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Contact with Agartha. Plan for Economic Liberation. Question/Answer Session.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 06:29 AM


I've had to keep my mouth shut for 5 years. I was (casually) threatened with death if I spoke. I got permission to talk last week.

There are several civilizations on Earth. Surface dwellers are one of many separate but interlinked cultures sharing this world. Since December 2009, a small group of writers in Asia and America have had face-to-face contact with citizens, couriers, diplomats and contactees who claimed they were from the civilization of AGARTHA. Other subterranean societies may have also been involved. As *alleged* subterranean folks are extremely guarded about who they speak to, we have no way of knowing exactly which cultures contacted us alongside Agartha.

The Grey Area

Hear that ATS? I said they claimed they were from Agartha. I'm posting in the Grey Area. I can't prove it, and I never went to their world. So before I get banned for being a hoaxer, hear me out. The whole thing is just as overwhelming for me as it is for everyone else.

Abovetopsecret played a direct role in our contact with these people.

The contact, which took place sporadically until February 2013, was mainly centered on a group of written materials focused on "grassroots technology".

2009 Drafts Here:

A Secret War

I don't think anyone has any idea of the behind the scenes fuss made about this writing. The squabbling is still ongoing. The whole thing is straight out of a kids sci-fi movie. I'm only putting out about half the story here. If I was to write up the whole thing as a script, and pitch it to producers in Hollywood, I'd get laughed out of their offices. A lot of us nearly went insane over this.

Change The Timeline

Through some unknown method of analysis, these materials were projected as having an extremely good chance of altering Earth's future timeline for the better. Please take the time to skim the initial draft yourself, and conduct a mental thought experiment of what would happen if these materials were read by a sufficient percentage of Earth's population. "Sufficient percentage" could mean as little as 1-3 per cent of the 7 billion people sharing the Earth's crust.

It was hoped that surface dwellers would have the tenacity and self-leadership to spread awareness of this simple technology themselves. However, as of August 15th, 2014, critical mass has sadly not been reached.


Create 1 Billion Jobs Now.

If you take 5 minutes sign up to Quora, you can read current drafts of these materials. Here:


NOTE: We understand it's annoying to sign up to Quora. People have privacy issues. We're trying to move the writing into PDF's now.
NOTE2: I asked staff if it was OK to link to a blog related to Quora, and I heard nothing back. I hope it's OK.

Open Source and Free

95 per cent of these materials are released under an open source license. Only a small percentage of non-critical PDFs will be for sale. Open source means anyone is free to copy and distribute these materials, providing certain conditions are met. We hope to create as many jobs as possible.

Again, if you take the time to study this writing, you will see that many of Earth's pressing social problems can be solved using the technology contained therein.

Xylem Water Filters

Low Tech Vert Farms

Low Tech Water Filter

Homemade Wind Turbine

Solar Dehydrator. (50 Per cent of the world's food supplies rot before hitting the plate)

Magnesium Chloride Oil/Flakes

Alfalfa Sprouts, Grow in 3 Days

Bamboo USB

Bamboo Mouse

Iodine Treatment Before and Afters

Linus Pauling, Twice Nobel Prize Winner, Cured Heart Disease Decades Ago

Liposomal Vitamin C. Along with Ascorbate IV's, raised a man from a coma. Doctors wouldn't admit cure

"Modern people are not advanced enough to understand simplicity."

Five years ago, it was hoped that the alternative media would get behind these practical ideas and spread them to critical mass. That didn't happen. Alt media has been overrun by unfocused charlatans.

But never mind. It is summer 2014, and there is plenty of time to turn the situation around.

The Future

In the absence of self-leadership from the general population, *We've been told* that Agartha, and related liberation forces, are openly petitioning the surface population to read these materials and consider their value.


Free Will

It is up to each reader to decide whether this petition is a hoax, a lie, a delusion, deceit or the real deal.

You Can Ignore This Project

You are free to ignore this project as you wish, but please remember that no credible alternative plan has been offered, and there is little chance of escaping this matrix without significant effort on the part of the surface population.

Information is Key

1) It takes less than 100 dollars to set up one of these businesses. For now, getting the information out is enough. As the information reaches critical mass, demand will naturally stimulate fast moving entrepreneurs into action.

Alt Media

These materials are being put out as a deliberate test, to see who in the alt media is sincere.

It's time to ramp up disclosure.

Much more information forthcoming.


If you want to ask Questions, feel free.

I can't answer questions about their history, geography or society.

1) It's forbidden.
2) I don't know anything more than is available on the internet.

A lot of my questions were rebuffed. I was told "not to focus on the target" How's that for a headscrew?

I have to be vague about some details to protect people's privacy.

Please ask maximum 3 questions at a time. I prefer strategic questions about the future. How we plan to implement these ideas etc.
I'm not into long winded philosophical discussions.

Plz use bullet points and ask direct, straightforward questions in a neutral or conversational tone.

We'll ignore trolling and/or accusations framed as questions.

That's all for now. Hope the discussion is fun.

Have a Nice Day!


This is not a "how to get in to the subterreanean networks" thread. It's the opposite. We aim to peacefully break the blockade, and let the peaceful networks spread their healing technology more openly.

Peace on Earth.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: HiAliens


1. What's the simple tech you're talking about?
2. How many species are "underground"?
3. Are we at war with any of them?
4. What's for lunch?
5. What made you believe this/these story/stories?
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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: EA006

Thanks for being straightforward.

1. Everything listed in the Great Awakening thread (and more): Hydroponics, Hand Cranked Lights, Fog Collectors, SSKI/Potassium Iodide, Magnesium Chloride, Liposomal Vitamin C, Low Tech Vertical Farms, crowdfunding, and 30 other technologies. Nearly all of them cost less than 100 dollars to set up. Check the essays, especially the 'Plan for India' and 'Plan for Scotland' pieces. There's six months of study there.

2. Don't know. Many, I think. I think there's more than one civilization there.

3. Fraid so, from what I hear. Not all of them are nice.

4. Green beans, two pieces of chicken, potatoes. No rice thanks.

5. They did a few things that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can track people, get info updates on them, and even monitor their thoughts. More on that later. Plus they had a VIBE about them. Some of the more experienced ones looked normal, but your heart would start beating really hard and you'd start sweating within 20 meters of them. It's like their soul was a neodymium magnet.

Good questions. More later, busy uploading pics now.


Liposomal Vitamin C

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: HiAliens

Thanks for the answers there. Are some of these species human? Are they our ancient ancestors?

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:11 AM

originally posted by: EA006
a reply to: HiAliens

Thanks for the answers there. Are some of these species human? Are they our ancient ancestors?

I think a lot of them are human. Some aren't. I think there's more biodiversity down there than up here. Etidorpha and Sharula Dux's testimonial are probably credible.

I think they are our cousins, yes. I think you have to go back in history to find where we split off. Again, see Sharula Dux. Basically, the surface of the planet is under occupation. They've had their own hassles as well. Plenty of them.

You can ask as many questions as you want BTW. This helps me unwind everything that happened. As long as it's no more than 3-5 per post.

Questions about the future are useful too. We know about the past. Let's make the future.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:17 AM
a reply to: HiAliens

Ok. You say the surface is under occupation, by whom? Or what?

Also are the reptiles real?

I have more questions.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:19 AM

originally posted by: EA006
a reply to: HiAliens

Ok. You say the surface is under occupation, by whom? Or what?

Also are the reptiles real?

I have more questions.

What's occupying the surface has been well documented. Let's just say out of control governments for now.

The most useful questions are strategic ones about the future. Otherwise this ends up as just another alt media Q+A.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:33 AM
a reply to: HiAliens

Future questions.....

Why do these beings want to help us?
I live in Scotland, what's the plan for us?

Just a quick note mate I can't download anything just now, so I'm just asking questions for the the moment.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:48 AM
Future questions.....

Why do these beings want to help us?

1) Because we're long lost brothers/sisters/cousins
2) Because if we don't sort out our problems, they're going to have noisy nuke prone neighbours for the next 100 years. It's an irritation and a security risk. Right now, they have to constantly monitor our scrapping.
3) Because their evolution is linked to ours, and they can't evolve til we evolve.

I live in Scotland, what's the plan for us?

O.K. There's no real 'plan'. Just a suggestion of a group of low cost technologies that could radically alter your timeline and create millions of jobs. But... you have free will, and can ignore the suggestions if you want.


No worries if you can't download anything now, there's no rush.

These questions are useful, thanks.

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:12 AM
Here's a more complete list of technologies:



Liposomal Vitamin C.
Iodised Vinegar.
Magnesium Oil Sprays.
Supplement Sampler Cylinders.

2. Media:

One page Infosheets.
Mp3 Lectures.
Infoblast media

3. Food:

Low tech vertical farms.
Sprout farms.
Sprout wraps.
Solar dehydration.
Consumer funded food safety labs.

4. Water:

Fog collectors.
SSKI Iodine purification.
Ceramic Filters.
Bone Char filtration.

5. Finance:

Localized crowdfunding.
Specialized crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding Radio.
Crowdfinancing Tuition.
Open Source Consulting.
Donation Apps.

6. Clean Tech:

Trash Innovation
Open Source Tesla Cars
Archimedes Wind Turbines
Maglev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Innovative Waste Disposal
Industrial Hemp
Industrial Bamboo

7. Education:

Backyard lectures.
Crowdsolving Sessions.
Face exercise classes; for younger looking skin. (Yes, seriously. Plastic surgery can disfigure people)

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:02 AM
I am not buying this hook line and sinker.

Anyone with a Society would have rules and there is no way tthose rules would reasonably prevent disclosure of these people,what they look like how they live and what technologies they use.

None of the technologies you listed are foreign to the public domain and many are older than dirt.

Our societys are deluded we are suppressed,if any other society wanted to help it would simply show us how to AND help us stop the abuse we are victims of.They would stop the Global Cabals from using the fiscal system and resource scarcity to control us all.

I cannot accept that the TV,radio,and internet could not be bombarded with true data to teach the masses immeditly.

Any fool would see and understand how we are being Globally manipulated and controlled,any GOOD society would see this as a crime against Humanity and would offer aid and relief,not puzzles and games.

If this were anywhere near a functional reality then 5 lb chunks of gold would begin appearing on peoples doorsteps and in their backyards because it is EASY to see that our most progressive minds are held back using fiscal measures.

If simply a handfull of GOOD people were fisclly emancipated from the existing system then they would be free to catalyse the changes we all know need to be made.

Its all questionable, if one man walked along a line of Riot Police ready to hurt good people on their Cabal bosses orders and simply offered them BETTER JOBS they COULD and WOULD all quit THEIR JOBS on the spot,drop their gear and guns and walk away.

So really this is about money and not that much of it,I dont accept that another Society would not recognise this and take curative actions.

And if the Governing influences choose to NOT help then the PEOPLE they could crowd-fund and help on their own,letting ALL of THEM learn how we are being imprisoned is as important as letting us all know about them.

These people could not possibly be aware of ATS or at a minimum several of the minds here would have been fisclly emancipated long ago to help turn the dynamic around Globally.

Things are not THAT complicated and it wouldnt take that much money or resources to tilt the playing field in the right direction.

Actually the reality is that ONE concerned Billionaire could make the difference,this means something is fishy in Denmark my friend.

The PEOPLE actioning these technologies WILL not stop the threat of Nuclear and other totally destructive types of war.

It is teaching that will turn the tide,not starting small companies,legalities can stop any and all of these businesses,and if you fight the rules you will not suceed.

You must educate the people enough that they CHANGE the rules of their own free-will.

This means that the right people need to be fiscally emancipated enough to teach others the right way to see their world so these changes to the rules can happen from within, and this means fiscally enabeling the right people immediatly.

I have had a scenario where TPTB and their peripheral influences have stopped my life from evolving naturally using fiscal restraints.

Had this intervention not crippled me in every way possible I would not have found the TIME nor had the driving passion to LEARN about new things in my world.The reasons people are not learning are very simple but can ONLY be overcome by fiscal emancipation.

So tell you buddies that some of us already understand the dynamics but are being held hostage,and that the only way to help us is to fisclly emancipte us,if as you say our intentions can be read, then this should be easy as pie to action.

The reality is that here on Earth IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS.

Everybody knows that you help the resistance with RESOURCES not lip-service.

THIS IS WHY i can assure you that the majority of people who you THINK are humanitarian are in fact NOT.

As I said here on ATS there are some outstanding humanitarian perspectives and they dont seem to be going anywhere,this means that IF there are people reading with money and ability to help us turn things around THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN HELPING OR THEY WOULD BE ANONYMOUSLY FISCALLY EMANCIPATING THESE BRIGHT MINDS.

It is really not that complicated because there are NOT so many people interested in spending their lifetimes volunteering their time to help teach humanity anything,this means the prospective pool of people who need fiscal emancipation is actually very very small,the group had the POTENTIAL to carry an epic and EXPLOSIVE impact,but in reality the group will ALWAYS be small for it is a free-will decision to spend your valuable personal life-span teaching humanity,and this is not exactly something people naturally lean towards considering we dont even get 100 years to live.

So if the "supposedly humanitarian" people who feel this way about themselves as we speak have not and are not fiscally emancipating this very small and critical group who can be anyone from any group in the world,then they DO NOT WANT TO HELP,they want to ease their minds and not feel greedy.

If these people we all know will not help and these supposedly advanced and concerned Societys will not help then what are we to believe in?

It seems that every time we turn around money is the key issue holding humanitys growth and evolution back,not guns and bullets and Nuclear weapons but MONEY,so your friends do not need to FIGHT US OUT OF THIS they need to buy us out of this.

If they arent willing to do this ASAP then they CANNOT POSSIBLY be real or be truly concerned.

I will be waiting for my 5lb chunk of gold to appear , I accept courier deliveries so the logistics should be no problem,instructions are not needed simply have someone tune in and ask me for permission to do an intention assesment.

%lbs of gold is not much,i am not looking for an easy path for the right people,but lets get real here already, you cannot ask people to do what you know is impossible,and on Earth in 2014 you need MONEY to be heard,it is simply the way it is and ANY other society would already know this.

All of the data you have posted is excellent stuff,please keep posting,there is a lot for people to learn.

Dont be afraid to pass on my advice,the logic is bulletproof and I am curious as to how your friends will respond to this perspective.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 01:36 PM
The possibility of a future nuclear war is not the worst thing the world is facing right now...

The fact is, the Earth's environment has been trashed to the degree that it's entire ecosystem (and thus the future of the human race) is on the fast-track to doom unless we get a literal miracle (and no, individual humans all 'pulling' together, would not be enough) to fix the damage....

That's my question: Can the Agarthans provide such a miracle?

And One4all makes a very good point that a truly 'caring' advanced race would just jump in and start helping rather than throwing technology 'bones' too minor to prevent the state of the world from worsening, even if you could get people to start using the stuff...

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 04:36 PM
Saving the world with better tech and modes of life ... awakening the masses to their inherent power and throwing off the yolks of oppression we acquiesce to... and implementing true justice and freedom for all? All good and worthy endeavors, and absolutely essential if we are to survive the near term while enjoying an iota of what this life has to offer.

But another, more advanced society? Certainly there are signs of something like that zipping across the sky every day... but we hear tales that they are our black projects, aliens and/or subterranean civs or even dimensional/frequency next-door neighbors from Fey Land... what makes this claim any different from the rest?

I've heard the stories... Tibet's connection with Shambala, etc. But it's all just stories... even if the principle players are sure they experienced something unusual and very real... it doesn't convince the ones not privy to the source.

What would convince someone who's heard it all and suspects this is some maneuver from a cosmic Trickster? Not to say the goals are not worthy... they are... but why muddy the water with this "woo-woo" stuff that detracts, rather than lends, credibility?

If "they" would give some... heck, ANY proof, then people would certainly listen more carefully from some wiser "authority" but as it stands, it just seems like another paranormal joke.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 01:26 AM
Baddogma, Lost Girl and One4All.

You all come out with some intelligent points but you also come across as a trio of know alls.

See that first reply? He asked me straightforward questions and I answered. You guys are asking questions, and then answering them yourselves. So why should I waste my time?

If you ask me straightforward questions according to the guidelines you laid out, I can answer. But it's a drag picking through your posts: the assumptions, the bad logic, the bluffing, and the general blowhard tone you guys all have.


I'll see if I can trawl through the posts some other time, as there are some really important topics. But for now, I have things to do.


posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: HiAliens

I didn't mean to be a know-it-all... I don't... and wouldn't want to!

I simply meant I am sympathetic to your experiences and goals, but would appreciate some "proof," otherwise the Agartha portion just detracts due to the laugh factor... though I'm not laughing myself.

I hope to heck some sane society like that exists...

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 03:04 PM

originally posted by: HiAliens
Baddogma, Lost Girl and One4All.

You all come out with some intelligent points but you also come across as a trio of know alls.

See that first reply? He asked me straightforward questions and I answered. You guys are asking questions, and then answering them yourselves. So why should I waste my time?

If you ask me straightforward questions according to the guidelines you laid out, I can answer. But it's a drag picking through your posts: the assumptions, the bad logic, the bluffing, and the general blowhard tone you guys all have.


I am not disputing your experience.

I am simply saying tell your pals to start handing out the Gold chunks and now that I consisder the world today make it ten pound chunks.

It is not hard to see who has the right intentions here or anywhere else,so if they arent chipping into the war-chest then they cant play in our sandbox.

I am not kidding either,let your friends know they are not respecting us or our situation,why would you think I am not serious?

Tell them some of us are insulted that they would suppress our existance from their populations and that we know they are because all sentient living beings WANT to help others NATURALLY,so either their entire societys are as sick as ours or only a few are liars and suppressing the truth that we exist up here by the billions and dearly need help.Tell them to do as I asked and disclose our existance and then arrange for crowd-funding to provide the ten pound gold chunks that thousands of us will need so we may continue supporting Humanitys future.Put One4all at the top of the list as I have a lot to say .

They will know if I am of pure intentions,they already know,so all you need to do is facillitate the transaction request.

How do they know how or who to help if we do not tell them.

Tell them money gives time and time is needed to learn and teach,also tell them that there is opposition which may on ocassion create a need for MORE chunks of gold. Tell them that once they commit to helping the right people it is not a one and done deal they must support the changes we need by supporting the voices and intentions which can create these changes for our NATURAL LIVES,this could mean many transactions if TPTB intervene in a negative way,this is no small comittment because it is no small problem,tell your friends we already have all the advice we need and the right people to teach it,but no cash to grease the way.

I am not asking them to take any risks,they can divine our intentions so it is a win win for them,and us.

It is not like they are going to be picking the wrong people right?

Who in their right mind would expect people to come up with 100 bucks to try to effect humanitarian changes in ten lifetimes?

I understand the concept but the timeline is wayyy off.

Tell the Agarthans that they need to come up with some serious Cheddar if they want us to even consider they are decent entitys,tell them it is impossible to take them seriously when they refuse to respect the ways we live and function up here,we arent looking for acceptance that is their judgement and we do not require that we are looking for the same respect they want from us all,it is purely disrespectfull to overlook the fiscal chains we all live under and to expect us to break them on our own without their help directly ,or for that matter to expect us to accept that there is some "rule" stopping them from giving ten pound chunks of gold as gifts to people they want to help,that isnt exactly messing with the freaking timeline or interfereing with the World Governments and Humanitys path. is it??

Every insurgency needs financing from like minds,this is how it works.

I almost forgot to tell you to advise them to use insured Couriers who require signatures and ID,we dont want any problems,maybe dropping the chunks in peoples back yards wasnt the best idea.

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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: one4all

The human race spends about a billion dollars a day on alcohol, and a billion dollars a day on cigarettes. That's a free will choice. Every day, Kickstarter funds a million dollars worth of projects. That's a million dollars. Per day.

If you're such an unrecognized genius, why don't you crowdfund a few thousand dollars? It's not easy, but the success rate is about 40 per cent.

Education doesn't cost anything. PDFs and mp3s can educate. You said learning was the primary factor, so you could write PDF's and make Mp3's if you like. Or not. Your free will choice. Photocopying some of these materials would be a useful step in the right direction. It'd cost 5 cents a sheet.

MOST of our wealth has been stolen. Maybe 90 per cent. But there's plenty left and a lot of us willingly spend that on useless crud. Plastic toys, expensive clothes, useless gadgets, fancy cars.

I'm a volunteer. Never made money from this yet. You sit there sniding and whining or you do something. Your choice.

Oh, and no need for the 'tell your friends' act. They'll prolly be reading this now. Speak directly to them.


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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 04:26 AM
a reply to: Baddogma

I see your point. But it's time to stop messing around and disclose, whether people giggle or not.

As it says in the OP, a five year effort was made to get these materials out without mentioning Agartha, and nothing much happened. It ALL went off behind the scenes, but there was no real response from the public message boards.

You won't get direct proof, but there's a lot of circumstantial evidence if you personally take the time to look around.

If you sit there waiting for validation, expect to be waiting a long time. Maybe decades. We have to break the blockade first. If we break the info firewall a change can come within a few years. Months if we made a real effort.

If you want to do some reading or listening, try Sharula Dux's testimonial.


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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 04:36 AM
a reply to: HiAliens

Iodine Treatment Before and Afters ...those are two completely different people!
Just look at their noses and lips. Did she miraculously grow her nose and make her lips thinner? Her eyebrows are different too.
I'm pretty open-minded, and believe in aliens and whatnot but I'm not buying this, sorry.
The first photo isn't true, and I'm not sure about the others either.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 05:05 AM
Agartha always fascinated me. When I think of a sophisticated country capable of world wide war making taking the story serious enough warrants attention. I don't really see how this pertains to a lot of the technologies you are providing.

What does Agartha have to do with free tech?

Don't you feel trying to explain one is a distraction from the other topic?

Why not one thread arguing the context of Agartha and the other on free tech?

If I'm not mistaken I've read a couple of your threads pertaining to the prior. Both topics fascinate me which is why I feel you are doing yourself a disservice trying to argue two topics (even if related). If there is an offshoot of humanity down there, rest assured they are just as capable of deceit as humanity above ground. Unless its sunlight that drives us mad.

Thanks for sharing.
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