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Refusing to Watch Foley Video Avoids Exactly What?

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 01:13 AM
I definitely don't want to watch it,

I watched a video which had the speech, as I had an interest in the fact a brit was the executioner - I stopped the video before the murder.

I was watching/reading something last night (maybe alex jones), and they said the actual beheading is not filmed on camera, apparently it cuts out before he cuts his throat and then only shows stills of the severed head being held by the murderer and placed on the victims corpse.

Alex pointed out a few anomalies with the video, for one why would IS being the brutal bloodthirsty group they are, censor the gore - in a video designed to shock?

Why is only one jihadist involved when normally many are seen beheading the victim?

Why does he not exclaim Allah akbar as he kills him, as they normally do? (Many claim this is a form of sacrifice to Allah).

And lastly, why does Foley look proud of the speech he is giving? It seems he is either sympathetic to the Muslims after spending 2 years with them, or he has been convinced he is dying an honourable death - or that he is not dying at all that day!

Strange stuff, condolences to the family and his friends.

**EDIT** Just realised this is my 500th post, just thought I should mark the occasion - YAY

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 02:26 AM
I once watched a beheading from that side of the world, on video of course. Typical set up involved. Everyone was calm including the victim who seemed to not have a clue what was about to happen and the guy snuck up behind him casually and with a 15 inch or so knife started carving into the guys throat like it was a turkey on thanksgiving. He went until the head was separated which took 30 seconds or so, and the man died in pain that I can't begin to imagine. It took me years to lose those images from my mind, and never again will I watch because that's what those pigs want you to do and fear them as a result.

But I do know this: If for some reason I ever find myself a captive of those people, I will not fart around and wait for them to execute me. I will make them shoot me long before they ever get the satisfaction of beheading me after giving me false hope that I might be released someday, or watching me scream in pain until I'm silenced from death. Screw those pigs, they can shove their video up their asses and all future videos along with it.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 02:38 AM
"To insult someone we call him 'bestial. For deliberate cruelty and nature, 'human' might be the greater insult." - Isaac Asimov

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: SLAYER69

I don't need to see horrific things to know how awful we are. The fact that so many people think others should watch it, is pretty disturbing in and of itself. I'll pass. Watching someone get their head cut off will not make the world a better place. Not chopping each other's heads off might, though.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:08 AM
I won't watch it but have watched many years ago starting with the chechclear(or chechcut) when Muslims killed Russian soldiers-one Massive Russian officer was shot in the arm so he couldn't defend himself and then beheaded slowly with a bayonet and this brute of a man struggled against the beheading till his spine was severed-then the scum who did this posted the video to his wife who naturally stuck the VHS in her player and witnessed the murder

I won't watch any more,have no need as know the brutality and struggle to think if it's moraly right to witness someone murdered before your eyes-and it isn't

You don't have to watch these vids to understand the shocking horror of anyone murdered in this vile way

The only thing they do is desensitise the viewer to these horrors,but can that be a good thing?

The only good thing I could think is a person who has seen this before won't have their body shut down in trauma if this went down in their city streets by savages with a knife,a victim and a camcorder-I'm sure any American here with a concealed weapon would eliminate them quickly

I'm on the fence about this,I have no intention to watch this poor chaps death but I could easily watch it without looking away and just feel hatred for the killers-1st vid I watched many years ago I had to turn sound down and stop it and it was awful,then after a few your just realy angry at the killers

It can be a savage world out there,Hollywood gun fights in movies normaly have tiny wounds compared to the real massive trauma a lot of rounds would do entering and exiting someone's body.Seeing real reality puts everything into perspective

To those who don't view this,good for you
to those who do this is almost mental survivalist training and as said above there isn't any chance that I would submit to this treatment-I would be fighting like an animal till they shoot me

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:13 AM
Rufusing to watch the video is like refusing to go to the holocaust museum.

People need to 'never forget'

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:31 AM
a reply to: thinline

You know, I've been there twice, and for all their good intentions I have a bone to pick with anyone who thinks the word tolerance has a crosshairs in it. There must be a reason they called it the Museum of Tolerance rather than the Holocaust Museum, but it must have something to do with marketing, because I didn't see any tolerance. I did see a lampshade made of human skin. It's kinda like if you wanted to go to a book museum... which I guess would be the library... but instead you found nazis burning books.

I don't say this to make light, but to make a controversial opinion hopefully a little bit more relatable, because I do have to say that there is exactly one part of that experience that I think might have increased my chances of doing the right thing if something that horrible ever happened here, and it wasn't the graphic knowledge of the horrors, but a street scene detailing how the politics of the situation actually looked at the beginning. How and why these things happen in real life is important if we are to avoid them, but the gory spectacle of precisely what the result can be in the worst cases, if it is beneficial at all, must be a less common need belonging to less imaginative or more sheltered people.

This goes back to the excellent point made by karmicecstacy about getting out of the manipulative media bubble that plays upon fears and visceral emotion and interacting with objective reality instead. That's how you really learn and remember the unpleasant but necessary lessons of humanity's need to look out for eachother against the darker parts of our nature. There will be time for remembering the story later- right now we have to write that story, and it's better done interacting with reality than watching bloody videos that will ruin your day.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:41 AM
a reply to: SLAYER69
Because it serves zero purpose. Jim Foley had a God given talent for putting words to paper coupled with a driving, unstoppable passion for finding the truth behind a story. He was a good man, kind to those he barely knew (like me) and had a kind disposition towards just about everyone he met. To me, he was kind of like David Foster Wallace only behind enemy lines in far off locales.
I do not wish to see him as ISIS wants him to be portrayed. I choose to remember him in a way that speaks with dignity, respect and love.
I had hoped that this situation would have resolved like Libya. Unfortunately, that was not the case. And, if I could erase every digital copy of his death from the internet, I would devote my life to that cause. He deserves a better remembrance than a 4 minute scripted video that depicts something he wasn't. He stood for truth and everything that was good about us and when we lost him, we lost something rare and incredible.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:41 AM

originally posted by: darkbake
I agree, I think the video should be posted online somewhere (as I'm sure it already has), but not on A.T.S. - as the source article says, journalists who have to watch these videos for a living get disturbed by them and don't want to see another.

I thought about looking for it. I'm sure I don't want to watch it. But there are benefits, it brings the situation home. I wouldn't want to watch a marathon of beheading videos at all, probably not more than one, for the experience of it... but I've experienced real trauma and there isn't any fun in watching these things for me.

Meanwhile, people shouldn't be filming a journalist beheading in the first place. Ever. These ISIS people are crazy.

just watching creates nightmares imagine being in a war ...i have known a few Vietnam vets in my time and not one of them will talk about the experience...i'd wager with you it consumes the nightmares they have on a nightly basis ...and just think some here would want to expose kids to this insanity....

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:49 AM
Well ATS....

I'd like to thank all of you who took the time to put your thoughts to keyboard. As I stated in my opening piece I'm not a fan of them being posted but wouldn't ban them from the web either. Not because of any morbid curiosity but rather for those people online out of the 7 Billion of us here on Earth that do in fact live sheltered bubbled lives to see and understand that once dead there are no 'do overs' or 'respawning' for another round.

Many of you who responded stated that they previously either saw a beheading or similar type real death video and that they wouldn't do so again, I respect that.

Once viewed it is hard to get passed.

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 06:55 AM
Snuff films are not banned nor illegal in any way. In some countries there are "obscenity" laws, which exist in a weird floaty non-space... but there are no laws specific targeting Snuff Films. This is in due to the fact that there is, so far, not a single confirmed snuff film in existence. A snuff film is generally defined as a film that not only depicts the killing of a human being, but a film that was specifically created for monetary gain or otherwise for the purpose of some sort of trade, collection, or general entertainment. The key is that the video must be distributed with that intent, and to people with that same intent. There are no such videos in existence.

With that out of the way, I have to ask... Why do graphic videos outrage you? I get that most people are very sensitive to graphic imagery largely due to how incredibly sheltered the world has become. Is that the sole reason? They're just "gross"? Or is there another reason? Perhaps the exact reason why you condemn images of a graphic nature is why they should be shared. Because reading a report does not do anything justice. Being told that 5 Syrian children died in the news is one thing. Most people don't give the slightest # about it. But show the world the aftermath of the attack, and they see their own children in the wreckage of the bombed school. It suddenly becomes very real, and people will actually sympathize and emote. Death and carnage is all too common in the papers, to the point where all impact is lost. This is why the world [western world, anyway] is almost entirely apathetic towards very #ing severe issues right now. Photojournalism exists in high regard, because it is a natural medium. We have eyes to see. Written languages, especially journalist language, is not a natural medium. It is dry, plain and politically correct. For the most part, photo/video journalism has no angle. It has no twist. There are no euphemisms in film.

I'm of the opinion that photo/video journalism is absolutely necessary to us retaining our humanity. It is the last chance for the world to confront the masses with all of the # going on out there. It is the only thing left that elicits emotion.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 07:34 AM
What a sick and twisted world we live in. Advertising Tobacco products is illegal and yet watching "Snuff Movies" is not.

IMO Snuff Movies should be treated exactly in the same manner as Child Porn.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: LeviWardrobe

A snuff film is a motion picture genre that depicts the actual murder of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment OR financial exploitation. Some filmed records of executions and murders exist but have not been made or released for commercial purposes


Edit - You ask why do videos like this shock us, well my Moral Compass is what gives me the ability to be shocked and appalled that a video depicting someone loosing their life. My Moral Compass is also appalled by some members on here that think such videos are ok to be viewed. Do you have the same stance and opinion for Child Pornography, using the same logic from your post?
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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 08:07 AM
I would watch it . but mainly to see if I might get a look at the barbarian sadistic murderer who would perform such a heinous act so that perhaps I might be able to add any info to help identify all the culprits involved.
But now the British police want anyone who watches the video to be charged under the terrorism law. So that means all the police agencies and the government agencies and the main stream media stations are all guilty of an act of terrorism. I'm not making this up go check it out for yourselves. Can you imagine? They have some nerve telling you what your allowed to see and not see
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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 08:13 AM

originally posted by: Mudwlke
I would watch it . but mainly to see if I might get a look at the barbarian sadistic murderer who would perform such a heinous act so that perhaps I might be able to add any info to help identify all the culprits involved.
But now the British police want anyone who watches the vidbeeo to be charged under the terrorism law. So that means all the police agencies and the government agencies and the main stream media stations are all guilty of an act of terrorism. I'm not making this up go check it out for yourselves. Can you imagine? They have some nerve telling you what your allowed to see and not see.

Because here in the UK it is illegal to provide links to the video and has been since 2006. It is not illegal to watch it but anyone posting links here in the UK on sites such as ATS are in fact breaking the law under the Terrorism Act 2006.

Dissemination of terrorist publications

(1)A person commits an offence if he engages in conduct falling within subsection (2) and, at the time he does so—
(a)he intends an effect of his conduct to be a direct or indirect encouragement or other inducement to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism;
(b)he intends an effect of his conduct to be the provision of assistance in the commission or preparation of such acts; or
(c)he is reckless as to whether his conduct has an effect mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b).
(2)For the purposes of this section a person engages in conduct falling within this subsection if he—
(a)distributes or circulates a terrorist publication;
(b)gives, sells or lends such a publication;
(c)offers such a publication for sale or loan;
(d)provides a service to others that enables them to obtain, read, listen to or look at such a publication, or to acquire it by means of a gift, sale or loan;
(e)transmits the contents of such a publication electronically; or
(f)has such a publication in his possession with a view to its becoming the subject of conduct falling within any of paragraphs (a) to (e).

The Rest of the Act can be viewed here

I'd say that pretty much covers this video being linked to. whilst watching the video is not a criminal offence, sending a link to the video on sites such as this could be, as covered by this section of the act;

(a)distributes or circulates a terrorist publication;

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: SLAYER69

Psychological Operational Entertainment or (entrainment) chronobiologically speaking is very boring once you phase into 7th density and see a WHOLE LOT MORE.. The lizard brain is outdated so is the species.

No mystery his name is Foley Thomas C Foley Good spook name by the way.
No mystery ISIS is now ISIL
No mystery Osama sounds like Obama and has been changed to Usama
No mystery Obamas middle name is Hussein which is the same last name as the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

No mystery I have vigilante gangstalkers and spooks that stick out like sore thumbs follow me around in real world and electronically. No mystery how you coordinate all the coincidences.
No mystery a Leander police officer moved in across the street that is addicted to physical enhancement and seems to be highly motivated in a steroid kind of way.

I'm always 11 steps ahead of you and 1 step directly behind you and if you kill me (escape from body) it definitely wont be fun for anyone involved directly and indirectly.

You can take this post anyway your tiny earth chained 3d 4d 5 d minds want to interpret is irrelevant because its nothing more than a programmed opinion. Truth trumps intellect and standing armies all day long.

Never quite understood why you called them mystery religions...certainly no mystery. Don't mean to be a wiseass bohemian grove owel dikhead about it but I'm giving all involved fair warning. This is one tree you don't want to bark up or waste anymore manpower or helicopter fuel on.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:17 AM
This is something I actually know about. I read one poster talk about the "chech" video. That was the first one I saw and it made my stomach sick. I would watch it from time to time to see the agony of death. Later, I watched all kinds of gruesome things. There are a lot more out there than the MM tells about. I have seen heads cut off by knife, chopped by sword (not always done with one swing), cutting a throat and throwing into a dirt grave where you can hear his windpipe gasping for air, a person being shot by a shotgun in the chest and dies right there as the blood gushes out, a person being set on fire and watching him die a slow and painful death. Oh yeah, and the stonings. These are just a few off the top of my head.

The worst I can remember seeing come from Mexico. They are just brutal to the extreme. One had a man beheaded by chainsaw. It wasn't a quick one, like cutting a small branch either. Then the one where the guy cuts this girls throat first and she screams, then he starts chopping on her neck with a machete. Not even half way through, he grabs her head and just twists it and throws her around. You know she was still alive at that point.

I don't know why I watched these things. Some of things are burned into my mind and I sometimes think about that poor girl. It was an interest in death and how people really can be; I just wanted to know. People are the most barbaric things on this planet. No animal does these sort of things, except for the homo erectus.

Now, when I saw about the Foley beheading, I didn't want to watch. I have seen it all before and can really empathize with all the victims I have seen. Also, I had respect for him to not watch him die.

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:18 AM
I watched a beheading video back in the early 2000's and it was a horrible experience, don't feel i need to watch one again to understand how brutal it is.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: superluminal11

Not for nothin', but I've found that scary coincidences such as you have listed drop off when I stay away from the psychedelics and don't do things that make me fear for my own security. I've also found that people listen to me more when I don't call their minds tiny. Of course you are probably above being listened to by us mere mortals, but that would do even more to beg the question of why someone so plugged into the collective consciousness would need to post on the internet.

One last thing, since Arabic doesn't use the same alphabet as English, there has always been disagreement over spelling. The brits have been calling him Usama from day one, at which time Obama was of no particular importance to anyone outside of Chicago. There were other linguistic changes of no particular importance as well, such as the move from "al" to "e" in Afghani place names (Mazar Al Sharif became Mazar e Sharif, same change to Bandar Al Abas, and American journalists came to an agreement on how to pronounce Qatar)

So take a deep breath, remind yourself that whether your claims are true or false it is of no benefit to surveil and stalk you, and although everything most certainly is not going to be alright in the long run, you are probably going to fare better than most just for starting out being comfortable enough to concern yourself with these matters.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 03:59 PM
I think that refusing to watch these types of horrors is purely up to the individual, but I believe that to gain true perspective of the suffering that happens daily with this kind of execution, one must watch, one MUST see the level at which these terrorists will go to make a statement for there cause, no matter how crazy that cause is. To just read or hear about it on the news gives one an ability to quicklyl go on to something else, and they are not subject to remembering or being affected for life the true nature of what these extremists are capable of.

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