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Data breach at UPS Stores in 24 states

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:49 AM

United Parcel Service has discovered a computer breach at 51 stores, making Big Brown the latest retailer to lose customer data. UPS (UPS) said that the hacking had escaped detection at stores in 24 states, or around 1% of its locations. At most stores, the malware attack occurred after March 26, and was eliminated by August 11

The company is not aware of any fraud related to the attack, spokeswoman Chelsea Lee said. Atlanta-based UPS said it hired a security firm that found the virus in systems at about 1 percent of the company's 4,470 franchised locations. At many stores, the intrusion did not begin until March or April. Lee said that the problem was fixed by Aug. 11 and the company took additional steps to protect systems at other stores. A list of the 51 locations of The UPS Store where malware was discovered is at

This crap is ongoing and increasing. I don't feel like copying my old comments on this anymore.

I'm going to start on a new in depth thread concerning the all the hacking and what it is doing to our economy. It's massive, so give me a day or two and I'll put it together.

The cyber war is a game of catch up we have already lost I'm afraid.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:13 AM
It helps to remember that the Target hacks we're going on for possibly years before they caught it.

The UPS took about five months to figure this one out, but I bet they were compromised for longer.

This is building up into a huge economic monkey wrench that will topple the current system.

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