheremetevo just after taking of into the air for a flight to Kiev, Ukraine, 9 people were in it killed, the crew of five and their 4 passengers. Under the passengers were russian journalist Artyom Borovik (39) and the chechenian oilmagnat Zija Basajev. russian journalist and newspaperpublisher Artyom Borovik (39) was specialised in Kremlin corruption and was a critic of acting president Vladimir Putin and the war in Chechenia. The checenian businessman Zija Basajev was the head of the oilcompany Alliance Group. Borovik's newspapers Top Secret and versija wrote about corruption and Versija had a week ago 2 pages published on russian warcrimes in Chechenia. Vsevolod Bogdanov the head of a journalist union finds the accident suspect just like others who comment on it.
In march 2000 the russians arrest the russian warlord Salman Radoejev (33) in the village Novogrozninski. He is related to the killed Chechenian president Dzjochar Doedajev by marriage. The russians want him for the attack at the village Novogrozninski in 1996 and also investigate if Radoejev was linked to the attack at the Georgian president Eduard Sjevardnadze in early 1998 what was once claimed by Salman Radoejev himself.
In june 2000 police arrest Vladimir Goesinski (47) the owner of tv station NTV from Media Most. Police say he stole 10 million dollar but he is an opponent of president Poetin.
Russia, acting president Putin, FSB (the russian Federal Security Bureau) chief Nikolaj Patroesjev
Semion Mogilevich group, Los Angeles man Vladimir Berkovich
According to Jiggs his son Oleg Berkovich served time in the California prison system and was deported as an undesirable in 2000. Vladimir has been linked to Monya Elson, a top ranking member of the Mogilevich group. The top ranked capo in Vladimir's group is Stephan Martirosian based out of Torrance.
In september 2000 the boss Gotscha Zagarenschwili was killed with his chauffeur and a third man.
Sint Petersburg
23 January 2001 was in Sint Petersburg Michail Mirilasjvili arrested, he is the vice president of the Jewish Russian Congress. Michail Mirilasjvili is director of the tv station Roeskoje Video and owns some hotels, casinos, shops and other companies. He had ties with Vladimir Goesinski (who had started the mediaconcern Media Most and was president of the Jewish Russian Congress).
New York
In april 2001 was Pavel Borodin in New York arrested.
Lukoil (the biggest oilconcern in Russia), President Vagit Alekperov, Vice president Ravil Maganov In 2001 Lukoil topmanager Valeri Gaifer laid down his function after his grandson and his grandson's girlfriend were brutally killed.
New York Court hall
In august 2001 the Zhivilo brothers (who lost the Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant) and Dzhalol Khaidarov (who lost the Kachkanar vanadium-mining plant) accused the companies of Russian Aluminum head Oleg Deripaska and former metals magnate Mikhail Chernoi, together with the head of the Urals Metals and Mining Company, Iskander Makhmudov, and the leader of the Izmailovsky criminal gang, Anton Malevsky, of money laundering and plotting to use whatever means possible to take over Russia's metals companies. The case - in which Anatoly Bykov is named as a "victim" and Malevsky is accused of causing harm. According to Zhivilo has Deripaska's Siberian Aluminium paid money to crimeboss Malevsky.
In december 2001 Salman Radoejev got a life sentence for the attack in january 1996 in Kizljar which he had led and in which 78 people died.
In august 2002 was a russian transport helicopter shot down by the rebels and in it died 100 russian soldiers.
Russia, murdercase Golovljov
In august 2002 was parliament member Vladimir Golovljov killed.
Lukoil (the biggest oilconcern in Russia), President Vagit Alekperov, Vice president Ravil Maganov In september 2002 was Lukoil's financial topmanager Sergej Koekoera kidnapped for 2 weeks, when a group wanted to show their point after which they set him free.
Moscow, murdercase Tsvetkov
In october 2002 was in Moscow Valentin Tsvetkov, the governor of the province Magadan, shot and killed. Governor Valentin Tsvetkov had build a business imperium based on Magadan's riches: gold, fish and alcohol.
Moscow, chechenian Sergej Krymgerei arrested In october 2002 was in Moscow the chechenian Sergej Krymgerei arrested he had a bottle which contained 8 kilos of kwik probably for a poison attack. He is suspected of being part of the gang of Sjamil Basajev.
Grozny, Chechenia
In october 2002 was the police office in Grozny blown up and were 23 killed.
In october 2002 chechenians took hostages in a theatre in Moscow when the army steps in 128 people were killed under which the 41 hostagetakers. The leader of the chechenians Movsar Barajev (a nephew of the warlord Arbi Barajev) was also killed.
16 December 2002 dies the chechenian warlord Salman Radoejev in a russian prisoncamp in Perm where he was doing a life sentence .
Grozny, Chechenia
27 December 2002 there was a suicide bombattack at the building of the pro russian government in the Chechenian capital Grozny there are at least 61 people killed. The ambush was planned by Basajev. The pro russian leader Achmed Kadyrov accused the leader of the rebels Aslan Maschadov that he was behind the attack. Maschadov's spokesman Achmed Zakaev denies it.
Russia, murdercase Joesjenkov
26 April 2003 was parliament member Sergej Joesjenkov shot and killed in front of his house.
Sint Petersburg harbor, murdercase Sinelnikov 19 May 2003 was in the harbor of Sint Petersburg harbordirector Michail Sinelnikov shot dead before his house.
Moscow, murdercase Jakovlev
26 May 2003 was the crimeboss Konstantin Jakovlev shot dead in Moscow with 2 of his friends.
Irkoetsk, murdercase Gazimov
29 may 2003 was Farit Gazimov shot dead in Irkoetsk, he is a director of oilcompany Yukos.
Moscow, murdercase Lerner
5 June 2003 was Alfred Lerner, head of the Meyerhold theatre in Moscow, shot dead.
Russia, double murdercase
6 June 2003 was Igor Klimov, top director of state company Almaz Antei, shot dead before is house. state company Almaz Antei controls the weapon sales. The same day was also Almaz Antei director Sergej Sjtsjitko killed outdie Moscow.
Now Hold it Right There,,,I've got something closer to HOME (U.S. soil) ..or oil..???? Meet Joe....Black..'Death In A Siute'...
The Bush family's involvement in drug-running is an open secret, but Dick Cheney's direct link to a global drug pipeline through a US construction company is less well known....IN GOD (GOLD, OIL, DRUGS) WE TRUST....

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 04:50 PM
I guess the article is tooooo looong...

but maybe just a link will help with the interest..factor in the matter..
another thing I feel I must add as many of you might think that the following link has anything to do with what you call in the U.S. ..just another reason for bashing the U.S...,...well it could'nt be further from the's only about access of information...and I don't believe that the family or persons in this matter rpresent the whole nation..I just have to get this point cleared out..I have plenty of family of my own in the States & in Canada.This is a site called Above Top Secret..Well I think that this issue here just does'nt get any more secretive than it might have been ...

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.!!.. Kaplha!!!U.S. citizens /a,nd the rset of US...

The Direct link between Dick and the Drug Org..

Deny Ignorance..??.

I hope I have'nt pissed off any 'Republicans'..they are in Charge now..and I would'nt want that my 'private' life would be on a knife's edge because of a 'Siily' SIGHT...oops i meant site..

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 04:59 PM
they are jews

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