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Dorian Johnson Recants Media Statement ?

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: MarkItZero
I'm not 100% sure how the drug screens work. Maybe PCP requires a specific test for it? Or the authorities have a positive result for it, but are gun-shy about releasing too much info as they've been accused of trying to smear Big Loads character. How long does PCP stay in a persons system? Listening to his crap, er I mean rap, it sounds like he's messed up on something more than marijuana.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 05:05 PM

originally posted by: MarkItZero
a reply to: Mikeultra

Wouldn't PCP have shown up in the report that showed he has smoked marijuana? I realize swisher sweets are commonly used to roll blunts but the "ghetto craze" of PCP blunts was in the 90's IIRC. Marijuana alone causes anything but aggressive behavior unless he was assaulting the buffet table. Also I somewhat fail to see the relevance of the wonky 80's ad unless it can be proven he was on a powerful substance like PCP or some sort of long history of hard drug use.

Has that full report been officially released yet ?

Love to see the entire tox report in full.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: xuenchen
I read at this link that the toxicology report will take 4 weeks. So the marijuana test must have been done separately.
I think the report is going to come back positive for a few things. The guy was under the influence while rapping. Stoned...!

Police won't release any further details of the autopsy, pending the results of toxicology tests. Those should be available in the next four weeks.

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:40 PM
Ok, truth is, i just read and learn from ya'll, and keep to myself. However, i have heard a black cop shot an unarmed white teen in salt lake city, can any of you verify this? And if it is true, why is it not news like fergesun?.....thanks for humoring m, i am now creeping back into the wings....

a reply to: Mikeultra

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: theatreboy
No stay a while. You should start a thread! It will be great for comparison. I will research this immediately. Welcome to ATS!

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:18 PM
a reply to: theatreboy

here's one story...

Black cop kills white man, media hide race

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: Mikeultra


I had explained in a previous post about toxicology tests.

You have quantitative and qualitative. Qualitative means simply, is it present? Quantitative means it is present, how high is the level?

A qualitative test is a fast test in most cases, and can be run on urine and serum (blood).

These are rapid screens, and test for basic drugs, and alcohol.

They test for:
And, in some hospitals, methamphetamines

Drug screens that test for particular elements, qualitative and quantitative tests, are the ones that take the longest. These can take 4-6 weeks to be returned. Also, some qualitiative tests, to simply test for presence, such as PCP, are not readily available in most labs, and must be done as "send outs", and therefor take a longer time to result. Send outs means they get sent to specialy labs, because not all labs are capable of testing for more extreme substances, such as PCP, psychedelic shrooms, ethylene glycol, or even types of wood or rubbing alcohol, bleach, etc.

These screens use urine, blood, and various tissue samples, up to, and uncluding:

other tissues as deemed may be necessary by the pathologist, such as stomach, gallbladder, and esophagus.

The reason is, some drugs can inhabit tissues for a longer period, and also cause visible, unmistakeable damage, that can be visualized by microscopy, rather than just tested for.

A prime example would be the brain and liver damage sustained at such a young age, by Trayvon Martin, from the alleged use of "lean", or "purple drank". Though this evidence was witheld from the trial, it was in the pathology report.

Another excellent example is testing for various poisonings, as well, such as carbon monoxide, arsenic, and engine coolant, also known as Ethylene glycol. Amazingly, as deadly as ethylene glycol is, the testing can take up to 7 days to return results in even the best hospitals. Hence, if a doctor suspects strongly that poisoning has taken place, he orders treatment to begin stat, because the risk of treatment versus not treating, outweighs the end results, by far.

We have had several incidents of ethylene glycol poisoning in my hospital unit, and in every case, the doctor began treatment in the emergency room while ordering the tests, which were send outs, stat. Stat, on a snd out, usually means the next morning, when the lab comes by to pick up samples.

In every case, the results came back positive, 7 days later. The treatment was thusly justified for insurance, and in some cases, prosecutorial purposes. In most cases, the victims survived. Some, however, did not.

Eta - sorry had quantitative andbqualitative reversed. Quantitative, however, speaks for itself. Quantity, as in, how much. Sorry, been a tiring weekend. Exhausted.

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 09:03 PM
a reply to: MarkItZero

All of the witness statements are just as reliable, or, unreliable, as any other statements from other sources, if you choose to be so picky. In particular, the star witness testimony of an admitted theif who has previously been outted for lying to the cops has set a precedent for questionable testimony, and, will likely be called on such in court.

His prior run-ins with police have everything to do with creditiability, according to Mo. law.

While people wish to whine and complain about leaked reports, the very fact that the second autopsy report was headlined as, "Leaked autopsy report!" seems to make little to no difference to those that have already chosen a side.

Not to mention the fact it has been discovered that the autopsy was NOT actually done by Baden, it was done by, what amounts to an office boy that 'hung around' after dropping off corpses, and didn't want to leave.

He is unliscensed, uncredentialed, untrained, and his autopsy results were bought and paid for by Al Sharpton, et al., and signed off on, by Baden, who actually never touched the corpse himself.

The entire second autopsy is now called into question.

But hey, lets not let facts get in the way, as true hypocrisy rears it's ugly head.

Instead of waiting for results, and the decisions from 3 investigative departments, we will only call into question only the opposing side.

I know trying to remain neutral is difficult, but I stated from the beginning, that people would choose the same sides they did in the Trayvon Martin case.

Just out of curiosity, where, exactly, did you stand on that case, before trial?

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 09:16 PM
a reply to: Libertygal
Wow! Very informative. Thank you so much. So there is the possibility that the test may come back with a positive for PCP as I suspected. It would explain his actions according to the officer. It would also explain why it took so many bullets to stop him. I'm confident he was into smoking blunts soaked in PCP. It's a pleasure reading your posts. I on the other hand do a lot of speculating because I'm good at that, lol.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 09:24 PM
a reply to: zysin5

I have a very simple answer for you, straight from his attorneys' own mouth.

When they sat down with the FBI, and all of the other interrogators, they were told, "Look, we already have all the evidence, we pretty much know what happened, so what we need you to do is tell us what you know."

This, according to his attorney, is why he told them about the store theft of the cigars.

Since he has become a "Federal Witness" according to his own attorney, he has been kept off of television. His attorney is now doing interviews.

Listen VERY carefully how he responds when asked directly, if a deal has been made.

Attorney: Dorian Johnson didn't lie:

Now. His attorney very carefully tiptoes around any answer, but you will notice he says Dorian didn't lie, that means under interrogation. The attorney does not attest to what has been stated in public, in fact, he dances around that one, saying, "No one asked. If you had asked, we would have told you."

This is not hard to flesh out. Dorian is likely in protective custody, or, at least under armed guard. He is also likely prohibited from internet usage. Witnesses in ANY case are told, "Do not discuss this with anyone, not even your own family. No one except your attorney".

Dorian immediately gathered his belongings, baby, and girlfriend, and moved. The claim was, he was afraid of retribution from the police.

More likely, he is afraid of retribution from his neighborhood, because "snitches get stitches". If the people where he lived get even the slightest hint that Dorian has violated that "unspoken code", they would likely not hesitate to kill him.

His life is most certainly in danger if he told "the truth", and it slightly supports Darrens' story.

Seeing as he is a Federal Witness, he may even be placed in a witness protection program, and relocated after trial.

It has also come out that Dorian's attorney is currently facing issues of his own, for theft, and is in an appeal process, as we speak, over losing his ability to practice for 2 years.

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 09:31 PM
a reply to: Mikeultra
Thank you for the nice compliment.

One can only speculate, of course, until the results come back. The behaviour that is alledged, charging Darren, and seemingly unstoppable, has been noted in PCP users, but also with heavy coc aine use, as well. Cocaine tends to deaden the senses, as well, so speculation is best understood as just that.

Speaking speculatively is no issue, as long as you, and others understand that. Implying speculation as fact is where I try to avoid going as much as possible, and try to make very clear in my posts as best I can, what is fact, and what is speculation.

Thanks again.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 09:37 PM

originally posted by: Mikeultra
a reply to: MarkItZero
I'm not 100% sure how the drug screens work. Maybe PCP requires a specific test for it? Or the authorities have a positive result for it, but are gun-shy about releasing too much info as they've been accused of trying to smear Big Loads character. How long does PCP stay in a persons system? Listening to his crap, er I mean rap, it sounds like he's messed up on something more than marijuana.

Its a separate test and has to be requested. Blood draws at the hospital are processed based on what they normally encounter and requires a subpoena to get the results. Blood sent to the crime lab requires the crime lab form be completed and on it the officer must request the tests and provide a brief over view of the situation.

for those who have never dealt with someone on PCP watch the rodeny king video (for those wondering the officers who raised their batons over their heads is where the law was broke in California).

I have experienced a hands on fight with an individual on PCP. In the end it took about 10 officers from 2 different agencies to keep the guy under control. They do not register pain nor comprehend verbal commands.
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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:02 PM
a reply to: Xcathdra

My ex, the one that I posted about, was a heavy PCP user, and forced me to use, as well. Yes, forced. Without going into detail, I can attest to the fact that he felt no pain. When he beat me, I would not register pain in the same way, so I can speak from that experience. He nearly killed me twice, ruptured my eardrums with cupped handed blows to my ears, pushed me through a glass door, and punched me in the right upper chest while I was standing, so hard that it broke my second rib under my collarbone. The blow knocked me to the ground, where I then broke my tailbone.

Obviously, I attempted to defend myself. Doing so only further inflamed and enraged him. I soon learned the best thing to do was just let him beat me. It was over much faster.

The pain from all the experiences did not catch up with me until I either woke up, or, the next day when I was no longer under any influence.

The first time he forced me was after I was raped at gunpoint been through a hospital rape exam, and interrogated by police about the rape. He blamed me, then, after the forced use, beat me for getting raped. I was 16.

This was the person I turned state's evidence against, that I spoke of in a prior post.

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:34 PM
a reply to: MarkItZero
I don't know where you are getting all this "social media" this and that, and the robbery being used as justification. Are you sure you even posted to the right thread?

Look. Let's just pretend the robbery never happened, although it may well speak for Michaels' aggressiveness, as Darren didn't know upon INITIAL contact, that he had robbed the store. He DID know when he approached Michael and Dorian the second time, when the actual physical altercation started.

The Police Chief already made a statement that the officer was admitted to the emergency room, and treated for facial injuries then released. A timeline of the release is unknown.

The statement was he had "facial swelling".

So, pretend there was no robbery. There was no first or second stop.

Let's just begin with "facial swelling".

Felony assault on a police officer.

According to Mo. law, a police officer may use deadly force to stop a fleeing felon if there is a reason to believe he is a danger to others.

Was he a danger to others? He hit a cop. This is a FACT.

Accordingly, even IF Michael had been shot in the back, which he wasn't, we know this from the autopsy, he was acting within the limits of the law.

According to the star witness testimony, the tussle, tugging, that took place over the gun, through the window, the gun went off, striking Michael in the arm. (See the Dorian MSNBC video)

Attempting to take an officer's sidearm, whether before or after hitting him, it doesn't matter which, is another felony.

So far, that's two felonies, before Michael turned and ran.

Probable cause, and justifiable.

That is going on two facts, and a star witness that has a history of theft and lying to police, but yet, everyone believes him, regardless.

THAT is what justifies shoouting someone. To stop a threat, neutralize a threat. Officers are not trained to shoot out kneecaps.

In almost every incident a felon has been injured by police in a justifiable case, and lived, they have come back in an attempt to sue police over their injuries. Further tying up already clogged court systems, and mostly NEVER winning.

In cases where the injuries were not justified, I am ALL for the person suing, and winning.

An interesting story. A burglar was crawling through the roof of a store, after hours, and about to clean the store out of whatever. He misjudged, and fell through the roof, landing on shelving below. He broke his back, some ribs, and a few other bones in the fall. He sued the store owner. Was that lawsuit justified?

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: Libertygal

I am glad you survived the attack and hope you are doing ok (him to if applicable).

There are some people who are "wired" differently than most. Instead of feeling pain they experience a smell or perceive a color. The story I gave was a quick overview and did not go into detail in terms of all the force used to get him under control. PCP is the artificial version of that "miswire".

Had it not been for the number of officers present it would have resulted in a shots fired call.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: Xcathdra

Thank you. I am fine, for the most part. I have skull based tumors in the midbrain area, called the petrous apex, as a result of the ear damage, and severely damaged eardrums, and hearing problems, because of it. Constant ear pain, and a feeling of fullness in my ears all the time. I also have a nasty case of claustropgobia, due to being basically held captive by him for almost a year before I escaped.

The back issues, well, posted a lot about that. Between what he did, and a car accident, I have been disabled for almost 9 years.

I followed his imprisonment, and to this day, I still do. He was, and still is, a menace to society. Because of Florida's overcrowding issues, he rarely spends long in jail, and has been repeatedly arrested over domestic abuse issues, theft, and random drug crimes. He has been arrested some 20 or more times, I lost count.

His wife finally left him, looking the worse for wear, and his son has been in and out of jail and prison since the age of 16, following in his fathers' footsteps. Complete with the teardrop tattoo under the eye.

I have essentially run from him my entire life, because he told the prison psychiatrist, the guards, the parole board, and the DA who called to notify me to never return to the state, that he would hunt me down like an animal, and kill me. Nothing they can do, until, and if, he attempts. He can apparently threaten all he wants.

He blames me for putting him in prison. Much the same retribution Dorian may face from his.neighborhood, if in fact he is state's evidence.

I was never offered witness protection, however. Dorian may be luckier than I was, since this is such a high profile case.

My ex, though, is like one of those things you see, meth addicts, and how they change? He is like, the poster child. Every year, he is arrested at least once, usually on a violent crime, and summarily released on his own recog. So, lots of pictures, and one can easily follow his detorioration.

He can somehow get away with almost anything, and never serve any real time.

On his 22 1/2 years, he served 3 1/4 years.

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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:42 PM

originally posted by: Greven
a reply to: MarkItZero
Again, the authorities involved have stated to the New York Times that Wilson got out of his car as Johnson and Brown ran from him, and fired his weapon while they were still running.

They did not state how many times he fired his weapon as the two were running, or if he specifically fired at the two. So that part is reasonably well validated.

That same article, once again, also stated the eyewitness puts Dorian at the passenger side of the police vehicle.

Dorian made some very odd statements.

"When the officer tried to brush the door open, it ricocheted off of us. It nearly knocked the wind out of me, hitting Big Mike more. It barely tapped me."

He not only contradicted himself from video to video, but in the SAME sentence! How does a door nearly knock the wind out of you and barely tap you at the same time?

He stated that when he saw the gun, he had to move back, or he would have been shot, too. He was in the line of fire.

Just prior to that statement, he said the police officer had grabbed Michael by the throat, choking him, and Michael was pulling back. He also said after that, he grabbed him by the front, and Michael was leaning back, so being pulled against the car.

Michael was no small man. He, as envisioned by this story, is being pulled full body, against the police vehicle, yet, Dorian finds himself in the line of fire, he had to move, or be shot.

How, if you don't mind me asking, if Dorian was so frightened and afraid for his life, did he manage to find himself, holding Big Mike's cigarillos, (He said Michael gave him the cigarillos, saying, here, hold these) in between Michael and the side of the car, where he would be anywhere close to being "in the line of fire"?

Once he accepted from Michael, the transfer of the cigarillos (Here, hold these) that was knowingly accepting a transfer of stolen property.

Exactly why, if he "wasn't doin nuthin'", did Michael need Dorian to "here, hold these", handing him the boxes of cigarillos? Why do people empty their hands, and say, here, hold this? Usually, because they have intent of using their hands?

No one yet, has asked, "What did Michael then do with his empty hands?"

Most certainly, he didn't stand there with them at his side. He used his hands.

You see, by making so many statements, and so many odd ones, at that, Dorian has cast HIMSELF in a doubtful light.

Even as I implored upon you to understand the charges against him had nothing to do with the store, it had to do with a prior arrest and charges of lying to police, you keep insisting on bringing it back in.

There are 3 agencies investigating this. Regardless of whether Ferguson charges Dorian, or not, he still faces possibilities of numerous other charges, from other agencies.

Ferguson isn't charging him with the store theft. They never said word ONE about ANY other charges. Not one.

Comments are made about me "picking apart" his statements, yet, when confronted with the odd, and sometimes absurd things Dorian said, no one has anything, except to attack me, for what? Paying attention?


Dorian stated, clearly, Michael was shot in the back.

Dorian stated he turned and raised his arms. When pressed by the FBI for how high he had them, his answer was, "Not very, and he seemed to be favoring one." Perhaps the one shot at the car door, while struggling over the officers' sidearm? Dorian stated, "The gun went off, and Michael was shot in his right arm."

When Michael allegedly got on his knees, but didn't.... Dorian stated, "He started to get down on his knees, but he didn't."

Dorian, when asked by Al Sharpton, "Did Michael say, 'Don't shoot me. I am unarmed.'?" Dorian replied that he started to say that, but never got it out.

How does Dorian know what Michael started to say, but never got out?

The ENTIRE meme behind this entire incident is based in falsehoods, yet, no one seems to care.

They constantly discount things like that, that Dorian said, while wildly beleiving everything else.


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posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: Libertygal

Dorian made some very odd statements.

"When the officer tried to brush the door open, it ricocheted off of us. It nearly knocked the wind out of me, hitting Big Mike more. It barely tapped me."

Definitely sounds like a lawyer's nightmare !!

I wonder how the Grand Jury will interpret that one.

Especially now that we know Dorian's lawyer is an expert keeper of records :

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 12:15 AM
a reply to: xuenchen

And, of course, I am assuming you know the autopsy kerfuffle by now, as well? Baden didn't even perform the autopsy. It was done by the time he got to the office. Parcells, the one that claimed to have done the autopsy, that was signed off by Baden, was basically an office boy that "hung around" after delivering corpses.

He is unlicensed in the state, uncredentialed, and untrained. He had no legal right performing, nor reporting on, the autospy performed by him. Baden himself, never laid one finger on the corpse.

Keep in mind, this is the autopsy, hired out by Al Sharpton.

The headlines blared, "LEAKED AUTOPSY!", yet, the hyprocrites abound, chastising people about unsubstantiated "leaked" information.

How. Quaint.

How. Hypocritical.

“I am a forensic pathologist assistant
and medical investigator,” Parcells told
FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien.

However, that’s something of a dubious
title according to forensic pathologist Dr.
Erik Mitchell.

“That is a degree that does not exist in
my knowledge, except in the mind of
Shawn Parcells,” Dr. Mitchell said.

As of today, Dr Baden is still on television, stating he performed the autopsy, however...

that Mr. Parcells, who only has a Bachelor’s degree, was performing unsupervised forensic autopsies without the appropriate qualifications.

My surprise quickly turned to disappointment when I saw several large and experienced media organizations wildly misrepresent Mr. Parcells’

CBS News: Forensic pathologist
Shawn Parcells, who assisted former
New York City chief medical examiner
Dr. Michael Baden during the private

Washington Post: Then, forensic
pathologists Michael Baden and Shawn
Parcells flew to Missouri to examine
Brown at the request of the teenager’s

BBC News: Forensic pathologist
Shawn Parcells, who assisted Dr.
Baden, said that one of the gunshot
wounds to Mr Brown’s arm could have
occurred as he had his hands up, but it
remains unclear if that was the
case…Forensic pathologist Shawn
Parcells demonstrates how Michael
Brown might have been standing
(photo caption)…

Kansas forensic pathologists speak out about Parcells

After Mr. Parcells described himself as a
“forensic pathologist assistant and medical
investigator”, Dr. Mitchell says:

That is a degree that does not exist in my knowledge, except in the mind of Shawn Parcells…You cannot claim the title, because it is
a formal, licensable position. You can assist
somebody; in this way I can
say, for instance, I have paid my taxes, so I am an
assistant President of the United States…He has none of the qualifications that are
required. He has experience as a morgue technician, somebody who would move bodies around, clean up after an autopsy…

Shawn hung out at the Jackson County Medical
Examiner’s office but was not trained by me.”…. “He
has been representing himself in a way that is not
appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions
when he is not qualified to do so.

All bought and paid for by Al Sharpton and the BGI. Because they didn't trust the St. Loius COUNTY ME?! Who has nothing, zip, zero, zilch, to do with Ferguson, other than handling their ME cases, like all other districts in St. Louis county.

Thank goodness we have an unbiased, leaked autopsy performed by a highly educated office boy here. Huh?

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 12:52 AM
a reply to: Libertygal

u would think that team Crump would have learned a lesson from this guy,,

but u know, i guess not.
same ole, same ole,, gets to be tiresome. and predictable.

and where's the button. ?

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