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The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ANALYSIS of the events of 9/11.

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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 03:49 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 06:04 AM

originally posted by: LaBTop
a reply to: wmd_2008

What lean over of the North Tower do you actually know which tower is which

Corrected : What lean over of the North Tower? Do you actually know which tower is which?

Well, to phrase it simple :
In his photo of the lean of the South Tower : how many towers do you see in his South Tower lean picture?
Which tower fell first?
So what tower is that leaning one?

Well done...if that is the right answer you will have to come up with.

First of all the question wasn't direct at YOU!

Smurfy showed a picture of the South Tower correctly labeled then said this.

originally posted by: smurfy

The lean over of the upper part of the North Tower was much more severe, it practically fell off in one go.

That's why I asked him

to you.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 01:39 PM

originally posted by: wmd_2008

originally posted by: smurfy

originally posted by: LaBTop
A reply to: wmd_2008

Impact Force from Falling Object.

Its not a falling object, its a FAILING object.

You want to throw the whole mass of a WTC tower top down on the rest of the still standing tower, from a distance of a floor height (3.60 m) with no resistance at all, i.o.w. through AIR.....

I don't know why, (yes I do) some people persist in this way, besides in both collapses of the twin towers, much of the collapse above the points of impact from the aircraft were asymmetric meaning leaving even less mass to impact directly below. The North tower with the mast, does show the mast going down first before anything else and indicates the core was failing in a uniform way but we also know, (1) the mast also then tilted and then fell asymmetrically along with the rest of the building above the aircraft impact point, (2) that the north tower core stood in part for a short time after the rest of the building had gone. Something of a problem then, unless the North tower core had a 'drop and stop' event momentarily, enough for the rest of the building to fall away, even exacerbate it, however it still means the core had failed far below in the first instance.

WRONG look at the position of the aircraft impacts relative to the cores!

North Tower hit high up MID elevation and of course the core steel is a SMALLER section higher up!

South Tower hit lower down and OFF CENTER fell towards that area.

South Tower hit second fell first FAR GREATER load above impact point.

SERIOUSLY how anyone could think the THOUSANDS of tons of mass falling couldn't destroy the buildings makes me glad you guys have nothing to do with the construction and design of buildings! (well I hope YOUR NOT)

Now look at that French building demolition, posted by David Chandler, and linked to in my signature LINKS.
That was a truly natural free fall demolition. They pressed all columns in that building aside with hydraulic jacks, effectively starting exactly what you think happened at the WTC demolitions.

It did not as you think, it had some failing (already severed by a plane), exterior column packets, and then they pushed the demo-button, since they did not want to see us happen what later happened at the Madrid Windsor skyscraper 24 hours long fires. Namely, a truly natural gravitational chaotic collapse of the top steel columns part, of that steel core building.

You can see the initial failing of about 3 to 6 Vierendeel triple exterior columns packets extremely well in a zoomed-in video I lately posted, the one with all the slow motion parts of the initiation of a WTC tower collapse.
You see very well, that directly after that, all 4 sides explode outwards, while the floors underneath that, stay rigid and in place. First you see than that the whole top part gets blown up, and after that, the downward collapse starts with the rows of explosive smoke bursting out of each few floors, in a cascading sequence all the way down.

David Chandler showed us in his fixed point on that WTC Twin Tower roof measurements in his video in one of my sig. links, that there was no measurable halting of the collapse speed acceleration over the whole period that the measure point kept visible in that video, lasting quite more, than the 2.5 secs of truly gravitational collapse speed acceleration he measured in his WTC 7 video, that NIST much later at last admitted was true.
His WTC Twin Tower collapse video of course did not show the same true gravitational acceleration.!

However, the somewhat slower acceleration he measured for that WTC Twin Tower, was depicted as a FULL straight collapse-acceleration diagram line resulting over all those seconds he was able to measure, for that acceleration-diagram.
Which means NO INCREASING RESISTANCE was met by the roof during all those seconds.
And it was not depicted as a halted (slowing) acceleration with a natural increasing resistance, such as he measured in that French demolition where truly a whole top of a huge building fell through the suddenly, non-existing anymore, space of crushed floor columns height. And impacted the still erect lower part of that building.

And what he showed us by measuring also a fixed point on the roof of that French hi-rise, is a resulting short straight downward line, followed by a shorter upward line when the top part impacted the bottom part. After falling through the height of one floor where all columns were removed by hydraulic jacks force.

That is EXACTLY what you try to convince of, the gullible readers here, would have happened at the two WTC towers.

Those floors were not falling through the height of one non-existing floor, their floor panels were blown up and downwards, and partly OUTWARDS, being shattered to dust and tiny parts of concrete in that process.

Which is easily obtainable by using thermobaric bombs. To suddenly expand these floor-spaces its containing air gases, while mixing them in a split second with a highly explosive mist of chemicals and then charging that mist with a high voltage static charge to obtain the best possible gas nano-mixture, and then igniting it.
Which will INSTANTLY lift up and push down, both floor plate panels and then shatter the relatively thin steel panels from the floor and the ceiling, and then turn that steel and the overlaying concrete to fine dust, the dust we all saw blanketing South Manhattan and the Hudson.
This all happened in micro seconds. After that, the whitish smoke clouds will escape partly as slower explosive clouds out of the full four sides of that floor, which we saw as billowing outwards massive smoke "bulbs".

The accompanying TB-bombs-sounds are very low explosive sounds, you nearly do not hear with your ears (or a video camera microphone), but much better with your "stomach". And no traces, all is converted to gases, that were blown by the wind.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 01:47 PM
9/11 Collapse Presentation-Gordon Ross,MEng - London 06/08/2007 :

-- Gordon Ross reveals that the welds between the core columns were placed at every third floor. We saw the smoke "bulbs" spitting out from every third floor.
-- Listen carefully to his words around the 5 min mark. And then listen extra carefully again to all what he explains. There is quite some that I never heard recalled here.
-- He explains that only the core columns which were easily accessible from the elevator shafts were severed in first instance. And explains why he concluded that.
-- About 60 exterior columns per face existed, that was about 4 x 60 = 240 exterior columns in total. Then 47 inner core columns in total in a roughly 6 x 8 columns grid.
-- The severance of the S. Tower core columns was at about the level of the sixtieth floor, far below the plane impact at the 77th to 85th floors of that S. Tower.
-- He also makes it clear through a diagram, that from the shortly standing "spire"-remains, of the inner 47 core columns, the outer core columns were already removed. That were those outer core columns that were responsible for holding up the floors, and they were gone, while the ones that were inaccessible from the elevator shafts, were still standing up to the 60th floor level, all the exterior columns and the floors were already collapsed.
-- Six seconds into the collapse of the S. Tower the top part was already tilting, but the collapse had not progressively went forward beyond the 77th floor, as all the debunkers still flocking around here, so eagerly want you to believe.
-- And that's exactly what David Chandler showed us in one of my LINKS videos, that in fact first the core and the exterior columns of the collapsing top part were demolished, before they started to blow up every third floor under the lowest plane impact floor, the 77th floor. We can conclude that, because his graph line showed no interruption at all, it showed that the roof line went down in a slightly slower than gravitational collapse acceleration speed, but at a constantly increasing speed, not showing any deceleration at all over about 6 seconds.
-- Question for truss failure collapse or pancake collapse advocates : Why are the corners not involved? As you clearly can see in the photos Gordon Ross shows us.
-- At 8:10 in the video, Gordon shows us that the inner core column welds were attacked every third floor with concussive explosives placed adjacent to the welds to break those welds.
As a result we see torn away sides-flanges at the bottom of the upper part of the cut column weld, and concave deformations formed at the moment just after that explosion, in the top part of the lower severed column section, that was three floors high.
-- At 9:50 min. he shows a photo of exactly that expected damage and deformation after a concussive explosion was initiated, and that was adjacently placed to a steel core or exterior column.
(A) is the torn away side flange part of that core column, (B) is the indention formed in a exterior column's side flange.
-- At 10:00 min. he shows a photo of another column, with the same deformation, and also a by explosive-heat induced more orange colored dis-coloration. Indicative of a localized thermic event.
-- At 10:43 we see a concave deformation in a cleanly weld-cut end of a heavy steel core column. You see the deeper flange indent at the bottom side of that thick, heavy steel column, formed when the explosive went off, and the opposite smaller flange indent formed when the weld first held that flange part and thus dented it a bit, and then the weld sheared off and the flange can not indent any further. This happens in a millisecond with high explosives (HE).
-- At 11:10 he shows a drawing of a section of a tower, where you can see why the corners were not involved with the effects of the explosions that severed the outer core columns where the floor panels were attached to.
-- At 13:00 min you see the spire left during the last part of the collapse of the N. Tower, and you see again only the weakest inner core columns still standing, while the outer columns of the inner core were already removed with all the floors and exterior columns attached to them. Those weakest columns were not accessible from elevator shafts !

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 01:50 PM
Recovered WTC Steel - slideshow :

-- At 0:18, one Vierendeel set of three exterior columns held together with spandrels plates that were bolted together with the one beside it. All those bolts were sheared off clean, between the two spandrels plates, showing they were slid apart by a sudden, immense force.
And they all look like this, indicating that all these Vierendeel triplets were lifted up at their top ends, and also pushed down at their bottom ends. The only thing capable of doing this, are the floor plate seats welded to those exterior columns, getting blown up and down in one floor space.

Another proof that a form of sophisticated Fuel-Air bomb, the Thermobaric bomb was used to suddenly expand all the air inside one or three floor spaces, at once. That way those Vierendeel columns could be separated from the ones above and below them, breaking all bolds inside those open squares access holes at the ends of ALL those columns. The amount of very intact looking Vierendeel triplets in photos of the two debris heaps is astonishing, since one should expect much more crumbled and double bended examples of them, such as we see some further on.
Another indication that all these exterior parts were victim of the same kind of force, and that's not a chaotic natural collapse sequence ! Then they would bend away from each other.

We have also seen huge surfaces full of intact exterior column triplets being pushed out from the sides and then falling down alongside the buildings. That can only happen when first all floor seats bolds and welds were severed by a huge TB explosion's instantaneous air and gases pressure build-up.

-- At 3:10 you see clearly two of the four holes where the bolds were stuck through, that held one of the top floors' exterior columns to a higher or lower column. All these bolds were cleanly sheared off, not bend open. Like would occur when one Vierendeel triplet would bend away from a lower one, in a true chaotic natural collapse.
(At 3:48 you can see exterior columns with four and six bold holes in their end plates.)

-- At 3:30 you see a whole stack of exterior columns, with clean straight ends and their bodies also still straight. Not bend as one should expect in a chaotic natural collapse.

-- At 3:37, a floor seat or a truss seat welded on the side of a Vierendeel triplet, with two oval holes in it. So they could align each floor plate. And a triangular stiffener welded under it.

-- At around 4:17 and later some examples from very thinned steel, which could have happened of course also after the collapse, in the debris heap. Lots of accumulator banks their spilled sulphuric acid must have dripped down too.

-- At 5:14 another example of a deformed end of a core column, which can only happen when that column end was blown off its welded connection to the lower or higher column ends.

-- At 6:30, a core column flange that is bend back, when that column was pushed/blown away from its original weld connection to the lower column.

-- At 6:34 another example from a bend flange.
More interesting the column seen above that one, with the orange sudden heat coloration marks at the right end, and the bend inwards flange. Followed at 6:38 with a zoom-in on them.

-- At 6:47 look to the right of the top white helmet. Another bend flange of a thick core column. With the same orange sudden heat indicator marks. At 7:08 a very strong bended flange of a core column. Plus orange heat mark on the side, which is not rust, which are the much lighter orange rust marks in the reddish conservation paint color of the rest of that column.
At 7:12 a zoom-in of that same flange bend and the heat mark.

-- At 7:40, a top of an exterior column's flange bended sideways.

As you can see, these photos were shot during a ASCE investigation together with Mr Gross from NIST at Freshkills.
That's why so many naturally bended or steel-impacted columns and beams were photographed, as if these people were more interested in showing as many naturally bended steel parts as they could, while they were walking between huge piles of totally STRAIGHT and cleanly cut from their welds, interior and exterior steel columns.
Anyone with a bit of sanity and honesty left, would have photographed those perfectly straight steel piles in detail, too.

If you do not believe me, do view all the 9/11 WTC debris piles photos, and then you see the majority was STRAIGHT steel.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 03:23 PM
A reply to: wmd_2008

What do you think caused that HUGE hole in the center of WTC 6 ?

As deep as the building was high, and some basements too.
The second plane hit the N. Tower between the 94th and 98th floors, thus that top portion was much lower than the S. Tower top portion that leaned before collapsing SE-wards, then its remnants falling.

Do you seriously believe that the smaller N. Tower's top did not lean considerably and then fell over its north side ?
Perhaps you saw the video taken from the south, where you can't see the sharp tilt of the radio mast on the roof of the N. Tower. It fell backwards away from the southern position of that camera-man.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 03:32 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 03:44 PM

originally posted by: douglas5
I have heard about the gold located in the Far East at the end of WW2 but could not find much information on it , And all the gold missing from the vaults of the tower's

Now that it becomes clear that every attack at the different locations on 911 had a purpose I wonder what had to be hidden/ distroyed by collapsing building 7. I mean,... the criminals needed that building to go down, with or without a plane going in it.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 10:26 PM
I really really strongly advice you and everybody else to read the E.P. Heider links in my opening post, it surely will be a revelation. Most of it you will have never heard of.
Especially E.P. Heider's 380 pages online book. If you love your country, and its REAL history, you have to read everything he wrote in that e-Book.

I will concentrate for now on his illegal gold subjects, the ones at page 354.

The $222 Billion was lifted from the Soviet Treasury by way of fraudulent “advice notes.” This trick is well explained by Novoye Vremya in Newtimes.RU, September2006 (which was closed within a couple months of publishing this article). The essence of the fraud was to place fraudulent notes in a remote, regional bank and then withdraw the funds immediately from the Moscow Central Bank. When the Central Bank went to collect on the notes, the fraudulent notes, and any electronic traces of them had been erased. Hence, in order to perpetrate the fraud, the criminals initially involved in this theft required $220 Billion in fake notes to place with the regional banks. This number will register quickly with those who have followed the $240 Billion Durham/ Brady Bond allegations from exactly the same time frame. According to the allegations of Mrs. V.K.Durham, (who claims her husband - Russell Hermann - was a financial manager for the CIA,) then-President George W. Bush fraudulently created $240 Billion of bonds using a trust created by her husband in her name. The bonds authorized by Bush were never found. However, according to information leaked from the US Office of Naval Investigations (ONI), and Mrs. Durham – these ten year, fraudulent bonds ended up mostly in the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald where they matured on or about September 11,2001. [10]

It is only a coincidence, of course, that the offices of the ONI in the Pentagon and Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center took direct hits from the hijacked airliners on the day those bonds would have matured. It is also only coincidental that the offices of the US Federal agencies that were involved in investigating the related Russian money-laundering scandal (US Customs, FBI, SEC, IMF, Export-Import Bank in WTC 7) were also destroyed, and that immediately there after, President H W Bush terminated the investigation of the Bank of New York’s involvement in the scandal. Unfortunately, the coincidences do not stop there.

-- Building 6 of the World Trade Center (hardly remembered by anyone), which was home to the US inter-agency task force on money-laundering, according to video footage, was cratered by an explosion from the inside before the two Towers aside it collapsed onto it. Only a mushroom like cloud appears in the news video but subsequent photos show a huge crater in the center of the building prior to being buried by the collapsing towers.

-- Mr. Delmart “Mike” Vreeland, who warned prison officials of the September 11 attack from inside a Canadian prison, was an ONI agent. His supervisor was killed in the attack on the Pentagon.

-- There were several reports of thousands of fraudulent transactions being ‘pushed through computers’ during the attack. While bloggers gravitate to comments about the infamous “put options,” the stock market had not opened yet, and did not open that day. The fraudulent trades on September 11 had to be in bonds, which started trading at 7:00 am that day.

-- The activities of the Federal Reserve’s Government Securities Clearing Corporation in the weeks that followed the attack suspended all controls on bond settlements for fifteen days in such a manner as to allow blind trades and collateral substitutions. If fraudulent bonds needed to be ‘removed’ from the system, those fifteen days were the only time in US history it could have been accomplished.

-- The Federal Reserve temporarily pumped $300 billion of excess liquidity into the bond market in the weeks after the attack. The tactical banking safeguards introduced the day of the attack should have eliminated the need for the excess monetary supply. Well over $240 Billion in bonds were withdrawn by the Federal Reserve in the aftermath of September 11.

The Russian treasure hunt threatens to expose more than just the dark cold war secret that the US was responsible for over an estimated 3 million deaths by facilitating the theft of the Soviet Treasury, and possibly involved in the murder of another three thousand by attempting to cover up the source of the fraudulent bonds. The investigation of the theft of the Soviet Treasury would open lines of inquiry into the roles of the two western banks extensively involved: the Bank of New York (founded by the Dulles Brothers) and Riggs-Valmet (a well established CIA cover for financial operations, with an extensive role for Jonathon Bush, brother of George W. Bush.)
The investigation could conceivably attempt to discover how 3000 tonnes of Russian gold were laundered.[11]
There are persistent rumors that this gold played a role in the Russian bank note scam.[12]

More than likely this would lead to another investigation buried in the rubble of September 11. This FBI investigation (related to a lawsuit claiming the US banks were illegally selling US gold stock to fix the price of gold) was stored in the hardened FBI storage facility on the 23rd floor of the North Tower. There are a surprising number of personal accounts (available on the Internet) of what happened that day on the 23rd floor, all of which indirectly support Dick Eastman’s original claim that the facility was deliberately targeted by explosives to destroy the evidence in it. After 9/11, the FBI investigation into gold price-fixing allegations was dropped so that agents could be focused on pursuing terrorists.

The original lawsuit by Reginald H. Howe in 2000 was not allowed to proceed by the court. A subsequent lawsuit by Donald W Doyle(CEO of Blanchard & Company) [13] (amended to address the courts instructions to Howe), focused on a company called Barrick Gold, and accused it of working with banks to ‘fix’ gold prices. This lawsuit was settled out of court in 2006 and the agreement sealed.

I suppose Mr Heider's remarks about WTC 6 were based on the photos + remarks online from Mr White, which he and Mr White wrongly interpreted.
In my opinion, WTC 6 was not earlier than just after the collapse of the N. Tower being cratered by remnants of the leaning top part of that N. Tower.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 11:30 PM
Reference 12 :

12. Russian gold as part of bank note scam. "In one operation valued at $4 billion, over 300 tons were secretly shipped to Switzerland, some of it subsequently arriving in London. Unlike Britain, the Swiss authorities do not keep records of gold imports which makes it a favourite centre for disguising the point of origin -a very effective method of laundering suspicious transactions.
The bullion, some sources now believe, was used as collateral in a secondary scam that set-out to vacuum-up all the available Rouble bank-notes in existence at the time and sell them at knock down prices to organised crime syndicates from around the world."Gangster’s Paradise, David Guyatt, 1997; "Valued at $35 billion, Russia's gold reserves were estimated to be 100 million troy ounces - just under 3000 tonnes.
Then in September 1991, a palpitating Grigory Yavlinski, the economic supremo, revealed to delegates at the Group-of-Seven industrial countries meeting in Bangkok, that a mere 240 tons were all that was left. Two months later, in November, even that had disappeared. "Not a gram of gold remains; the vaults are empty," said Victor Geraschenko, chief of Gosbank, the Russian Central Bank.
"Gangster’s Paradise", David Guyatt, 1997.

That's David Guyatt from his website "Deep Black Lies" :

This is the link to "The Deep State" from Wikispooks i forgot earlier on to post :

Why did these steel skyscrapers not collapse, and THREE skyscrapers did on 9/11. One of them not impacted by an airplane, and fires burning far less intense and for far less long.

The Deep State :

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 12:31 AM

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 08:39 AM
ya reply to: LaBTop

I suggest you check the ACTUAL construction of those TOWERS because you just made yourself look rather stupid!

Also find out what happened to the Steel and the CONCRETE part of their construction!!!!

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: LaBTop

The way the exterior columns fell is a lot simpler than what you are making it out to be. The exterior columns were severed from the floor trusses when the floors themselves collapsed through and behind the exterior columns. Once the floors fell free, and the top debris came down, it pushed out the exterior columns and gravity did the rest. Some exterior columns just fell over as they no longer had any horizontal support.

Your talk of thermobarics is ridiculous since there IS NO proof of them being used anywhere. You show pictures of the steel columns and such as evidence, but completely ignore the fact that this more than likely happened from the collapse itself. May I ask when have thermobaric devices been used before on structures like these before, that you can compare them to? Obviously since you are showing us pictures of the steel columns and are explaining how they came to look like that, surely you have photographic evidence from another case you can compare.

Here in lies the problem. You pass off wild conjecture and ideas as facts, based on......... what exactly? More conjecture, ideas, and such. You have no tangible evidence to back up anything you claim. You have no documented occurrences that this can be compared to. You have nothing that can be used to have others check and test your ideas. You have nothing. So why are passing off nothing as something? And before you go off about NIST's report and utter nonsense about how it was also just theories and such, remember that they actually tested, observed and documented the events and managed to come to a conclusion based on science. You have come away with the equivalent of the believers that the Earth is only 6000 years old and flat.
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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 06:10 PM

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posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 06:46 PM

originally posted by: LaBTop
Just curious, what do you think is the topic of my thread?

The thread topic is on 9/11, not silly stories about gold or known forged documents.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 11:39 PM
Posted by smurfy, on Aug, 19 2014, in this thread's page 4, about former ambassador Leo Wanta from Reagan era fame, who was instrumental in the theft of the USSR's gold reserves :

smurfy : He is on Facebook and some blogs. The link below should be his own website,

I had multiple windows open to links on that site. Now suddenly they all have changed to something else.
It seems posting in this forum causes swift removal of conspiracy sites that are being mentioned in it.
By its owners, or by any oppressive form of Internet "cleaning".?

And only after 6 months we can use the WayBack engine at to try to get that Wanta information back.

A reply to: GenRadek
Did you watch at all, that Gordon Ross presentation?
He explained it all.

PS : and I explained it here for WTC 7.

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posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 02:11 AM
It's clear that some of the Japanese war-plundered gold, hidden in Indonesia, played an important part in the state of affairs regarding the causes that led us all to the events on that day of September 11, 2001.

As equally important as the gold mined by a huge US firm in the biggest gold mine on earth, in the Indonesian part of Papua New Guinea.
After first the Dutch were ousted from Indonesia under threats that the US Marshall Plan dollars from just after the war, to help European war ruined countries to re-build their infrastructure, would be halted.
Then the last hold on their former East Indies colony, Papua New Guinea, was forced by US diplomacy to be handed over by the Dutch to Indonesia a few years later.

Then Soekarno got ousted by the CIA steered Soeharto, after Soekarno wanted a much bigger share in the gold mined from West Papua by that huge US firm, for his country.
And from then on after 1965, the US gold mining effort in the biggest gold mine on earth, Freeport, was unhindered to this day.

Soeharto only came to power after some patsies murdered the whole top brass of the Indonesian Army.
And then he suddenly arrived at that scene with his trusted men from his Army Reserves division, to arrest all murderers belonging to the presidential Palace Gard. He patiently waited another year, before he took over Soekarno's presidency.

CIA conspiracy written all over it. As can be found in the Library of Congress' FOIA files regarding that period and country.
All according to E.P. Heider. The subject of my opening post.

posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 02:50 AM

originally posted by: hellobruce

originally posted by: LaBTop
Just curious, what do you think is the topic of my thread?

The thread topic is on 9/11, not silly stories about gold or known forged documents.

A basic online forum rules question to you then: I thought the opening poster sets the intention of his thread, and then all intentional tries to drift his thread away from it, will be corrected by a moderator.
Not the other way round.

See the first 5 pages of this thread for its clearly laid out intention. Which I asked you all to return to on page 4 already, in that post's last lines, while asking to post all 9/11 events arguments in a new to open thread where I gladly will defend my signature links, on page 5.
This was my first try in page 5 to let you follow the ATS forum rules, to not drift away too far from the thread its opening posts intentions. See those last lines in it.

These stories about gold and "forged" documents are not so silly as you think.
It was said by a diplomat, that governments dealings in huge gold bullion transactions, were usually hidden under a veil of secrecy, and safeguarded by layers of codes in the documents describing those deals.
He indicated those codes as f.ex. glaringly typos or misspelled texts, the use of signatures of obvious famous people which did not even looked the same as their originals, and the use of false names etc. Only the real Holders of those certificates could upon scrutiny by the issuing bank, describe all the hidden codes.
Just one code missing in their description, and the deal went sour.

For that diplomat's quote, see David Guyatt's and E.P. Heider's articles and books from my opening post. I will now locate them, to post that quote here.
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posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 03:41 AM

originally posted by: wmd_2008
ya reply to: LaBTop

I suggest you check the ACTUAL construction of those TOWERS because you just made yourself look rather stupid!

Also find out what happened to the Steel and the CONCRETE part of their construction!!!!

Have you taken a good look at the LA Interstate Bank fire photo? Did you first mistake it for one of the WTC Towers?
Because to me, that Bank looks awfully the same in construction as the Twin Towers. I even see the same dark band for a mechanical floor.

The Madrid Windsor Tower fire went on for a whole day, and only the first layers of steel columns around the top part failed during the night in a chaotic natural collapse manner, where we saw steel crumble and sag onto the lower outer part of that tower. The rest did not fail, despite the 24 hrs long fires engulfing it. Even a steel crane on top of that building kept sturdy standing afterwards.
All its concrete in the left standing part did not fail. And yes, some of the steel columns were covered with concrete.
Just as most of the steel in the Twin Tower tops were still covered with fire-proofing material, at least good for more than an hour office fires. The fires in the plane impact zones were mostly starved after the first half hour, and the rest of the fires were at floors still protected by fire-proofing. There were no failing floors, just as there were no massive floor failures in the Madrid Tower.
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is covered with huge tarps after the fires. Let's suggest its steel was also covered with cement. So, what is the difference with steel covered with fire-proofing? Longer fire withstanding times? Source and figures please.

posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: LaBTop

It is amazing that he does not understand that the section of the Madrid Tower was just steel framed, did indeed collapse in the fire.

But then again, maybe I should not be surprised.

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